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CS + Kreme

Cold Shoulder

CS + Kreme made their debut on cult label Total Stasis back in 2016. A follow-up for the label came out in 2017 and both are now cherished relics of the DIY electronics scene. Now it's the turn of equally cult label Trilogy Tapes to enlist the talented Conrad Standish & Sam Karmel for a two track 12" release.

Enchanted and beguiling from the offset, it shuns some of the previously quite aggressive moods of the label for something altogether more serene and cerebral. Opening, "Eyes On Ceiling" transports us into an intergalactic soft play centre with its dubby bassline, tentative arps and luscious strings. A truly gorgeous track, heavily opiated and possessing a slow, tectonic internal power.

"Husk" feels not the need to quicken or add more energy; simply, another sublime mood glides in on skeletal drums and picked guitar lines while more life-affirming, heart-wrenching string lines dual for focus amongst whispered vox and a delicately plotted but really quite busy sonic canvass.

Unfathomably effortless considering the complexity of sounds contained within, this is nothing short of phenomenal from this pretty much unknown pair of producers and will no doubt become a highly treasured relic in their discography. Most recommended! 


Sil says: Hypnotic and mesmerising. Deep and dark with its dubby basslines and evocative strings. Deserves an attentive listening to appreciate its beauty. My choice of 12" this week. As deep as it gets.

Dillon Wendel

Pulse / High

Beatrice Dillon and Gunnar Wendel team up together as Dillon Wendel for some far out explorations of abstract space-time. "Pulse" transmits its message through red shift interference and event horizon drones - menacing, fierce and buzzing with alien static. Indeed the back of the sleeve perhaps eludes as to the planet from which these encrypted messages are emanating from, with the fearless adventures locked safely in the cockpit of their sub-aquatic vessel. "High" on side B continues the conversation, our response a series of mathematical bass algorithms that sweep through the lower frequency ranges as Morse code bleeps swirl into another encrypted message to be deciphered upon delivery. Wendel and Dillon's grasps on synthesis is second to none here, showing that their just as in tune with their machines when doing abstract drone / cataclysmic ambient as they are making wall shaking techno records. A proper mind expanding record. Essential for another into altering consciousness through sound.


Matt says: Like chopping off a prime fillet of your hippo campus before proceeding to flash fry it in a pan of high grade lysergic acid

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