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Dillon Wendel

Pulse / High

Beatrice Dillon and Gunnar Wendel team up together as Dillon Wendel for some far out explorations of abstract space-time. "Pulse" transmits its message through red shift interference and event horizon drones - menacing, fierce and buzzing with alien static. Indeed the back of the sleeve perhaps eludes as to the planet from which these encrypted messages are emanating from, with the fearless adventures locked safely in the cockpit of their sub-aquatic vessel. "High" on side B continues the conversation, our response a series of mathematical bass algorithms that sweep through the lower frequency ranges as Morse code bleeps swirl into another encrypted message to be deciphered upon delivery. Wendel and Dillon's grasps on synthesis is second to none here, showing that their just as in tune with their machines when doing abstract drone / cataclysmic ambient as they are making wall shaking techno records. A proper mind expanding record. Essential for another into altering consciousness through sound.


Matt says: Like chopping off a prime fillet of your hippo campus before proceeding to flash fry it in a pan of high grade lysergic acid

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