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Tiger & Woods

On The Green Again

Seven years after their pounced onto the scene with the exceptional "Caddy Shag EP" and five years after their powerhouse debut LP "Through The Green", German duo Tiger & Woods are back on Running Back, slipping into the Green Jacket with a double vinyl set of driving club cuts. Once again, the duo apply their hyper edit pressure to the synthetic end of the disco spectrum, transforming boogie and funk originals into unstoppable headnodders awash with shimmering mirror ball brilliance. There's a subtle difference this time, as the duo utilise additional synth work and more adventurous arrangements to inject a dynamic edge we didn't see last time out. "Rockmeloveme" could easily pass as a lost Daft Punk cut with its vocoded vocal and emotive piano line, while "Bestissimo" sounds like another gem from the golden age of French Touch. Imagine Mirwais producing a Phoenix B-side and you'll be right on the money. The party continues with the killer "Ginger & Fred", a classic T&W production with snipped vocals and "Phoenix" a glistening and glam dose of Saturday Night euphoria. Over onto the second disc and we're in boogie paradise with the hydraulic excitement of "Come & Get My Lovin" and the cool and sophisticated " Endless Affair", before the stomping "Radio Tiger" and squealing "Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden" see us home. There's a whole lotta fun to be had for the working DJ here, and if you're looking for a soundtrack to your living room disco or pre-club drinking session, this should do the trick.


Matt says: Tiger & Woods are back baby! As you'd expect the boys deliver a double LP of hypercharged, steroid infused boogie cut ups and disco house pounders, perfect for a heavy night under the mirror ball.

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