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Over the last decade, few places have made as big an impact on the musical landscape as Salon des Amateurs. The Düsseldorf nightspot, attached to the Kunsthalle gallery, has launched the careers of Valdimir Ivkovic, Lena Wilikens & Jan Schulte, played a formative role in the musical development of the Phaserboys, and cemented Detlef Weinrich and the Durian Brothers as legendary figures in the wider dance music landscape. More than this though, the Salon was the petri dish which birthed a very specific sound, unique to Düsseldorf - slow and low tribal electronics, odd Kraturock, psychedelic techno, dense electro and skewed mechanical funk, all informed by a punk attitude, wry sense of humour and high IQ. 

Ten years ago, Arne Bunjes established his Themes For Great Cities imprint to share this sound with the wider world, and since that day, pretty much every release has been an instant classic. Accordingly, these beauties are hard to come by on the second hand market, so the label have placed their most prominent moments together on one essential release. This isn't a record, it's a historical document.

So take a trance dance to the techno tropical throb of Wolf Muller's froggy 'Dickicht', harness the healing energy of Young Wolf's 'Kabuki' and roll up your sleeves with the strange Miami Vice boogie of Lucas Croon. Practice your post punk pogo with Neustadt, excercise your demons with the sexual magik of Rushing Into Water, lock into Post Anatolian acid from Mekine U Teksi and sample the weird wave of Stabil Elite and Neuzeitliche Bodenbelage. Whatever the decade and wherever the planet, this is still gonna be cutting edge.


A1. Wolf Muller - Dickicht (LP Edit)
A2. Young Wolf - Kabuki Spiritual Version (LP Edit)
A3. Lucas Croon - Ascona
A4. Neustadt - Du Und Ich
B1. Tolouse Low Trax - Rushing Into Water (LP Edit)
B2. Mekine U Teksi - Odyssee
B3. Stabil Elite - Agent Orange
B4. Neuzeitliche Bodenbelage - Ich Verliebe Mich Nie

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