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Too Smooth Christ

With You In Mind

    Analogue powered music here from TSC on the fledging Supergenius imprint. Big gated drums, even bigger synthlines and a nice organic sway and flutter characterize the four productions as they touch on house, freestyle and boogie stylings, galvanized and ready for heavy speaker damage. Image if Hidden Groove had, instead of living in Glasgow, grown up around the pinnacle period of Chi-town house music and you'll be some way to grasping the sound contained within. Really strong!


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    DJ Koyote & Too Smooth Christ

    On Some Party Tunes

      Tasty tackle from the Supergenius Records who reach the micro-milestone of release five. DJ Koyote & Too Smooth Christ aka Alexandre Lotz & Christophe Le Gall pretty much dominate the label's releases thus far, operating somewhere outta France.

      "Error Does Not Compute" is a rough but clever electro-techno hybrid; with skeletal but well programmed drums ricocheting against trickski LFO / quantize patterns that'll tighten the trouser of the more avid tech-heads. "Strike (On A String)" has elements of grime, funky and kwaito - big synth-brass stabs, rampant digital hand claps and a "Township Funk"-era synthline all displaying its three disparate ingredients. Finally "Modern Action" sees funky meet Detroit as rippling synth patterns ride a bouncy UKF riddim. Top stuff here, well fresh! 


      says: Urgent and cutting edge but still purpose built for the dance. Fierce stuff here from DJ Kotote & TSC.

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