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So Groovy

Henny flowin this one-sided, 180g roller takes the tried and tested Treasure Series formula of a raw, whomping, stripped back tech house beat coupled with a raucous vocal and gives it an extra shot of groove.

Pure heavyweight steez from an unknown entity that every man and his metal detector have been trying to figure out.

Vinyl only - 250 copies, no repress.


Find 'Em All

Treasure Series come correct once again. An illustrious bassline and much chanted vocal known the world over, driven by a shuffling, thumper of a tech house beat. A marriage you’d have never thought of, but seems so right once you hear it and one which will stay in your head for weeks to come.

Play it big, play it loud and it will not disappoint.


Matt says: Put your hands up for Detroit! White Stripes' stadium punk smasher gets the tech house treatment and I'm loving it!

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