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Baby You're A Rich Man

    Debut release from the newly signed singer-songwriter on Ultimate Dilemma. Cute pop with a distinctly 60s feel.


    On Your Side

      God this is absolutely...lovely. Acoustic guitars, a sweet soft, dreamy voice, but, sorry to be muso, it's the production that gets you. There's swirls, echoes, space and light atmospherics, Moogs and Mellotrons, disturbance and dubbiness. It all washes around the glowing gorgeous songs of Even Johansen. The sleeve is lush and enhances the magical effect. The High Llamas' Sean O'Hagan does the strings. I know little else about this supremely talented Scandinavian. If you like Jeff Buckley, Air, Radiohead or Elbow you're in for a treat. It could be your surprise album of the year!

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