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Burial / Four Tet / Thom Yorke

Her Revolution / His Rope

Nine years since their first collaboration, the three modern musical monoliths, Burial, Thom Yorke and Four Tet return for another spellbound session. Conjuring up two tracks of rainy day, dreamstate melancholia that seemed perfectly suited to the drugery of lockdown whence it was first released.

Thom Yorke's vocals are stunning, yet subtley blended with a kind of fractal haze, reflecting Four Tet grasp of soundscapes while Burial's hushed ghostly whispers also reflect the kinda decayed urban dystopia the producer has singlehanded produced over his career.

Downtempo and understated, they're highly emotive tracks that challenge your perceptions of how a track should make you feel and behave.



Her Revolution
His Rope

Thom Yorke, Flea, & Wynton Marsalis

Daily Battles (From Motherless Brooklyn: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

    “Daily Battles” was written by Thom Yorke (Radiohead, Atoms For Peace) for “Motherless Brooklyn” the film directed, written by, produced by and starring Edward Norton. The film features two versions of the song, each performed by musical icons of modern music. Thom Yorke along with Flea (Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Atoms For Peace) performs a sparse and emotionally stunning version of the song. The other version of “Daily Battles” was arranged and performed by jazz trumpet icon Wynton Marsalis, who, along with his hand-picked quintet of heavy-hitter-jazz-stalwarts delivers an instant jazz standard version of the song that conjures images of the 1950’s-era gin-soaked Harlem jazz club seen in the film.


    Side A:
    1. Daily Battles

    Side B:
    1. Daily Battles (feat. Joe Farnsworth, Russell Hall, Isaiah J. Thompson & Jerry Weldon)

    Thom Yorke releases his new album ‘ANIMA’.

    ‘ANIMA’ was written by Thom Yorke and produced by Nigel Godrich.

    A ‘one-reeler’, also entitled ‘ANIMA’, will be available exclusively via Netflix, made by Paul Thomas Anderson and set to three tracks from Thom’s new album.


    Barry says: ‘Anima’ is yet more evidence of Yorke's endless artistic vision and his ability to turn his hand to any musical or audio-visual endeavour with unparalleled success. ‘Amina’ is both an arresting visual feat and a brilliantly realised auditory artifact, as comfortable being listened to in situ (with visuals) or on it's own.


    Last I Heard (...He Was Circling The Drain)
    Dawn Chorus
    I Am A Very Rude Person
    Not The News
    The Axe
    Impossible Knots


    Last I Heard (...He Was Circling The Drain)
    Dawn Chorus
    I Am A Very Rude Person
    Not The News
    The Axe
    Impossible Knots
    Ladies & Gentleman, Thank You For Coming (NB: This Track Is Vinyl Only And Isn't Available On The Download Voucher)

    Thom Yorke

    Suspiria (Music For The Luca Guadagnino Film)

    Suspiria consists of 25 original compositions written by Thom specifically for Luca Guadagnino reimagining of the 1977 Dario Argento horror classic. The album is a mix of instrumental score work, interstitial pieces and interludes, and more traditional song structures featuring Thom’s vocals such as “Unmade”, “Has Ended” and “Suspirium,” the album's first single featuring the melodic theme that recurs throughout the film and its score.

    As scoring a horror film presented Thom with altogether new challenges and opportunities, Suspiria stands apart from any of his other work. Piano/vocal ballads, Krautrock-esque modular synth work inspired by the film’s Berlin 1977 setting, multilayered vocals, and melodies that convey terror, longing and melancholy combine to create a chaotic yet cohesive musical spell.

    Suspiria was written and arranged by Thom Yorke, recorded and produced by Thom and Sam Petts-Davies. The album also features the London Contemporary Orchestra and Choir, Noah Yorke on drums on “Has Ended” and “Volk,” and Pasha Mansurov on solo flute on “Suspirium.”


    A Storm That Took Everything
    The Hooks
    Belongings Thrown In A River
    Has Ended
    Klemperer Walks
    Open Again
    Sabbath Incantation
    The Inevitable Pull
    Olga’s Destruction (Volk Tape)
    The Conjuring Of Anke
    A Light Green
    The Jumps
    The Universe Is Indifferent
    The Balance Of Things
    A Soft Hand Across Your Face
    Suspirium Finale
    A Choir Of One
    Synthesizer Speaks
    The Room Of Compartments
    An Audition
    Voiceless Terror
    The Epilogue

    Thom Yorke

    Tomorrow's Modern Boxes


    A Brain In A Bottle
    Guess Again!
    The Mother Lode
    Truth Ray
    There Is No Ice (For My Drink)
    Pink Section
    Nose Grows Some

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