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K Alexi Shelby

All For Lee Sah

Repress of this highly regarded K Alexi number from way back in 1989 released on Derrick May's Transmat records. To think that this was released in the eighties is nothing short of ridiculous! It's still more advanced than half the VST-powered, Ableton-house tracks out today! A breathtakingly futuristic piece, "All For Lee Sah" wraps fractured and menacing vox to a beep n drum rhythm and laces it all with an electronic narcosis and frenzied hand claps. Two other tracks - "My Medusa" and "Vertigo" further demonstrate a producer who was miles ahead of the pack, his styles and nuances forming what would become the very backbone of Chi-town techno and the tougher end of house music from Chicago. Repressed for the FIRST time since 1989 (!!!), I haven't got to tell you how sought after this record is (5K+ wants on discogs!). A true classic of the genre. Don't miss.


Matt says: Vintage K Alexi here from a highly acknowledge golden year for the techno vineyards. One to get in the cellar and pull out for a special occassion.

What can be said about this record? One of those bona fide classics of which everyone has a story. Whether it was the first time you ever heard it, blaring across the soundsystem at the Hacienda, or whether you caught on board second time round, necking your first gary's as it pounded out of the speaker stacks at Sankeys Soap. It did, as anthems do, suffer from overkill around 2006, with nearly everyone caning it as a no brainer, end of night banger. Ten years later and it's actually been a refreshingly long time since I've heard it played out. My personal favourite experience of hearing this record was at a 'Hacienda Classics' night at Sankeys around 2002 / 2003. Eighteenth birthday vibes, out with two long term best friends of whom we hadn't, up till that point, REALLY opened up to one another. Under the spell of flashing lights, strong ecstasy and THIS record we confessed our unfailing love, respect and admiration for each other. We danced, cried and hugged for what seemed like an eternity. We are still friends to this very day. Sankey's has now been sold but the spirit lives on through dimly lit warehouses scattered within our city.
Two original versions as they appeared on the original pressing in 1987 backed with the ultimate flanger track "Kaos (Juice Bar Mix)" on the B-side. Long out of print... now back on Transmat Classics! Grade A dance music historical artifact. 

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