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We kick off Manchester 5-piece Tremors' debut outing 'Another Ocean' with it's eponymous first track, tentatively introducing flickers of guitar and swirling pads, slowly phasing in and out before reaching up to the stars with a rolling groove, reminiscent of the finest Krautrock motorik rhythms, but infused with the hazy dreamlike interplay of hefty saturation and shimmering chorus. The reminiscence comes with follow 'Retrogress' as well, with well measured and unabashed sytlistic mimicry being tastefully and more than capably accomplished, with swooning loungey turns and octave harmonies sleazing out all over the place. 

'Crystalline' takes it out of the club and into the morning sky with it's wistful pace and richly dreamy interludes before the softly delivered haunted vocals float through the stereo field, picking up before fading into the closing duo of the more lyrically-focused synth-pop swimming waves of 'Go Steady', and the closer, 'Waiting On Your Love' pulling together all the themes hinted at in the previous four tracks, with a stylistic production hand and a keen ear for a 'choon. Lovely. 

New Glasgow electro and techno label Tremors presents its first vinyl release - "Aftershocks Volume 1".

Electro legend Dexter kicks off proceedings, remixing the sci-fi electro of Old Boy's "Tracer". With unique, modular perc swirls and a fluttery, space station aesthetic this kicks off the EP and label with a finesse and style that instantly elevate it above the current electro renaissance also-rans.

Next up is James Shinra taking turns on Actor's emotive techno monolith "Memory Gene". A slow, tectonic piece capable of shifting moods and breaking down personal barrier with its overwhelmingly harmonic vibrations.

Patrick Walker revisits vintage late 90s acid techno as he morphs Actor's "Selfish Lover" into a concentric tribal techno slammer somewhere between James Rushkin, Oliver Ho and Ben Sims - wheeeee!

Finally, rising Hungarian producer David Harleydson injects "The Gulf" (also by Actor) with some face paced electro funk vibes. Making his intent known on the scene, this relatively under-the-radar producer is defo one 2 watch.


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Looking great Gwyneth. Seems like the perfect weather to give that @LoveRecsStores special edition vinyl a spin tod…
Sun 12th - 11:32
RT @bandgrasshopper: Our debut LP ‘Scuttle’ is one of @ClashMagazine’s ‘Top 18’ ‘phenomenal… stellar releases’ of 2020. The second pressing…
Sat 11th - 4:36
Seems like a perfect way to spend a Saturday afternoon in Manchester - vinyl, pizza and beer. Good to see you today…
Sat 11th - 12:44
Great to see you back in the shop today Cath 🙌 - even if it’s just for collection only at the moment. Loving the…
Sat 11th - 12:15
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