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Pol Rax's album (simply titled "Pol Rax") with the artist's recordings from the years 2000-2010, including the ultra-hit "Dla Ciebie", is an electro-banger that simply had to be put on vinyl!

The Very Polish Cut Outs and Superkasety Records, have chosen, together with the artist, 8 tracks recorded in the first decade of the new millennium - some of them are released for the first time, others have so far lived to see only digital editions (by Seek Records), and only "Dla Ciebie" was released earlier on CD (by the famous French label Kitsune).

For a long time single tracks of Pol Rax were available only on YouTube, and after releasing those few tracks mentioned before, the artist from Wroclaw put the synthesizers aside and retreated into the shadows. It was then that - as Eltron aptly put it - 'a legend was born'.

"Dla Ciebie" and other tracks were gaining popularity on Youtube, famous Polish footballer Artur Boruc even danced to the rhythm of Pol Rax's "#borucdance" and club dancefloors were heating up with tracks like "Rock Your Video" and "Za Pozno".

This album, played and sung entirely by Pol Rax and a few guests, is full of electro-disco bangers for the club and ambitious synth-pop that derseves repeat radio play. There's also the highly cosmic funk of "Goraco" feat. Julee, or the erotic Italo-inspired: "Zatrzymac sie". Pol Rax himself mentions among his inspirations (for the music, but also for the lyrics he writes) the new wave of the 80's, the raw pop of early Bajm or the synth sound of Dwa Plus One.
These sources can be perfectly heard in his music, but there is also something else - sometimes a bit of French touch in the spirit of Daft Punk, other times minimal wave or boogie funk. It a delciously accomplished album that doesn't take itself mega mega serious yet somehow delivers something elegant, mature and likely to be one of your most rotated records of the year. Highly recommended! 


Matt says: TVPCO come up trumps here with a fabulous LP by Pol Rax. Utterly cosmic in every essence, it skilfully navigates various tempos & moods without ever going on with itself and keeping every last musical utterance vital & mellifluous. A tour de force of modern cosmic prowess. You need!


A1. Dia Ciebie
A2. Rock Your Video
A3. Goraco Feat. Julee
A4. 78 Km/h
B1. Zatrzymac Sie Feat 4 Letters
B2. Szal Sezonowej Mody Feat. Nice2mu
B3. Za Pozno
B4. Full Of Shame Feat. Nice2mu

The Eastern European Cut Outs - the spin-off series of The Very Polish Cut Outs - continues to excavate those hidden gems from all parts East...As always the selection is as varied as it is exceptional. From a Hungarian disco banger, to a Soviet new wave workout via an absolute smash of a symphonic Serbian gypsy disco-not-disco jam to a mesmerising Czechoslovakian accidental space-disco delight...It's another secret knowledge sureshot for the seekers.

Cut loud! :)


Matt says: Our Polish friends continue to explore the fringes of Eastern Europe for fresh offerings, uncovering some seriously groovy gems of funky & cosmic disco.


A1. The Re-Magic Trick - Tevedes
A2. Schmoltz - Tropicheskaya Pticha
B1. Kompleks - Vaker
B1. Dyyune & Boryn - Banany Banany

Andrzej Korzynski is, without a doubt, one of the most important, celebrated and influential Polish musicians of the XX century. He wrote plenty of pop hits, created a very famous and extremely successful Franek Kimono project, collaborated with world renowned movie directors like Andrzej Wajda and Andrzej Zulawski, and played a key part in the legendary studio group Arp Life. Korzynski is also well known for his soundtrack for a cult classic for kids, Mister Blot's Academy. All in all, he's perceived as an extremely creative person, a real pioneer who helped introduce synthesizers to the world of domestic film and pop music. A true artist with many faces, a handful of projects, and a musician that cannot be pigeonholed. Without any doubt, he is really something.

In somewhat of a coup from our favourite Polish dance label, the Very Polish Cut-Outs crew have managed to enlist the esteemed artist to help contribute and curate TVPCO #13 recor.

Four remixed tracks from the very rich artistic output of Andrzej Korzynski. All the tracks were carefully picked by the composer himself, out of a dozen proposals. It is worth adding that such a release was a personal dream of Zambon, the TVPCO's founder, especially given the fact that his very first edit was "Baby bump", a cut by the aforementioned Arp Life group.

"Niezle Numery" EP consists of four top notch edits and remixes brought to you by a well-known pack of producers closely related to the label with the famous rooster logo. Holiday 80 guys take over the A side having expertly cut original material by Zenek Czubaty (the predecessor of the legendary Franek Kimono studio output), finishing off with two thumping peak-time heaters with infectious vocals.

On the flip you can find a more relaxed and reflexive take with a downtempo twist. Pejzaz adds his trademark sound to "Monika", a piece deeply immersed in slo-mo vibe, while Karol Aleksander's "Welwet" is a nu-disco tinged groover with a personal touch.

The outstanding cover was designed by long-time collaborator, Bartosz Szymkiewicz. Surely gonna be one of the most collectable of this highly coveted series? Get those orders in quick! 


Matt says: Massive coup for TVPC who manage to convince Polish national treasure Andrzej Korzynski to contribute to their crazy (not-so-little) label! It's suitable highly charged, a little bit crazy, and bucket loads of fun.


A1. Zenek Czubaty - Do You Like Henky Penky Love (Holiday 80 Edit)
A2. Zenek Czubaty - Tylko Punk Rock (Holiday 80 Edit)
B1. Andrzej Korzynski - Monika (Pejzaz Edit)
B2. Arp Life - Welwet (Karol Aleksander Edit)

Eltron John / Eddie C

Ludzie Z Marsa / Stoneczna Promenada

Brand new (and also the last one) treat in the The Very Polish Cut-Outs 7" series, usually devoted to quirkier and weirder tracks than the much acclaimed 12" samplers.

Eltron John kicks off the A-side with a reggae influenced rework of a Polish children's song from late 80s called 'Ludzie z Marsa'.

His modern, dubby production and close attention to the smallest details fuses perfectly with abstract lyrics. This serious-not-serious song treats about people who are from Mars and invade Earth, because 'they can't remember what the forest animals look like, what a farce!

Already road tested by the members of TVPC, this Caribbean-East European depth of a groove works perfectly in late night drunk sets.
On the B-side Eddie C visits executive suite of a cruise ship with his extended, melancholic rework of 'Stoneczna Promenada'. The original tune is an old Polish cocktail-lounge classic from the late 70s, transformed here into a psychedelic story of epic proportions. Moody loops evoke instant headnodding and added dub effects magnify the nostalgic, sunny vibe.


A. Ludzie Z Marsa
B. Stoneczna Promenada

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