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The Dears

Lovers Rock

    Montreal’s The Dears are in some run of form. Their music has always been quality but they have been releasing a steady flow of really excellent orchestral pop/rock music that began with 2015’s Times Infinity Volume One. The sister album, 2017’s Times Infinity Volume Two pushed the bar a little higher and here we are again, eighth album Lovers Rock is another superb collection of songs about love, romance, yearning and heartbreak. The core members Murray Lightburn (vocals/guitar/other) and Natalia Yanchak (vocals/piano) are joined this time round by longtime drummer Jeff Luciani, Steve Raegele (guitar) and Rémi-Jean LeBlanc (bass). Additional musicians making up their glorious sound are Sam Roberts (strings) and not one but two saxophonists, Alex Francoeur and the E Street Band’s Jake Clemons.


    1. Heart Of An Animal
    2. I Know What You're Thinking And It's Awful
    3. Instant Nightmare!
    4. Is This What You Really Want?
    5. The Worst In Us
    6. Stille Lost
    7. No Place On Earth
    8. Play Dead
    9. Too Many Wrongs
    10. We'll Go Into Hiding

    The Dears

    Times Infinity Volume Two

      the second installment of a two-album project from the Montréal band, following the UK release of much-applauded Times Infinity Volume One, with which the band made their return following a six-year absence, earlier this year, and a run of sold-out UK & Euro live shows (the band’s first since 2011), including London Village Underground.


      Barry says: The second outing of the Dears' 'Infinity' series sees the Canadian outfit in fine form, lurching from soulful anthemic chorus' and perfectly measured indie-rock into delicate acoustic guitars and tender synthy balladry. Lovely stuff.

      The Dears

      Times Infinity Volume One

        The Dears are an “orchestral-pop-noir-romantique” rock'n'roll band from Montréal, Quebec. They have been active since 1995. Times Infinity Volume One is their sixth studio LP and their first since 2011’s Degeneration Street. The themes covered on Times Infinity Volume One are generally “Romantique” — familiar territory for The Dears; unconditional love, longing, and a debilitating fear of loneliness. The twist, perhaps, concerns legacy, as can be heard on tracks like “To Hold And Have,” “Someday All This Will Be Yours,” and “Here’s To The Death Of All The Romance.” Written over a two-year period, the album was finally committed to audio at the luxuriant Revolution Recording (Toronto) and Thee Mighty Hotel2Tango (Montréal). The sound is described by the band as “both refined and sloppy. At times chill, always trill.” The performance that most captures this characterization is, perhaps, the single, “I Used To Pray For The Heavens To Fall.” The Dears are currently putting final touches on Times Infinity Volume Two, to be released soon after the release of Volume One.

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