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They Came From The Stars I Saw Them Vs. Reality

They Came From The Stars I Saw Them Vs. Reality

    This is The Stars 'lost' album - a record with a somewhat chequered history. Recorded on the first two days of Spring 2002, and then found to be in an impossible format, converted, confused, lost, found, forgotten, sampled, resampled, pieced together, tampered with, undone, overdubbed, redone, left on the bottom shelf of a cool oven, mashed with rare spices, buried, unearthed, sent out, forgotten again, and finally discovered by Onomatopoeia records. Numbering as many as 30 in the past, they've now trimmed down to a more manageable four-piece, but their music is still as astonishingly catchy as ever, somehow combining krautrock, space rock, free jazz, soul and funk into a pure pop concoction with brilliant titles and wonderful, hypnotic singalong tunes.

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