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The Kinks

Percy - 2022 Reissue

    Percy is a 1971 film soundtrack for the British comedy film Percy performed by the English rock group the Kinks with additional orchestral arrangements conducted by Stanley Myers. It was released as the band’s ninth official studio album.

    Davies wrote some hauntingly beautiful ballads and some solid blues and country as well for the forward thinking cult film. Although virtually unseen in the United States, it was still popular enough to yield a sequel (Percy's Progress), but its real impact came from its soundtrack.

    ‘God's Children’ and ‘Animals in the Zoo’ have turned up on some career anthologies, but there's a lot more to Percy than those two tracks. ‘Completely’ is as fine a slow blues as the band ever recorded, with a sizzling performance by Dave Davies, and "Dreams" is a solid rocker, even up alongside "Animals in the Zoo." 


    Side A
    1. God's Children
    2. Lola
    3. The Way Love Used To Be
    4. Completely
    5. Running Round Town
    6. Moments
    Side B
    1. Animals In The Zoo
    2. Just Friends
    3. Whip Lady
    4. Dreams
    5. Helga
    6. Willesden Green
    7. God's Children - End

    The Kinks

    Face To Face - 2022 Reissue

      Face to Face is one of the finest collections of pop songs released during the '60s. Conceived as a loose concept album, Face to Face sees Ray Davies' fascination with English class and social structures flourish, as he creates a number of vivid character portraits.

      Davies' growth as a lyricist coincided with the Kinks' musical growth. Face to Face is filled with wonderful moments, whether it's the mocking Hawaiian guitars of the rocker "Holiday in Waikiki," the droning Eastern touches of "Fancy," the music hall shuffle of "Dandy," or the lazily rolling "Sunny Afternoon."

      These examples only scratches the surface of the riches of Face to Face, which offers other classics like "Rosy Won't You Please Come Home," "Party Line," "Too Much on My Mind," "Rainy Day in June," and "Most Exclusive Residence for Sale," making the record one of the most distinctive and accomplished albums of its time.


      Party Line
      Rosy Won't You Please Come Home
      Too Much On My Mind
      Session Man
      Rainy Day In June
      House In The Country
      Holiday In Waikiki
      Most Exclusive Residence For Sale
      Little Miss Queen Of Darkness
      You're Looking Fine
      Sunny Afternoon
      I'll Remember

      The Kinks

      Kinda Kinks - 2022 Reissue

        Kinda Kinks is the second album by English rock band the Kinks, released in 1965. Recorded and released within two weeks after returning from a tour in Asia.

        The album is a huge step forward in songwriting capabilities for Ray Davies and the band. They secured themselves a number one spot on the UK singles chart with "Tired of Waiting for You", the full album charted at #3.

        Originally released by Pye in the UK on 5 March 1965 and reissue now by BMG on heavy weight black vinyl in 2022. The US release had a rearranged track listing and repackaged cover. Several tracks were removed, and the single "Set Me Free", released two months after the UK issue of Kinda Kinks, was unique to the album's US release. In the UK, the album was only released in mono; no stereo mix was made.

        The album also includes cult favourite tracks ‘Look For Me Baby’, ‘Come On Now’, ‘Something Better Beginning’ as well as "Nothin' in This World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'Bout That Girl" which put them right in the front of the British Invasion pack for seriousness and complexity, out in front of where the Beatles or almost any of the competition were in early 1965, but it didn't stop them from switching gears to the bluesy "Naggin' Woman."


        Look For Me Baby
        Got My Feet On The Ground
        Nothin' In The World Can Stop Me Worryin' 'bout That Girl
        Naggin' Woman
        Wonder Where My Baby Is Tonight
        Tired Of Waiting For You
        Dancing In The Street
        Don't Ever Change
        Come On Now
        So Long
        You Shouldn't Be Sad
        Something Better Beginning

        The Kinks

        Something Else By The Kinks - 2022 Reissue

          Something Else By The Kinks, expands The Kinks accomplishments, offering 13 classic British pop songs. These offerings focus on more nostalgic and sentimental themes, retreating from the psychedelic and mod posturings that had dominated the rock world. Something Else sounds like nothing else from 1967.

          The Kinks change gear on this album, preferring acoustic ballads, music hall numbers, and tempered R&B to full-out guitar attacks. Part of the album's power lies in its calm music, since it provides an elegant support for Davies' character portraits and vignettes. From the martial stomp of "David Watts" to the lovely, shimmering "Waterloo Sunset," there's not a weak song on the record.

          And just as impressive is the emergence of Dave Davies as a songwriter. His Dylanesque "Death of a Clown" and bluesy rocker "Love Me Till the Sun Shines" hold their own against Ray's masterpieces, and help make Something Else the endlessly fascinating album that it is.


          David Watts
          Death Of A Clown
          Two Sisters
          No Return
          Harry Rag
          Tin Soldier Man
          Situation Vacant
          Love Me Till The Sun Shines
          Lazy Old Sun
          Afternoon Tea
          Funny Face
          End Of The Season
          Waterloo Sunset

          The Kinks

          The Kink Kontroversy - 2022 Reissue

            The Kinks came into their own as album artists on The Kink Kontroversy. Ray Davies fully matured as a songwriter on this title, which bridges their raw early British Invasion sound with more sophisticated lyrics and thoughtful production.

            Full of powerful ravers like the hit "Til the End of the Day" (utilizing yet another "You Really Got Me"-type riff) and the abrasive, Dave Davies-sung cover of "Milk Cow Blues," but tracks like the calypso pastiche "I'm on an Island," where Ray sings of isolation with a forlorn yet merry bite, were far more indicative of their future direction.

            Other great songs on this underrated album include the uneasy nostalgia of "Where Have All the Good Times Gone?," the plaintive, almost fatalistic ballads "Ring the Bells" and "The World Keeps Going Round," and the Dave Davies-sung declaration of independence "I Am Free."

            TRACK LISTING

            Milk Cow Blues
            Ring The Bells
            Gotta Get The First Plane Home
            When I See That Girl Of Mine
            I Am Free
            Till The End Of The Day
            The World Keeps Going Round
            I'm On An Island
            Where Have All The Good Times Gone
            It's Too Late
            What's In Store For Me
            You Can't Win

            The Kinks

            The Kinks

              Kinks is the debut album by English rock band the Kinks, released in 1964. This iconic album perfectly mixes blues rock, rockabilly, and the classic Merseybeat of the 1960s that mixes R&B, skiffle, rock, and the likes.

              If you’re looking for that British Invasion sound, Kinks is a perfect beginning. The album was recorded in October 1964. The bands cover of “Long Tall Sally” soared the charts and has the distinction of being The Kinks’s first ever single.

              The bands second success from the album is the massively popular and best-selling summertime single, “You Really Got Me”. It’s crunchy distorted guitar riffs, chimey solo, pounding uptempo beat and soaring harmonies, defined an entire genre.

              This album is the first chapter of one of the most iconic bands in the world and a must have for any fans collection. 

              TRACK LISTING

              Side 1
              1. Beautiful Delilah
              2. So Mystifying
              3. Just Can't Go To Sleep
              4. Long Tall Shorty
              5. I Took My Baby Home
              6. I'm A Lover Not A Fighter
              7. You Really Got Me
              Side 2
              1. Cadillac
              2. Bald Headed Woman
              3. Revenge
              4. Too Much Monkey Business
              5. I've Been Driving On Bald Mountai
              6. Stop Your Sobbing
              7. Got Love If You Want It

              The Kinks

              Everybody’s In Show-biz / Everyboy’s A Star (remastered - Stereo)

                The Kinks’, Everybody’s In Show-Biz – Everybody’s A Star 1971 classic album has been remastered from the original audio source for the album’s 50th Anniversary and will be released as a standalone heavy weight vinyl for the 9th September via BMG.

                Everybody's in Show-Biz is a double album with one record devoted to stories from the road and another devoted to songs from the road. The album includes Ray Davies’ trademark wit, especially in the woozy beginning of "Unreal Reality" or the tongue-in-cheek "Look a Little on the Sunnyside" and the upbeat classic ‘Supersonic Rocket Ship’. Aside from the wit, there's a sense of melancholy running throughout the record, most notably on the album's hit track "Celluloid Heroes."

                Expertly recreated and retouched original artwork with gatefold sleeve. All audio has been produced by Ray Davies and remastered by Kinks experts Kevin Gray at Cohearant. The 1CD standalone includes x1 brand new Ray Davies remix, ‘’Celluloid Heroes’’ and indepth sleeve notes with band quotes and photos. 

                TRACK LISTING

                A1. Here Comes Yet Another Day
                A2. Maximum Consumption
                A3. Unreal Reality
                A4. Hot Potatoes
                A5. Sitting In My Hotel
                B1. Motorway
                B2. You Don't Know My Name
                B3. Supersonic Rocket Ship
                B4. Look A Little On The Sunny Side
                B5. Celluloid Heroes
                C1. Top Of The Pops
                C2. Brainwashed
                C3. Mr. Wonderful
                C4. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
                C5. Holiday
                D1. Muswell Hillbilly
                D2. Alcohol
                D3. Banana Boat Song
                D4. Skin And Bone
                D5. Baby Face
                D6. Lola

                1CD – Everybody’s In Show Biz – Everybody’s A Star, 1971 Original Album, 2022 Remaster (Stereo)
                1. Here Comes Yet Another Day
                2. Maximum Consumption
                3. Unreal Reality
                4. Hot Potatoes
                5. Sitting In My Hotel
                6. Motorway
                7. You Don't Know My Name
                8. Supersonic Rocket Ship
                9. Look A Little On The Sunny Side
                10. Celluloid Heroes
                11. Top Of The Pops (live)
                12. Brainwashed (live)
                13. Mr. Wonderful (live)
                14. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues (live)
                15. Holiday (live)
                16. Muswell Hillbilly (live)
                17. Alcohol (live)
                18. Banana Boat Song (live)
                19. Skin And Bone (live)
                20. Baby Face (live)
                21. Lola (live)
                Bonus Tracks:
                22. Celluloid Heroes (2022 Mix)

                The Kinks

                Muswell Hillbillies (remastered - Stereo)

                  The Kinks, Muswell Hillbillies 1971 classic album has been remastered from the original audio source for the albums 50th Anniversary and will be released on heavy weight vinyl for the 9th September via BMG.

                  This period’s first Kinks album, Muswell Hillbillies, is for many people their best of all. It conversely looked back on Ray and Dave Davies’ London roots, telling tales of working-class families migrating from the war-torn and redevelopment-ravaged inner city to the strange, leafy suburbs of North London.

                  Expertly recreated and retouched original artwork with gatefold sleeve. All audio has been produced by Ray Davies and mastered by Kinks expert Tony Cousins at Metropolis studios.

                  The 1CD standalone includes x3 new Ray Davies remixes ‘20th Century Man’, ‘Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues’ & ‘Travelling With My Band’. Brand new sleeve notes with band quotes and photos. 

                  TRACK LISTING

                  LP - Muswell Hillbillies, 1971 Original Album, 2022 Remaster (Stereo)
                  A1. 20th Century Man
                  A2. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
                  A3. Holiday
                  A4. Skin And Bone
                  A5. Alcohol
                  A6. Complicated Life
                  B1. Here Come The People In Grey
                  B2. Have A Cuppa Tea
                  B3. Holloway Jail
                  B4. Oklahoma U.S.A.
                  B5. Uncle Son
                  B6. Muswell Hillbilly

                  CD - Muswell Hillbillies, 1971 Original Album, 2022 Remaster (Stereo)
                  1. 20th Century Man
                  2. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues
                  3. Holiday
                  4. Skin And Bone
                  5. Alcohol
                  6. Complicated Life
                  7. Here Come The People In Grey
                  8. Have A Cuppa Tea
                  9. Holloway Jail
                  10. Oklahoma U.S.A.
                  11. Uncle Son
                  12. Muswell Hillbilly
                  Bonus Tracks:
                  13. 20th Century Man (2022 Mix)
                  14. Acute Schizophrenia Paranoia Blues (2022 Mix)
                  15. Traveling With My Band (2022 Mix)

                  The Kinks

                  Waterloo Sunset (RSD22 EDITION)


                    6 track, yellow vinyl 12" single. All tracks mono and remastered. 55th anniversary release of the classic Kinks single. Artwork from the original French 1967 release. Waterloo Sunset was ranked number 14 on Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

                    The Kinks

                    Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Pt. 1

                      ‘Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One’ is the eighth studio album by The Kinks, one of the most influential rock acts of all time, and was recorded and released in 1970. A concept album, it is a satirical appraisal of the music industry, including song publishers, unions, the press, accountants, business managers, and life on the road. This classic album appeared during a transitional period for the Kinks, and was a critical and commercial success.

                      50th anniversary LP release featuring the newly remastered original stereo album on black heavyweight vinyl in a carefully restored and replicated original gatefold sleeve. Includes a 12” booklet with comprehensive notes, new band quotes, rare photos and memorabilia. Features the hit singles ‘Lola’ & ‘Apeman’. Produced in association with The Kinks, with audio & visual content curated by Ray Davies.

                      This is the first time the album has been remastered and is the first LP re-issue of it since the mid-1980s

                      The Kinks

                      Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire

                        The hugely well-respected and historically important Kinks seventh studio album Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire was released on 10th October 1969, and celebrates its 50th anniversary on 2019. 'Rock musical' in style and one of the most effective concept albums in rock history, the album was constructed by Kinks' frontman Ray Davies as the soundtrack to a subsequently cancelled Granada Television play. The album receiving almost unanimous acclaim upon its release.

                        Rolling Stone 1969 - "Arthur is a masterpiece on every level, Ray Davies' finest hour. The Kinks' supreme achievement and the best British album of 1969". Melody Maker 1969 - "Ray Davies' finest hour ... beautifully British to the core"

                        Original album tracklist: Victoria, Yes Sir No Sir, Some Mother's Son, Drivin', Brainwashed, Australia, Shangri-La, Mr. Churchill Says, She's Bought A Hat Like Princess Marina, Young And Innocent Days, Nothing To Say, Arthur

                        The Kinks

                        The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society

                          2018 Stereo Remaster of original album, from original tape high definition transfers. 180 gram heavyweight vinyl. Original gatefold artwork replicated. Insert with notes and band photos.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. The Village Green Preservation Society
                          2. Do You Remember Walter?
                          3. Picture Book
                          4. Johnny Thunder
                          5. Last Of The Steam-Powered Trains
                          6. Big Sky
                          7. Sitting By The Riverside
                          8. Animal Farm
                          9. Village Green
                          10. Starstruck
                          11. Phenomenal Cat
                          12. All Of My Friends Were There
                          13. Wicked Anabella

                          The Kinks

                          Face To Face

                            Classic Kinks catalogue on vinyl. The original albums on their finest format, with the original UK tracklistings.

                            ‘Face To Face’, released in 1966, is the fourth studio album by The Kinks. A major artistic breakthrough for Kinks songwriter Ray Davies, the album represents the first full flowering of Davies’ use of narrative, observation and wry social commentary in his songs.

                            Includes their third UK No. 1 ‘Sunny Afternoon’, which went to No. 12 in the UK Album Chart.

                            140g vinyl.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            Party Line
                            Rosy Won’t You Please Come Home
                            Too Much On My Mind
                            Session Man
                            Rainy Day In June
                            House In The Country
                            Holiday In Waikiki
                            Most Exclusive Residence For Sale
                            Little Miss Queen Of Darkness
                            You’re Looking Fine
                            Sunny Afternoon
                            I’ll Remember

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