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The Living Proof

    A couple of things you should know about Terror; the five men in the band aren't a pack of weekend warriors or opportunistic careerists. These guys are lifers in every sense of the word. And Terror isn't just a 'band', but a force of nature: one that will not be ignored. There are no gimmicks, no fashionable looks, and no hooky choruses to be found with Terror. They deliver nothing but a straight-forward intensity that looks backward for inspiration, forward for motivation and doesn't need to strive to be "real"; it just is! "The Living Proof", the band's debut DVD is jam packed with live songs from around the world (Brazil, UK/Europe, Japan, Australia), tour footage from Sounds Of The Underground and antics from their tours with Unearth, Bury Your Dead, Converge, and more. Also included is an entire live set captured in London, as well as behind the scenes footage of the band recording their new album with producer Zeuss (Throwdown, Shadows Fall). Photo galleries, band member interviews, and more round out this complete Terror DVD. Get stoked!!

    Roses Are Red


    A bittersweet mix of delicacy and passionate noise - a gorgeous melodic sound built around blazing, ringing guitars and Vincent Minervino's refined vocal style. Their seamless, genre bending blend of high energy, emotive rock has seen them share a stage with both Norma Jean and Hey Mercedes and has managed the almost impossible task of appealing to more or less everyone across the punk/rock genre.

    It Dies Today

    The Caitliff Choir

    It's taken three years since their inception for this Buffalo, NY outfit to produce their first LP and the time was well spent. A mosaic of crunching guitars, headache breakdowns and raging, dark, cynical vocals - and the most inspired, shimmering melodies capped by warm, exquisite harmonies. A remarkable debut.


    One With The Underdogs

    Savage, uncompromising extreme guitar assault in the manner of The Cromags, Agnostic Front and Discharge - rapid fire drum lines and a double barrelled, ripped throat vocal attack adding fuel to the furnace. White hot, ferocious, mind numbing hardcore brilliance.

    Various Artists

    Blood Sweat And Ten Years

    18 track bargain basement introduction to arguably the most consistently excellent hardcore label around - artists sampled include Most Precious Blood, Throwdown, Nora, the headspinning Hopesfall, Bleeding Through etc. Only the price of a couple of pints and not as fattening - so, do yourself a favour punk...

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    Seems like a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Manchester - vinyl, pizza and beer. Good to see you today…
    Sat 11th - 12:44
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