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The New Lucky Seven

Woodhead Pt.1/2

"Funk is a living, breathing, creative and generative entity and The New Lucky Seven celebrate its life with a mysterious and authentic sonic snapshot from the iconic Mystery Road sessions: WOODHEAD!"

Woodhead is a steady medium groover built around an acute chanky guitar part that Joel Ricci aka Lucky Brown composed while living in the "Woodhood" district of Bellingham Washington, USA in the fallout shadow of an industrial area on the outskirts of town. The Woodhood was so named because the streets were all named after different kinds of trees; Cottonwood, Alderwood, Birchwood, etc. Though members of the band had been performing Woodhead since as early as 2004, it had never been officially committed to tape. So during the 2013-2014 span of living room "Magik Carpet" sessions at drummer, Oliver Klomp's house in West Seattle, the combo dubbed by Lucky as "The New Lucky Seven" casually hit the head a couple times before calling it a night as Lucky rolled tape.

Opening with the now world-famous guitar player, Jabrille "Jimmy James" Williams dropping deftly into his rhythmic part, Lucky chants in the background the words "don't stop" as the tension builds up into the moment the whole band comes in. With Bob Heinemann on bass, Marc Hager on Rhodes and Oliver Klomp on drums, the thick but honest groove is instantly palpable. Trombone player Mars Lindgren and Sax player Thomas Deakin, along with Lucky on Trumpet lay down the 'head' to the tune right off the bat with everyone in the band giving that hard hit on the 4 count of the last bar of the repeated figure. This 'hit' returns again to form the breakpoint between soloists Jimmy James, Marc Hager, and on side B, Thomas Deakin, and Lucky Brown on the flute. The horn section microphone was situated on the dining room table and Lucky just had to lean over to reach it with his instrument! Michael Iris of Bell Creek Studio transferred and mixed these two tunes from Lucky Brown's cassette machine.

This tune was left off of the Mystery Road compilation album but comprises one of the last tracks created during those sessions therefore the concept, vibe, style, and intention should resonate and be interchangeable with the rest of the 45s from that epic Box Set [TR-9043] released by Tramp Records on May 4, 2015.

As you spin and interact with the Mystery Road recordings, you are invited to allow Woodhead to take its rightful place specifically alongside the other "The New Lucky Seven" recordings and generally as a part of the suite of crude and naive living-room "Magik Carpet" funk of the rest of the Mystery Road.

As illuminated before in Lucky's artist statement regarding the Mystery Road sessions, the music contained therein was always intended to put emotion, vibe, feeling, and spirit before technical, spatial, or even performance constraints and to serve as a gift of discovery to lovers and aficionados of the deep funk idiom and the rare 45rpm format. Funk is a living, breathing, creative and generative entity and The New Lucky Seven celebrate its life with a mysterious and authentic sonic snapshot from the iconic Mystery Road sessions: WOODHEAD!


1. Woodhead (Part 1)
2. Woodhead (Part 2)

The Echomen's song "Let's Get Together" appeared first on the third volume of the Movements compilation series many many years ago. Sadly, its lyrics are still relevant today even 50 years after its recording.


1. Let's Get Together
2. Talk Is Cheap

The KutiMangoes' blend combines and contains the soul of Fela Kuti, the delusional arrangements from Charles Mingus and the uncompromising drive from Ornette Coleman.

On side A ("Fire") they are supported by Patrick Kabre from Burkina Faso, who adds the final dose of feeling to the beats with his voice. Three brass players, two drummers and a man at the keys skillfully switch between the instruments.

On side B you find a special edit of "Money Is The Curse" which originally appeared on their third album titled "Afrotropism". The edit is just perfect for the dance floor and any open-minded soul/jazz/funk DJ should be eager to play it out loud.


1. Fire
2. Money Is The Curse (45 Edit)

After 6 years and 7 volumes, the Tramp Records crew invites you to join them on yet another enlightening journey into soulful Jazz, Folk and Funk from the 1970s.

This 8th volume contains nineteen Jazz, Soul and Folk nuggets from between the late 1960s and the late 1970s. One of the many highlights is the opening track by Bobby Cole which is most likely one of the finest independently produced vocal jazz recordings ever put on wax. So true. Oscar Brown Jr. and Mark Murphy sends its regards. But that's just the beginning. Praise Poems Vol.8 covers a wide selection of genres, from big band jazz (Helmut Pistor's Big Rock Jazz Band and Germany's own Ladykiller) to psych-pop (Portraits in Sound, Harve and Charee and Allison & Shaffer), from folk-rock (Flash, Garndarf and the incredible Fang Buzbee) to AOR (The Menagerie and Penn Central), completing the set with a handful of melancholic folk beauties, most notably Hans Hass Jr.'s mind-blowing "Welche Farbe hat der Wind".

Very few compilation series' release as many as eight volumes and those that get that far often start to run out of quality music or meander too far from their original artistic direction. That certainly is not the case with the "Praise Poems" series which leaps from strength-to-strength as our team of compilers and researchers continue to unearth lost and often overlooked music from an era long gone. Many of these records were released in small quantities as private pressings or by small regional labels. Obviously, those labels neither had the budget, expertise, nor options to promote their releases in a sweeping way. Therefore the majority of these artists failed to find the wider audience their music so richly deserved.


LP Tracklist:

1. Bobby Cole - A Perfect Day
2. Helmut Pistor & Big Rock Jazz Band - There's A Promise For The Future
3. Ladykiller - Mercy Mercy Mercy
4. Portraits In Sound - It's Time For Music
5. Sebastian - Good Time City Nights
6. Harve And Charee - Got To Turn Away
7. Allison & Shaffer - Moon Madness
8. Klaas Craats Six - Water Gardens Of The Moon
9. Gemini - If You So Smart
10. Flash - Around This Time
11. Garndarf - Song For A Girl
12. Fang Buzbee & Sutton - Frozen Love
13. Penn Central - Make It Happen
14.The Menagerie - They All Seem To Know
15. Hans Hass - Welche Farbe Hat Der Wind
16. Ron & Sally Price - California Feeling
17. Kris & Dale - Memory Shelf
18. David White - I Want To Have You A Long Time
19. Vision - Girl We Really Done It This Time

CD Tracklist:

01: Bobby Cole - A Perfect Day
02: Helmut Pistor's Big Rock Jazz Band - There's A Promise For The Future
03: Ladykiller - Mercy Mercy Mercy
04: Portraits In Sound - It's Time For Music
05: Harve And Charee - Got To Turn Away
06: Allison & Shaffer - Moon Madness
07: Klaas Craats Six - Water Gardens Of The Moon
08: Gemini - If You're So Smart
09: Flash - Around This Time
10: Garndarf - Song For A Girl
11: Fang Buzbee & Sutton - Frozen Love
12: Penn Central - Make It Happen
13: The Menagerie - They All Seem To Know
14: Hans Hass - Welche Farbe Hat Der Wind
15: Ron & Sally Price - California Feeling
16: Kris & Dale - Memory Shelf
17: David White - I Want To Have You A Long Time
18: Vision - Girl We Really Done It This Time

Big Band Frank Pleyer


From the vaults of Ring Musik, one of Germany's finest library record labels, comes this dope double sider. Even better, the A-Side ("Sally") has not been re-issued since it's original release in 1976! We have no clue why none of the established re-issue record labels in the world has not re-released it yet. Therefore we gladly step in and take responsibility for a proper reissue. For the B-side we chose "Bubble and Squeak" which makes it unnecessary to further search for the original vinyl record as these are the only two interesting cuts for Rare Groove fans.


1. Sally
2. Bubble And Squeak

James Kelly Duhon

So Trusting

James Kelly Duhon was a native of Beaumont, Texas, a city about 20 miles from Port Arthur, Texas. In the late 1960s, he was in a group known as The Ascots. All in all Duhon released four 45s including "In School" b/w "Heart Breaker (Child Maker)" which found a national release on Mainstream Records. When he retired from the road, he settled back in Beaumont, Texas where he died of natural causes in 1998.


1. So Trusting
2. So Far Down

Shirlean Williams & The Tempo's Band

This Is A Song

Tramp fans certainly remember the name Nolla Mainor whose band Nola & The Soul Rockers contributed their song "Reach Down & Get It" for the second volume in the Feeling Nice series. This is her other 45, equally rare and for some people this two sider beats the quality of The Soul Rockers disc.


1. This Is A Song
2. Ease It To Me

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