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The Coral

The Coral - 20th Anniversary Edition

    With time as fluid as The Coral’s journey through sound, the band cut short the party to celebrate this year’s universally acclaimed, Number 2 album, Coral Island and visit the strange world where it all started. The Coral, released on Monday 29 July 2002 with the singles Dreaming Of You and Goodbye, catapulted the band to mainstream success as teenagers, landing a Mercury Prize-nomination and Platinum-certification.

    Now remastered from the original mixes, the album will be reissued with Run On Records in association with Modern Sky UK. Two, unreleased, never-before-heard-tracks, She’s The Girl For Me and Tumble Graves, produced by Ian Broudie, but shelved after the 2001 album sessions are included in the track-listing. The rarities appear on an all-formats bonus disc, alongside a complete singles B-sides collection and the band’s pre-album EP The Oldest Path.


    Barry says: So, this is where it all started. It was clear from the starting notes of 'Dreaming Of You' that this Wirral Quintet were onto something special, so it's no surprise this 20year (really?!) reissue sounds just as fresh today as it ever did. It looks pretty special too!


    Side A
    Spanish Main – Remastered 2021
    I Remember When - Remastered 2021
    Shadows Fall - Remastered 2021
    Dreaming Of You - Remastered 2021
    Simon Diamond - Remastered 2021
    Goodbye - Remastered 2021

    Side B
    Waiting For The Heartaches - Remastered 2021
    Skeleton Key - Remastered 2021
    Wildfire - Remastered 2021
    Badman - Remastered 2021
    Calendars And Clocks - Remastered 2021

    Side C
    The Oldest Path - Remastered 2021
    God Knows - Remastered 2021
    Short Ballad - Remastered 2021
    Flies - Remastered 2021
    Dressed Like A Cow - Remastered 2021
    Darkness - Remastered 2021
    Sheriff John Brown - Remastered 2021

    Side D
    Good Fortune - Remastered 2021
    Answer Me - Remastered 2021
    Follow The Sun - Remastered 2021
    Travelling Circus - Remastered 2021
    Sweet Sue - Remastered 2021
    Another Turn In The Lock - Remastered 2021
    She’s The Girl For Me - Remastered 2021 (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)
    Tumble Graves - Remastered 2021 (PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED)

    Dinked Bonus 7” Tracklist
    (a) Shadow Falls
    (b) Tbc

    Dinked Bonus Flexi Tracklist
    (a) Simian Technology

    The Coral

    Coral Island

      The wheels rattle into the thrilling unknown on The Coral’s first new music since 2018, finding the unsurpassed, metamorphic gonzo-pop five-piece in the company of crooks, sell-by-date candyfloss and plastic skeletons as they release Faceless Angel. Of misplaced memories from a place and time that might never have been, the track precedes a new and vividly evocative body of work from the legendary Merseyside band in the form of their TENTH and first, ever double-album: Coral Island.

      Squinting into the neon-lit penny arcades and draining an after hours glass with the displaced and dispossessed once the power is pulled, The Coral’s latest caper concerns listeners with the light, shade, thrills and profound melancholy of coastal palaces packed with fun and fright. Both now and then, or perhaps never as fiction encroaches on reality, the feverous anticipation of a night amongst the screams, fights and romance of the fair become part of life on the newly-built Coral Island.

      Welcoming travellers one trepidous step at a time, Faceless Angel sits amongst a series of promised audio visual portraits of and inspired by the Island’s inhabitants. Conceived and created by artist, Edwin Burdis, the single’s video was filmed ‘on’ Coral Island itself, a sprawling diorama purpose-built inside a deserted Chinese restaurant in Cardiff. It’s the band and fans’ first venture onto the surreal land mass, populated by surreal sculptural forms, charity shop-finds, looming mountains and gathering storm clouds. Filmed in debt to the traditional model-based filmmaking methods of greats like George Lucas or Ray Harryhausen, Burdis navigated Coral Island at waist-height and via camera-friendly pathways to gather 360 degree footage from inside and outside his and The Coral’s fascinating, fabricated world. The expansive and ambitious installation also provides the album artwork for Coral Island as well as designs for Faceless Angel and future singles.

      Indebted in part to the classic pre-Beatles rock and roll era of Duane Eddy and Chuck Berry alongside the clattering of a weary ghost train’s rusted wheels on worn steel, Faceless Angel’s title evokes DC Comics ominous occult detective series, Hellblazer and the broken character of the strip’s protagonist, John Constantine.

      Almost 19 years after the release of their celebrated, self-titled, Mercury Music Prize-nominated, platinum-certified debut in 2002, kick-starting a decade of classic singles, including Dreaming Of You (now on over 100 million streams globally and gaining UK Platinum status), Pass It On, Don’t Think You’re The First and In The Morning, The Coral move into 2021 as in thrall to the self-endowed gift of creative freedom as they were on day one. The band has sold over a million albums to date.

      Of their nine albums to date, the last of which, Move Through The Dawn, was released in 2018, five have reached the Top 10 including 2003’s chart-topping Gold-selling Magic and Medicine which saw the band nominated for Best Group at the Brit Awards. Never anything other than wilfully idosyncratic and critically-praised, the follow-up, The Invisible Invasion reached No.3 in the UK Albums Chart and joins it’s predecessor in being certified Gold.

      Recorded in a sense of barely-controlled, copy and paste chaos at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool, Coral Island was written and performed by the multi-instrumentalist and multi-talented line-up of James Skelly, Ian Skelly, Nick Power, Paul Duffy and Paul Molloy plus a special guest.


      Barry says: There's no doubt from the first notes that this is The Coral. From the perfectly manicured harmonies and wonderfully resplendent guitar tones, this shimmers with everything that made us love them in the first place. Without a doubt one of my favourite things to have come out of the Wirral since Andy McQ.


      Side A
      1 Welcome To Coral Island
      2 Lover Undiscovered
      3 Change Your Mind
      4 Mist On The River
      5 Pavillions Of The Mind
      6 Vacancy

      Side B
      7 My Best Friend
      8 Arcade Hallucinations
      9 The Game She Play
      10 Autumn Has Come
      11 The End Of The Pier

      Side C
      12 The Ghost Of Coral Island
      13 Golden Age
      14 Faceless Angel
      15 The Great Lafayette
      16 Strange Illusions
      17 Summertime

      Side D
      18 Telepathic Waltz
      19 Old Photographs
      20 Watch You Disappear
      21 Late Nights At The Borders
      22 Land Of The Lost
      23 The Calico Girl
      24 The Last Entertainer

      The Coral

      Magic And Medicine

        The Coral are an English rock band, formed in 1996 by Ian Skelly, Paul Duffy, James Skelly, Lee Southall and Bill Ryder-Jones. The band first emerged during the early 2000s and found success with their debut album The Coral [MOVLP338]. Their self-titled debut album was nominated for the 2002 Mercury Music Prize and later voted the fourth best album of the year by NME Magazine.

        Magic and Medicine is the second album by The Coral, released in 2003 in the United Kingdom, where it debuted at number 1 in the charts. The singles “Don’t Think You’re the First” and “Pass It On” entered the top ten in the UK.

        The album title originates from a lyric in Time Travel, the hidden track on the band’s debut album: “Well there’s a war going on, ain’t the obvious one. It’s between magic and medicine”.

        This is The Coral’s last album with Bill Ryder-Jones, who departed in 2008 to start a very successful solo-career.


        In The Forest 
        Don't Think You're The First 
        Talkin' Gypsy Market Blues 
        Secret Kiss 
        Milkwood Blues 
        Bill McCai 
        Eskimo Lament 
        Careless Hands 
        Pass It On 
        All Of Our Love 
        Confessions Of A.D.D.D.

        The Coral

        Roots And Echoes - Reissue

          "Roots & Echoes" is the fourth full-length album from cosmic scouse psyche rockers The Coral. Originally released in 2007, it was produced by Craig Silvey. As with their previous releases they're immersed in a heady mixture of folk, Merseybeat and psychedelia, but this time their sound was much more focused and refined than before. Another winner!!


           Who's Gonna Find Me
          Remember Me
           Put The Sun Back
           In The Rain
           Not So Lonely
           Rebecca You
           She's Got A Reason
           Music At Night

          The Coral

          The Curse Of Love

            The Coral return with the release of a new album - ‘The Curse Of Love’ - on Skeleton Key Records.

            The album features 12 previously unreleased tracks recorded and produced by the band in 2006 on a Tascam 8-track recorder.

            Recorded in a period between the release of ‘The Invisible Invasion’ (2005) and ‘Roots & Echoes’ (2007).

            The Coral

            Singles Collection

              The heart of The Coral has always been the tension between the classic songwriting that runs through their veins and produced such singles as "Pass It On", "Jacqueline", "Dreaming Of You" and "Bill McCai" and the experimentalism that was first spotted on debut EP "Shadows Fall" and led through the compilation album, "Nightfreak And The Sons Of Becker" to the sea shanty of "Remember Me" on "Roots And Echoes". The Coral are a rarity in music, a band that make tunes that appeal to everyman whilst producing those tunes in such a way and with such understanding of their medium that critics are minded to say 'James Skelly is one of the finest writers, and voices, in British music today' (Q).

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