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Current 93

The Stars On Their Horsies

    THE STARS ON THEIR HORSIES is not the new C93 album, just a lateral peek into her sidereal creek. This 39.39 minute CD contains only one track. Textually based around two NightMares David Tibet nightmared recently, of which he recorded accounts of as soon as he woke from them in the Middle of the Night Road, The Stars On Their Horsies may be seen as a SideShowPeek, or perhaps a GasStationCarnival, and a slide into October’s new C93 album.

    Current 93

    Thunder Perfect Mind

      We are Over the Moon to announce the reissue of Current 93’s seminal double album from 1992, Thunder Perfect Mind. Newly and Perfectly remastered by The Bricoleur, and with a New Face to the Old Sleeve designed by Ania Goszczyńska, this beautiful edition of one of C93’s many Hallucinatory PickNick MasterPieces is on transparent purple vinyl and comes with a 4-page lyric insert. It is the first time that has been available on vinyl since its first pressing in 1992. Here are SixTeen Tracks To The Stars. 


      2xColoured LP Info: Limited purple vinyl.

      The Moons At Your Door consists of 2 long tracks, “The Moons At Your Door” and “There Is A GraveYard That Dwells In Man” and reveals, yet again, an unexpected sidereal shift in C93’s vision and voice.

      The vinyl edition of this album is packaged in a black gatefold sleeve, with the artwork on the outer and inner gatefold by David Tibet. The inside of the album is also printed in black. The record is pressed on opaque white vinyl. The artwork on the back of the LP sleeve differs to the artwork on the back of the CD sleeve.

      The CD edition of this album is packaged in a black gatefold digipak, again with artwork on all panels by David Tibet, and again with the inside of the digipak also printed in black. The artwork on the back of the CD sleeve differs to the artwork on the back of the LP.

      This album presages the publication, in the first half of January 2016, of David Tibet’s anthology, also titled The Moons At Your Door, of whom this album is the sister. 

      Myrninerest is the new Hallucinatory Cartoon channelled by David Tibet in order to work, outside of Current 93, with some of the artists and friends he admires the most. “Jhonn,” Uttered Babylon, their harrowing and haunted debut, featuring James Blackshaw and David Tibet, is centered on Davids friendship with, and love for, the late Jhonn Balance of Coil as well as Jhonns death and how it affected the circle of friends around Jhonn.

      With all lyrics by David and all music written by James, the album was recorded during February 2012 with James Blackshaw on classical guitar and harmonium and David as vocalist. Both LP and CD formats contain the same songs, but with very different mixes by different artists, and the tracks on the 2 formats have also been given different names.

      The vinyl version is mixed by The Bricoleur and comes in a full-colour, reverse-board, sleeve with a 4-page insert containing the albums text and reproductions of two charcoal drawings by Jhonn Balance. The painting on the LP cover is also by Jhonn Balance.

      The CD version is mixed by Andrew Liles (Current 93, Nurse With Wound) and comes in a full-colour digipak with a 20-page booklet containing the albums text and reproductions of two charcoal drawings by Jhonn Balance. The two different paintings on the CD and booklet covers are also by Jhonn Balance.

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