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The Streets

Brexit At Tiffany's

    Limited edition 12", only available for a limited time only. In addition to its title track, ‘Brexit At Tiffany’s’ also features a collaboration with grime artist MC Manga Saint Hilare titled ‘3 Minutes To Midnight’, and is closed out by a song called ‘Test of Time’.

    The new EP marks Skinner’s second release as The Streets this year, after linking up with Master Peace for ‘Wrong Answers Only’ in January. Last year, he celebrated lockdown ending on the ‘Who’s Got the Bag (21st June)’, and remixed Greentea Peng‘s ‘Free My People’.'


    Brexit At Tiffany’s
    3 Minutes To Midnight
    Test Of Time

    Jonathan Jeremiah

    Horsepower For The Streets

      Horsepower For The Streets is Jonathan Jeremiah’s fifth album, his second for PIAS, a label which feels like a good home for a soulful singer linked to a cadre of artists more readily associated with mainland Europe than his own island. So far at least. Much of the new album was written in Saint-Pierre-De-Côle, the countryside beyond Bordeaux, during breaks in Jeremiah’s first tour of France. Long walks and open log fires. You can take the boy out of Brent … and the continent welcomes him with open arms (see also Tindersticks, Scott Matthew, revered across the Channel, where the artistic tradition is less distracted by Londinium hyperbole). The album was recorded in Bethlehemkerk, a renovated monumental church in Amsterdam Noord, with Amsterdam Sinfonietta, a 20-piece string orchestra. There’s clearly a European influence at work here, a bond which has endured.

      Since he appeared on the scene in 2011 with A Solitary Man, Jeremiah has been likened to such iconic performers as Scott Walker, Serge Gainsbourg, Terry Callier. The clarity of his delivery draws the listener into the landscape he paints in such detail, whilst at the same time leaving much to the imagination.

      The opener, “Horsepower For The Streets”, might conjure up images of boy racers, revved up emotions (my guess, when he asks me what I think). In actual fact, it’s a quote from an old acquaintance in Berlin, a rallying cry, a positive vibe. Which arrives just in time after a couple of years which, let’s be honest, have been pretty tough going. This is an album of its time, of hardships endured, rhodium thieves sighted across the road, sirens wailing on their way to the hospital. The second act represents the darker days of the work, bookended by a vibrantly hopeful opening and consolatory resolution.

      Jeremiah draws us in, allowing us to see what he sees. On “You Make Me Feel This Way” we look out onto the street with him, there’s a neighbour walking the dog, scenes we recognize and become part of. The view from the window is, by definition, that of an outsider, and yet the act of observation feels empathetic. All human life is here. If he started out as a solitary man all those years ago, he now seems far more grounded, ... even in isolation, he feels connected.

      There’s a simple explanation to the solitary man origins in Jeremiah’s case, he was a security guard at Wembley Arena, composing songs in his head on the night watch. His father was an electrician there and sorted him out with the job. Imagine Jonathan, tall as a door, guarding the entrance to the snooker halls. His father, who arrived from India and met his mother, from Ireland, at the Lancaster Hotel where they were working, also influenced Jonathan’s musical development. Not so much the Cat Stevens or Elvis records played in the family home, but more through watching films together, Clint Eastwood, Dirty Harry, The Wild Geese, even Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. It was the music that stayed with Jonathan, the lush string arrangements of Lalo Schifrin, echoed here by Amsterdam Sinfonietta who elevate the songs of Horsepower For The Streets to a sublime degree.

      Jonathan Jeremiah is a solo artist in the truest sense, translating his vision into music, taking care of every last detail (“down to the catering,” he jokes, referencing George Clooney’s take on film production). If it sometimes feels like it’s all too much, he remembers the words of his friend Glenn: “I’ve got the number of a guy who digs ditches”. Flick through his videos and you’ll see him wandering alone (last man standing on the Berlin underground platform, or crossing fields with the Wembley arch in the distance).


      1. Horsepower For The Streets
      2. You Make Me Feel This Way
      3. Cut A Black Diamond
      4. Small Mercies
      5. The Rope
      6. Restless Heart
      7. Youngblood
      8. Ten-storey Falling
      9. Early Warning Sign
      10. Lucky
      11. Sirens In The Silence

      The Streets

      Original Pirate Material - Orange Vinyl Repress

        The 25th March 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of the instant British classic Original Pirate Material - The Streets. 

        Big Brother, Dom Jolly, Playstation 2, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo and Ronaldo, weak pills and cheap skunk, 3310s, foot and mouth, Soham and Pual Burrell - that was the world when "Original Pirate Material" first dropped in 2002 - blowing up Kazaa and Audiogalaxy and finding its way to your mate's CD player on an iffy CDr. To say it was a breath of fresh air is an understatement, this groundbreaking album filled the air with a green fug, challenged the yanks for the MCing crown and twisted the polished sheen of UKG into a laptop-crafted fusion of skanking bass and housey beats. While breakthough hit "Has It Come To This?", "Turn The Page" and "Let's Push Things Forward" remain era-defining anthems, every single track here is the tits. "Sharp Darts" sounds like an utterly wrong Wu Tang joint, "Same Old Thing" and "Geezer's Need Excitement" are rough, tough and proper grimey and "It's Too Late" is bloke-poetry on a heartbreaking anthem tip. Elsewhere "Don't Mug Yourself" royally takes the piss out of you on the back of the bus and "The Irony Of It All" offers a hilarious review of boozed up townies and stoned students. And then there's "Weak Become Heroes", the e'd up ravers anthem that's still the best track of that decade. 


        Side A
        1. Turn The Page
        2. Has It Come To This?
        3. Let's Push Things Forward
        Side B
        1. Sharp Darts
        2. Same Old Thing
        3. Geezers Need Excitement
        4. It's Too Late
        Side C
        1. Too Much Brandy
        2. Don't Mug Yourself
        3. Who Got The Funk?
        4. The Irony Of It All
        Side D
        1. Weak Become Heroes
        2. Who Dares Wins
        3. Stay Positive

        Richard Hawley

        Tonight The Streets Are Ours - Music Box

          The third in the series of Richard Hawley music boxes.

          "Do you know why you got feelings in your heart....."

          The Streets

          Remixes & B Sides Too

            Remixes and B Sides from the first four albums, Original Pirate Material, A Grand Don't Come for Free,The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living  and Everything Is Borrowed

            The Streets is pleased to announce the reissue of his 2006 album which will be its first re-pressing since 2006 on 2 heavy weight vinyl disks. This is The Streets third album following his early critical reception and features hit tracks such as “War of the Sexes” and “Never Went To Church”. The artist continues to explore his own narrative and experiences through tracks such as Fake Streets Hats", whilst his lyricism and poetic timing is acclaimed. 

            TRACK LISTING

            Prangin Out
            War Of The Sexes
            The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living
            All Goes Out The Window
            Memento Mori
            Can't Con An Honest John
            When You Wasn't Famous 
            Never Went To Church
            Hotel Expressionism
            Two Nations
            Fake Streets Hats

            Circle Jerks

            Wild In The Streets

              A prime side of old school hardcore beef (a badly chosen metaphor for a veggie to use, but there you go.) You need this kids!!!!

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