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British producer Zepherin Saint has always been a man with a fierce passion for quality-strewn, vocal heavy deep house. A thoroughly captivating affair throughout, ‘Butterflies’ sees the producer return to his Tribe Records imprint alongside regular vocal collaborator, Miranda Nicole.

Kicking off the release is the ‘Tribe Vocal Mix’- full of hazy, fuzzy sounds that play out beautifully. A refined house cut, it’s made all the more mesmerising by Nicole’s sultry vocal contribution. A perfect foil to Zepherin Saint’s beats, the coming together of both is truly a joy to behold. Bolstering the latter is a live mix, as well as an instrumental version, named here as the ’Tribestrumental’ offering.

Zepherin Saint is a truly exciting artist and one whose stock continues to rise thanks to his infectious-sounding, afro-tinged house sound.

You don't get much deep house coming out of Nashville. The globally accepted 'Home Of Country' hasn't produced a wealth of house producers compared to say, US states such as Detroit or Chicago. That said, just like Burnley residents have turned their hand to grime, and the Spanish have indeed made 'donk' (summat fer you to google pop pickers...), we see some lush, dreamy deep house here produced in Nashville and featuring vocalists from the locale!

Raphael Saadiq’s classic "Skyy, Can You Feel Me", originally used in his sets as an edit, get revamped with fresh vocalists and upbeat house grooves, injecting new life into this timeless soul tune and also giving it fresh legs on the dancefloor! Top stuff...

Fully authentic Body & Soul NYC biznis here folks as Ron Trent and Danny Krivit get to work on a couple of doozys from Teddy Douglas, Timmy Regisford & Arnold Jarvis. "Land Of Love" epitomizes the rich deep house sound you'd find at the club on a Sunday evening (probably with Joe Clausell at the dials), with Ron Trent deploying a posed and classy remix. Beautiful piano notes decorate the track wonderfully as a steady tribal beat keeps the forward motion in tact. Dreamy and powerful stuff that'll leave people breathless. On the flip Regisford & Jarvis' "Masterpiece" gets a tasty DK edit. We all know Danny is one of the masters of the edit, demonstrated more than ably here as the track bumps along in a housey fashion, the deep soulful vocal hitting centre stage as we get another Body & Soul flavoured number to take across the global dancefloor. Essential stuff for house music aficionados. Don't sleep.

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