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    Tirzah releases Highgrade. A full reworking of the ten tracks on her acclaimed second album Colourgrade, Highgrade has remixes from the likes of Arca, Actress, Lafawndah, Loraine James and Speakers Corner Quartet. Moving through orchestral jazz, deconstructed rnb and minimal electronica, Highgrade, like all Tirzah’s music is not easily definable by genre, and all the better for it.

    Tirzah says on Highgrade: “The pieces can live another life and come together as a collection of hybrids. So very grateful to all the artists. Thanking them all for the music.”


    SIDE A:
    1 Hive Mind (Speakers Corner Quartet Remix) 
    2 Crepuscular Rays (Lafawndah Remix) 
    3 Sleeping (Anja Ngozi Remix) 
    SIDE B:
    4 Colourgrade (Arca Vortex Remix) 
    5 Tectonic (Fauzia Remix) 
    SIDE C:
    6 Sink In (Actress Remix) 
    7 Hips (Loraine James Remix) 
    SIDE D:
    8 Recipe (Wu-lu Remix) 
    9 '22222 ('Send Me' Rework)' (Still House Plants) 
    10 Beating (Tone Remix) 

    “Colourgrade” is the latest album from Tirzah, the British-based avant garde performer who has recently been signed to Domino following some well received 12”s on Greco-Roman.

    The album explores recovery, gratitude and new beginnings, presenting a singer having discovered the type of love that is shared between a mother and a child for the first time, whilst simultaneously working as an artist. Capturing both the great and the scary, the exhaustion and the recovery, Colourgrade is a listless amble through the innermost feelings, an intoxicating presentation of a full time mother and artist.

    As always, a Tirzah record is a family affair. That doesn’t just mean grandmum and granddad, but the extended CURL crew that includes long term collaborators, Mica Levi and Coby Sey, the younger brother of producer Kwes who mixes on “Colourgrade.” It’s this natural, collaborative energy that keeps Tirzah’s music fresh and progressive.

    If you’re into Bjork, FKA Twigs, James Ferraro, Portishead or Anika; this might be up your street. It’s a pretty varied list I appreciate, but the kind of DIY use of electronics, the lo-fi production and the dreamy aesthetic lend itself to the aforementioned acts. Check it out, there’s nowt much like it on the market at the moment! 


    Barry says: Tirzah's brilliant Colourgrade follows on from the Mica Levi produced 'Devotion' and continues the impressive skewed-pop footprint, but with developments in production style and pure danceability. It's a brilliantly unique sound, fusing R&B, jazz and pop music into one brilliantly wonky, hugely enjoyable end result.


    Hive Mind (feat. Coby Sey)
    Crepuscular Rays
    Send Me
    Sink In



      Following her acclaimed EPs released on Greco-Roman, new album Devotion positions Londonbased Tirzah as a unique contemporary soul voice on an innovative modern British RnB record. Delivering what feels like a landmark debut LP, the 11-songs across Devotion are an intimate collection of downtempo love-songs laced with romance and lust, melancholy and desire.

      The album was conceived and written with long-term collaborator, Mica Levi who handles the music and production across the whole album, Tirzah providing vocals, melody & lyrics. Additional vocals & lyrics are provided by Coby Sey on stand out track, ‘Devotion’. The album was mixed by Mica & Kwes.


      1. Fine Again
      2. Do You Know
      3. Gladly
      4. Holding On
      5. Affection
      6. Basic Need
      7. Guilty
      8. Devotion
      9. Go Now
      10. Say When
      11. Reach

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