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Khaki Tears

    Warmduscher is a collaborative project between Saul and Jack of the Fat White Family and Clams Baker aka Mutato Pintado of Paranoid London.

    Gentrified executions, colour coded colostomy bags, and mayonnaise dripping off the chin. A subway sandwich ride to heaven, kisses on the pink parts. Warmduscher want it all. The glisten of the fist, the sweat off the leaking boys chin, the girls can’t get enough. Whether it’s imagining the world through a kaleidoscope of yolk or slowly changing the face of episcopal tradition one suicide at a time Warmduscher have made it clear that they aren’t going anywhere.

    Chupa Cabra / No Friendz

    Split LP

      Venice & Mars is about men & women & Bloody Love is about urban vampire dating

      Chupa Cabra are from Deeside in North Wales and No Friendz are from St Neot’s...

      Invading South London with gay abandon, sexually ambiguous Rock & Roll ballads, played from the heart with unintended menace..

      ‘One generation or another's alienation, derangement and dirty washing, projected back at you through nauseating, salivating, hypnotizing, no good sucker-punch-piss-yourself polystyrene agitator Blues’- Chupa Cabra

      ‘We're crying with you, not at you...’ - Angus Steakhouse Knight (lead singer of No Friendz - part time member of Meatraffle, Fat White Family, Pit Ponies, Moonlandingz and most other bands...)



        “La Llorona, “the weeping woman”, drowned her children in a fit of madness. When she realized what she did, she took her own life. According to the legend, her ghost is said to haunt the rivers and lakes of Mexico, where she can be heard crying, wandering in the search of her kids. Hearing her cry is an omen of death. She will kidnap and take the soul of children who wander alone - believing them as her own - in an attempt to find her peace. La Llorona is Lilith, the ancestral deamon, the creature of the night, Lamia, the child-eater, the banshee and the hag. People who fall into her trap mistake her for an apparition of the Virgin Mary due to her charm and beauty.”

        “Much in the manner a devotional feline will proudly massacre vermin, leaving its sacrificial remains to fetter your hallway carpet, we bring you Madonnatron. Viciously audacious novices to electric noise we have crafted a merciless assemblage of leering distain, Erotomania, Genocidal Lament, infanticide, calculated Matricide, funeral dodgers, dystopian angst and surreptitious worshiping at the altar of Bastet to flavour this record. We won't be making you a sandwich motherfuckers.

        ”Madonnatron, by their own admission, started out with pretty low expectations (given that none of them could actually play their instruments). But, like label-mates Fat White Family & Meatraffle, it hasn’t stopped them rapidly becoming one of the standout bands of this “South London scene” that everyone’s talking about.

        Madonnatron / NoFriendz

        Headless Children / Bloody Love

          Madonnatron :
          ”MADONNATRON, by their own admission, started out with pretty low expectations (given that none of them could actually play their instruments). But, like label-mates Fat White Family & Meatraffle, it hasn’t stopped them rapidly becoming one of the standout bands of this “South London scene” that everyone’s talking about. They performed a live session on Marc Riley’s 6 Music show, without even having an official release & he’s just booked another session on the 6th of June. They’ve toured with The Moonlandingz & with Meatraffle & have some real nice festival slots coming in for the summer. 

          Band Members
          Aquarius J. Kingpin - Fuzz and Holler
          The GH Rhythm Express - Boom, Clap and the Sound of the Heart
          Hello. The name of this band is NoFriends and we've got No Friends.


          “For the last 2 years we have sung songs under the banner of MEATRAFFLE. If we had to begin it all over again we would, of course, try to avoid this or that mistake, but our main course would have remained unchanged. We shall die as proletarian revolutionists, dialectical materialists and consequently, irreconcilable atheists, our faith in the communistic future of music is not less ardent. Indeed it is firmer today than it was in the days of our youth. Madonnatron has just come up to the studio window and opened it up wide, so that the air may enter in more freely. I can see a bright green ship below the wall and a clear blue sky above the wall, and sunlight everywhere! Life is beautiful. Let the future generation cleanse itself of corporate indie, false metal, Britpop and x-factor, and enjoy it to the full.”

          Pit Ponies

          Magnificent Second Occupation

          Purveyors of “Upminster Soul” they single handedly put paid to the myth that there are no working class bands left in the UK. Creating their world in the upper floors of a neighbour-less Upminster charity shop with no one else around to complain about the noise, they have been a close part of the Trashmouth family from the start and a regular feature at The Fat White Family’s legendary “Slide In” nights. Fronted by the larger than life Euan Hartley, who stands 6 foot 6 inches tall and has a turn of phrase and delivery to match his stature, they have a directness, honesty and simplicity that seems absent from so much of today’s music…In their own words “The name Pit Ponies comes from the tradition of taking ponies down coal mines and using them as working animals. A bit like us really, all hard working English folk! We got the idea from a work mate of Albert’s – a former coal miner and trade union leader from the Newcastle collieries called John Fire, absolute legend of a man.”

          Pit Ponies - started out mining for coal but came up with diamonds. . .” Pat Lyons PH7 Radio

          TAMAN SHUD Made their debut on a split 10” EP with The Fat White Family and are now set to release their first LP of, as they describe it, Blackened psychedelic motorcycle punk from hell. Taman Shud are a young band whose primary interests include paraphilia, vivisepulture, scaphism, Crom Cruach, Mokèlé-mbèmbé, cannibalism and the Marianas Trench.

          “Taman Shud's heavy, gothic riff monsters are a wild, orgiastic release from day job existence, an inverted productivity chart over a blazing pyre as blunted melodies are swiftly pitchforked off the nearest cliff by the twin bass guitar assault of Tasha and deadpan Liverpudlian Derry. It's an unholy fusion of post-punk, no wave and psychedelic metal, like the Butthole Surfers of 'Sweat Loaf', the Sonic Youth of 'Death Valley 69' and the Chrome of 'TV As Eyes' being mugged by Les Rallizes Dénudés and bundled off to a Walpurgisnacht convention of satanic biker gangs. Or as the band themselves put it, somewhat more succinctly: "DNA meets Mainliner. Meets Red Stripe."

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