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Charlie Hickey

Count The Stairs

    Born in 1999, Charlie Hickey grew up in South Pasadena, just minutes from Downtown Los Angeles. Raised by two singer-songwriter parents, Charlie’s second language was music since day one. As early as grade school, he was making sense of the world through songwriting, and by middle school he was writing, recording and performing songs that attracted a community of collaborators and could silence a room.

    A turning point for Charlie came at around the age of thirteen, when he covered a song by then up-and-coming artist Phoebe Bridgers, who was still in high school herself. The two quickly became friends and collaborators, setting Charlie on an exciting new musical path. Years later, Bridgers introduced Charlie to songwriter, drummer, producer and her bandmate Marshall Vore, who noticed something special about Charlie. The two began writing and recording songs together, and soon Charlie dropped out of school to work on his music full-time.

    Charlie Hickey’s first proper single is “No Good At Lying.” The Marshall Voreproduced track introduces us to Charlie’s evocative storytelling and features Phoebe Bridgers on backing vocals. “I’m no good at lying / on my back or through my teeth / but I’m good at dreaming / I can do it in my sleep,” he sings over hushed guitars and a whimsical banjo, searching for truth as his unconscious mind runs wild and bleeds into reality. It’s a slow, quiet, and understated peek to the world of Charlie Hickey, who is barely of legal drinking age, but taps into such universal themes that showcase a wisdom beyond his years and exudes promise for what’s to come


    SIDE A:
    1. No Good At Lying
    2. Count The Stairs
    3. Two Haunted Houses

    SIDE B:
    4. Seeing Things
    5. Ten Feet Tall
    6. Notre Dame

    With a career spanning two decades and 12 releases, L.A. hip hop duo People Under the Stairs bid farewell with their final LP last year. Their unique self-produced legacy earned them the designation “The Steely Dan of Hip-Hop” and built a fanbase of millions around the globe. Now, for the first time ever, they are re-issuing their long out of print, 2002 classic O.S.T. with a revamped gatefold gloss cover, updated liner notes and printed sleeves featuring 100+ print reviews from the original release date. Almost two decades in the making and with the original vinyl constantly fetching over 125$ online this highly anticipated reissue is sure to please both new and old fans alike. .


    Jappy Jap
    Suite For Beaver 1
    Suite For Beaver 2
    Empty Bottles
    The Outrage
    The Hang Loose
    The Double K Show
    Tales Of Kidd Drunk
    Keepin It Live
    The Dig
    The Heat
    Montego Slay
    The LA Song
    8 Is Enuff
    Acid Raindrops
    The Joyride
    The Breakdown

    Pure X

    Crawling Up The Stairs - Reissue

      Crawling Up The Stairs is the sophomore album from Austin underground luminaries Pure X, re-issued on 180 gram vinyl by Fire Talk.

      The anticipated follow-up to debut ‘Pleasure,’ the new record places Nate Grace’s ragged vocals upfront in the mix with more clearcut, refined production choices, while still imbued with the jagged sexual tension and undercurrent of catastrophe that has won them fans across the world.

      More accolades from the press followed, notably Pitchfork calling the record ‘sophisticated and self aware,’ lending a further upward trajectory to the band’s steadfast cult status. The duality of vocals from Grace and Jenkins for the first time evoke an even more enthralling immediacy to Pure X’s continued evolution of their nightmarish visions, a spellbinding combination that will find appeal in old fans and new listeners alike.


      Crawling Up The Stairs
      Someone Else
      Written In The Slime
      I Fear What I Feel
      Things In My Head
      Shadows And Lies
      I Come From Nowhere
      Never Alone
      How Did You Find Me
      Thousand Year Old Child
      Rain At Dawn
      All Of The Future (All Of The Past)

      The Stairs

      Mexican R’N’B - Deluxe Digipak Edition

        Formed in 1990 in Liverpool by singer and bassist Edgar ‘Summertyme’ Jones, guitarist Ged Lynn and drummer Paul Maguire, THE STAIRS quickly attracted a huge cult following with their classic fusion of mid-1960s US garage rock and British R’n’B.

        Having nearly signed to Imaginary Records, THE STAIRS inked a deal with Go! Discs for three memorable EPs and the album MEXICAN R’n’B (1992). Despite critical acclaim and a loyal following, the album’s sales were disappointing and The Stairs’ second LP was abandoned after demos were recorded, only to later be exhumed by local label Viper Records.

        Edgar Jones subsequently carved a niche in making albums that continued to evoke the best of music’s past while also remaining contemporary, attracting many heavy fans and admirers (Noel Gallagher and Paul Weller among them – Edgar played in Weller’s band for a while).

        Now properly collectable, with impressive price tags for all of the band’s original vinyl editions, MEXICAN R’n’B is treated to its first-ever reissue, remastered with an array of bonus material across two additional CDs.

        The project is supported by Edgar Jones and overseen by Mojo magazine’s Lois Wilson, who is closely involved with Edgar’s career to this day…

        Includes the singles ‘Weed Bus’, ‘Woman Gone And Say Goodbye’ and ‘Mary Joanna’. Disc 1 of this 3-CD Digipak is expanded with the non-album tracks from the EP editions. Discs 2 and 3 revisit the material on the Viper compilations Right In The Back Of Your Mind, Who Is This and The Great Lemonade Machine In The Sky 1987-1994.


        Disc: 1 - MEXICAN R’n’B
        1. Intro
        2. Mary Joanna
        3. Mr Window Pane
        4. Out In The Country
        5. Laughter In Their Eyes
        6. Sweet Thing
        7. Russian R'n'B
        8. Right In The Back Of Your Mind
        9. Mexican R'n'B
        10. Mundane Mundae
        11. Wrap Me Round Your Finger
        12. Weed Bus
        13. Woman Gone And Say Goodbye
        14. Sometimes The World Escapes Me
        15. Fall Down The Rain
        16. Outro
        17. Take No Notice Of The World Outside
        18. Flying Machine
        19. When It All Goes Wrong
        20. You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)
        21. Russian Spy And I
        22. Yes It Is It's True
        23. Mad Song
        24. I Can Only Give You Everything
        25. Squashed Tomato Stomp
        26. Fall Down The Rain

        Disc: 2 - DEMO’S ‘N’ RARITIES
        1. Last Time Around
        2. No One Knows
        3. Mr Joke Shop Owner
        4. I Won't Be Back Again
        5. Fall Down The Rain (Surf)
        6. Woman Gone And Say Goodbye
        7. No Escape
        8. Weed Bus (Demo)
        9. I Remember A Day
        10. Flying Machine
        11. Mr Window Pane
        12. Right In The Back Of Your Mind
        13. We Can Be Happy
        14. Laughter In Their Eyes
        15. Out In The Country
        16. Happyland (Demo)
        17. Weed Bus (Demo)
        18. Sometimes The World Escapes Me
        19. Moonchild
        20. Stop Messin' (Toe Rag Vsn)
        21. It Was Alright (Toe Rag Vsn)
        22. Cabbage Man
        23. Do Dah Do
        24. Snake Baker
        25. Custard Flys
        26. Just A Little Sunshine

        Disc: 3 - DEMO’S ‘N’ RARITIES
        1. Skin Up
        2. She's So Fine
        3. Saw Her Today
        4. It Was Alright
        5. Gotta Reason
        6. Stop Messin'
        7. Happyland
        8. Set Me Free
        9. When She Walks Down My Street
        10. Talkin' To You
        11. Teenage Head Cancer Blues
        12. Untitled
        13. Shit Town
        14. Love Has Come And Gone Away
        15. Driving Me Out Of My Mind
        16. I Saw Her Today
        17. Do It To It
        18. I'm Bored

        Crawling Up The Stairs is the second LP from Austin, Texas' Pure X. Made up of principal members Nate Grace, Jesse Jenkins and Austin Youngblood, they stay true to the dense sound they explored on their last album, Pleasure, but add twinkling atmospherics and a new clarity to their carefully cultivated, emotionally heavy songs.

        Where Pleasure was built on syrup-slow hooks and a weighty, sexy haze, Crawling Up The Stairs is the sound of Pure X emerging from that humid cocoon to stare all the screwed up parts of life directly in the face and embrace them. When Grace's voice, cracked and worn, breaks through a fog of downtempo drums and misty guitar on "Someone Else," the pain that used to be visible in his face when he was on stage is pushed to the forefront of their sound, his voice growling and moaning with barely contained anger and apocalyptic worry in anguished falsetto. Crawling isn't a record about escape, it's about what you do after you've realized that escaping isn't an option and you just have to face the world you live in head on.

        Crawling Up The Stairs is an album born from emotional turmoil. For much of 2012, Grace was laid up with a serious leg injury. During the recording period, he had no insurance, no money, and if he ever was going to walk again, he needed to have surgery. Grace had no idea if he'd get the money together, and was consumed with doubt, unable to sleep. After a cathartic but torturous night of insomnia, heavy with world-worry and intermittent nightmares, Grace emerged feeling exhausted and different. Not better or worse, but different. Ready to heal. Crawling is the result of that. Track by track, Grace, Youngblood and Jenkins—who shares vocal and songwriting duties—drag themselves through a bad year.

        As Grace was wrestling with his own demons, Jenkins' was figuring things out as well. On the gorgeous "Thousand Year Old Child," his falsetto hangs over unusually upbeat drum work from Youngblood and perfectly placed synth wines. It's a tricky song—relaxed and happy on the surface, but lyrically, Jenkins is wrestling with getting older and being uncertain about his future, singing, "there is no reason/ to think about time/ sometimes I feel/ I feel like a thousand year old child." A little later, the kicker comes: "up in the morning/ sleep at night/ there is a question/ what am I doing with my life?" It's a universal feeling rendered personal by Jenkins' heartbreakingly spare lyrics.

        But Crawling isn't entirely dark. Album closer "All of the Future (All of the Past)" is the record's most optimistic song. As if Grace, Jenkins and Youngblood have finally emerged from an endless parade of bummer moments with newly optimistic perspectives on life. Grace's guitar glistens and glides across Jenkins' thick bass work and Youngblood's expertly controlled drums, but it's Grace's lyrics that end up laying everything out, making clear that there's a redemptive narrative in this record worth coming back to: "I can see the light/just got to stay alive," Grace sings. It might read as desperate, but Grace, for the first time, sounds confident that they'll make it no matter what.


        1. Crawling Up The Stairs
        2. Someone Else
        3. Written In The Slime
        4. I Fear What I Feel
        5. Things In My Head
        6. Shadows And Lies
        7. I Come From Nowhere
        8. Never Alone
        9. How Did You Find Me?
        10. Thousand Year Old Child
        11. Rain At Dawn
        12. All Of The Future (All Of The Past)

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