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Any Sacred Rhythm release demands a certain amount of pant wetting excitement, but a double LP from Joe's Bayara Citizens alias should come with a warning sticker about spare trousers. The LP begins life in suitably deep fashion via the shoulder rolling groove of "Freedom Suite (Setting Ourselves Free)", an irresistible assault of polyrhythms and tribal touches topped with a spoken vocal mantra - power! Next up "Zainabu (Spirit Dancer)" sees Joe switch into full Body & Soul spiritual house mode, laying delicate kora melodies over a nuanced club 4/4. Wailing vocals add a mystical quality up top, while the dexterous and jazzy bass works your feet from below. "Sonkofa (We Are A Powerful People)" closes out the A-side with a subtle twist on the opener, marrying deep house stabs, skipping rhythms and soaring synths with a politicised vocal. Flip the first disc and prepare to feel the force of one of Joe's longest running secret weapons, the long version of "Mofo Congoietric", previously only available on a 2015 7". Enjoy funked out organ chords, hypnotic bass and detailed percussion for dayzzz as Claussell harnesses the soul and energy of an African People's Choice into a proper house banger. Next up, "Thembia" the B-side from that 2015 7" gets another run out, treating us to cosmic synth licks, jazz keys, swampy ambience and a killer rolling groove. Practically Balearic and totally dreamy, this should get loads of play in the warm up or cool down.

And now for the main event...The C-side brings us the finest moment in the whole of the Joe Claussell catalogue, the insane, uncompromising and fucking epic power of "Bambara" in its "Tribes Of Distortion Dub" form. Originally released on a limited (and now impossible to find) 12" back in 2011, this 12 minute monster builds from a deep and moody bassline, growing with each percussive hit and queasy synth tone into the mind altering, life changing bomb we've all been looking for. FX spit and snarl like a engine revving into life, nudging us ever closer to the exultant vocals and wild keyboard solo which follows. And then it's gone, dropping us into a chasm of reverb, echo, disjointed bass tones and chopped vocals which lasts a FULL two beatless minutes, and then we're back - deep, nasty and techy as it gets shaking the walls till the very end. Phew! Thankfully the classic Afro-jazz action of "Ju Ru Music" (here in a slightly different mix to its 2006 release) is on hand to offer a breather and some gentle sunkissed grooving.

Making our way onto the final side, we get the warm, sunny and sublime "Diamonds", a daytime delight of a house workout, perfect for your next terrace set before waving goodbye via the uplifting Afrobeat of "Hillbilly Africa", as joyous a gem you're ever likely to hear.

And now for the fun part...inside each LP package lurks a special individualized download code, which will lead to one of 10 individually mixed versions of a track from the album, which will be mixed specific only to the code found. Also amongst the 300 records produced there will exist only 25 unique codes. The prize for whom ever finds one of the 25 codes will be a specially made personalized mix that will be pressed on a 10 “Acetate and sent directly to the consumer. HAPPY HUNTING...


2xLtd LP Info: Gatefold double LP.
Limited copies contain a code to claim a special 10" Acetate.

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