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"Invisible Starlight" is a ripping tune by an unknown midwestern funk outfit with a driving backbeat and soaring horns. It sounds like Ohio to us, but we can't be sure. What is certain however, is that these gents rocked the local bowling alleys, social clubs and loungespots wherever they went. Label bosses Universal Cave touch down on the A-side with their primo 45 edit, hitting us with a relentless groove of fat bass, bright horns and irrepressible rhythm guitar - so damned phonky y'all. Meanwhile on the flip, The Beat Broker rounds out the original with his signature style and an impeccable ear. The Kind Dub's sun drenched delay and reinforced drums ensure that Invisible Starlight will shine over any dancefloor!


Patrick says: Here we have a hot 7" of the rawest, roughest disco funk, expertly retweeked for modern jocks. There's looped licks on the A-side from the UC crew, while Beat Broker gets dubby-in-the-disco over on the flip...

The Beat Broker

Extended Away

The Beat Broker has been a crucial character of the Sentrall story since its inception. As one of the most consistent producers on the label, his voice in Sentrall’s sound is unmistakable: flittering stacks of echoing synths and that undeniable low-and-slow chug. The Beat Broker returns with a pair of super slow burners that conjure up images of endless summer rooftop parties in the haze of the sweltering heat. The 85bpm title track is an archetypal pacifica slow-burner - the soundtrack to your life in slow motion, when everything is right with the world, the smiles are eternal and you feel like you’re in a movie montage. On the flip, get lifted with the balmy 101bpm head-nodder "New Aged". The warmth of the melody envelops you as you bounce along with the kick, Pacific waves lapping against our ankles as we play joyfully in the ocean.

Universal Cave stick with their expanded 12" format for the time being, inviting San Franciscan scholar Ryan Bishop AKA The Beat Broker to lay down four floaty dubs and re-rubs for all the dancing fools. Many heads probably know Ryan as the brains behind Dream Chimney, one of the longest-running and most consistently interesting online hangouts for like-minded music freaks. This 12" busts loose with "Satin Kimono," a funky floor-filler with the most perfect AOR song title in existence. Moving and grooving through low slung bass, squelching guitar and echo drenched soft rock vocals before finally blasting off into Steely Dan styled jazz-funk orbit via a star gazing synth solo. "Make It Happen" cools the A-side down with a mellow yet uplifting yacht rock groove, perfect for lazy afternoons and hazy evenings as those dubby voices beckon the listener to break free and never look back. "Honey It's You" is a pumped up edit of an old 'Chimney classic and was crafted specifically as a wedding gift for fellow Dream Chimney member Hatchback - now available for the first time in a physical format! "Larceny Dub" soars to new heights of AOR bliss, featuring an extensive re-working of a record that was passed along to Ryan by an ex-Deadhead neighbor. Dreamy chimes (almost an anagram of Dream Chimney) samba piano and dexterous solos make this bad mamma jamma pop til you drop. 

Lord Of The Isles

Ultraviolet - Inc. The Beat Broker Remix

Adult Contemporary return with the emerging and talented Scotland-based producer Lord Of The Isles. "Ultraviolet" is a deep yet fun and adventurous, beautiful piece of dance music that will catapult any dancefloor into a frenzy. Upbeat and uplifting disco-house that builds nicely and is packed with atmosphere, energy and nuff hooks to keep the floor grooving - superb stuff. The record also includes a remix by San Francisco's The Beat Broker that captures the spirit and magic of the original masterfully to create an equally stand-out, chunky, dubby Balearic-house trip. Quality all round.

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