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Hailu Mergia And The Walias Band


    From their genesis as members of the Venus club in-house band in the early 70s, Hailu Mergia and the Walias Band were at the forefront of the musical revolution during an era where modern instruments and foreign styles superseded the traditional fare to become the staple sound of Ethiopia. No one would argue that the Walias were the trailblazing powerhouse of modern Ethiopian music. They were the first band to form independently without affiliation to a theatre house, a club or a hotel; unprecedented and risky as they had to raise all funding for expenses by themselves including buying equipment. They were the first to release full instrumental albums, considered to be commercially unviable at the time. They opened their own recording studio, with band members Melake Gebre and Mahmoud Aman doubling as technical buffs during sessions. They were also the first independent band to tour abroad. In short, they were the pioneers every band tried to emulate; some more successfully than others. Odds are, any Ethiopian over the age of 35 who had access to TV or radio by the early 90s, will instantly recognize the sound of Walias. What is not a given is, how many would actually identify the band itself.

    Barely a day went by without hearing the Walias either in the background on radio or as an accompaniment to various programs on TV. This Tezeta album, the band’s second recording, released in 1975, is one of those that have been impossible to find for nearly three decades. Sourced by Awesome Tapes From Africa and expertly remastered by Jessica Thompson, its unique and funky renditions of standards and popular songs of the day are so quintessentially Walias, flavorful and evocative. Hailu's melodic organ, unashamedly front and center in every track, makes even the complex pieces accessible. Profoundly engaging; it's an immersive trip down memory lane for those of us getting reacquainted with it, while also an enthralling and gratifying experience for fresh ears.


    01. Tezeta 04:30
    02. Endegena 05:00
    03. Zengadyw Derekou 03:40
    04. Gumegum 04:26
    05. Nefas New Zemedie 03:34
    06. Atmetalegnem Woi 03:39
    07. Mestirawi Debdabe 04:36
    08. Ou-Ou-Ta 03:23
    09. Aya Belew Belew 04:24

    Augustus Pablo Meets Lee Perry & The Wailers Band

    Rare Dubs 1970-1971

      The mighty Lee Perry was the producer many have said, that enticed the best work, both socially, politically and lest we forget musically from Bob Marley and the Wailers Band. This was in no short terms aided by the excellent musicians that would mutate from Lee Perry's own studio band The Upsetters into what would become The Wailers band itself.

      This set of musicians originally grew out of a group called The Hippy Boys. The core of which consisted of Glenroy Adams on keyboards, Alva 'Reggie' Lewis on guitar and brothers Carlton and Aston 'Familyman' Barrett on drums and bass respectively. This quartet played on most of the Lee Perry produced Wailers material recorded between 1970 and 1971. When in 1972 Bob Marley needed to put together a touring band to promote his work in Europe the Barrett brothers left and became an integral part of the Wailers band.

      So, this link between The Upsetters and the Wailers band would under the guidance of Lee Perry produce an outstanding body of music. Recorded at Randy's Studio 17, as at the time Lee Perry did not have a studio of his own, but on checking out the various studio's available, opted for Studio 17, liking the vibes it transmitted.

      We have unearthed from this selection of work some rare dubs featuring the fabulous melodica playing of Mr Augustus Pablo, playing over these classic rhythms and adding a haunting additional feel to these already iconic tunes. On their initial release Lee Perry recognising the strength of the rhythm tracks, planned to release the vocal cuts as one album and the instrumental versions as another release. We at Jamaican Recordings believing in all thing’s rhythm, also think that these cuts in their dubbed form, with the additional flavour of some fine melodica playing, deserved to be listened to in their own right.

      Respect Jah Floyd.


      Side 1
      1. Soul Rebel Dub
      2. Don't Rock My Boat Dub
      3. Corner Stone Dub
      4. Rainbow Country Dub
      5. Screwface Dub
      6. 400 Years Dub
      7. Concrete Jungle Dub

      Side 2
      1. Satisfy My Soul Dub
      2. It’s Alright Dub
      3. Put It On Dub
      4. Long Long Winter Dub
      5. Soul Almighty Dub
      6. No Sympathy Dub
      7. Keep On Moving Dub

      Mother Freedom Band

      Cutting The Chord

        Mother Freedom Band’s Cutting The Chord is a funky modern soul classic. It’s both a criminally under-appreciated album and a hard-to-find record so we’re delighted to be giving this sweet disco-funk groover the reissue treatment it deserves.

        Produced by the great Al Goodman from The Moments and originally released in 1977, Cutting The Chord seems to be one of the lesser known releases on the curious, and often great “All Platinum” label. Other than a 7" of a couple of these tracks, the only thing that the band seem to have released is this album, and what an album it is. Unbeatable soul-funk of the highest quality.

        The album bursts open with “Love Will Stay In Your Corner”. It’s a soulful dancer that reliably slays any funk set you care to drop it in. It’s followed by the lithe disco funk “Flick Of The Wrist” that’s all bubbling baselines and elegant horns. The groovy, horn-enhanced sweet soul of “Gotta Get It Back” is equal parts heartbreaker/hip-shaker and the acidic organs on “Mr Brother” are an experiment in synth soul.

        Perhaps the group’s best known track, “Beautiful Summer’s Day” might well be worth the price of an original copy alone. It’s pure piano-driven paradise soul. A tropical birdsong intro sets the scene of a warm, perfect sunshine day and the lead vocal soars over the lush, clean production. The tempo oscillates between contemplative and stomping. Essential.

        The brilliantly-named “(Assistants Rag) When You’re Hot, You’re Hot” opens side two. Another huge highlight, its title refrain repeated over this laid-back, power-funk workout. It still sounds incredibly modern, like something off the last D’Angelo record, and if Public Enemy and Diamond D both sampled it you know it knocks hard.

        The horn-heavy, clav-stabbing-stomper “We Like To Boogie” keeps things fast and funky before the airy, heavenly harmony soul of “Come On Home” mellows us all out. Things pick up again with “Touch Me”, and you might recognise its addictive elements sampled in Jay-Z’s Kanye West-produced “A Star Was Born”. The magical, reggae-tinged, gospel-influenced “Sweet Love” closes out this assured, classy set.

        We dare to say that Cutting The Chord is a rare example of a funk-soul LP which is killer from start-to-finish. Sure, there are the stand-out bombs, but the whole thing is a complete and varied album of feel-good vibes held together by its fluid horns, tight, tight rhythm section and beautiful vocals.

        Mastered for vinyl from the original analogue tapes by Simon Francis, cut by Pete Norman and artwork restored at Be With HQ, this new edition should hopefully stop this album slipping any further into obscurity. It’s just too good to be forgotten.


        A1 : Love Will Stay In Your Corner (2:59)
        A2 : Flick Of The Wrist (3:10)
        A3 : Gotta Get It Back (3.06)
        A4 : Mr. Brother (4:24)
        A5 : Beautiful Summer Day (3:21)
        B1 : (Assistant’s Rag) When You’re Hot, You’re Hot (4:06)
        B2 : We Like To Boogie (4:24)
        B3 : Come On Home (5:13)
        B4 : Touch Me (3:21)
        B5 : Sweet Love (4:18)

        John Lennon

        Plastic Ono Band (The Ultimate Mixes)

          Plastic Ono Band was the debut solo album by John Lennon. Released on December 11th 1970, John and Yoko had started writing and demoing at Abbey Road (EMI Studios) in the summer, with recording sessions during September/October

          After the break-up of The Beatles that year, John and Yoko embarked on a period of self-reflection and experimentation, with the results that the songs and sessions for Plastic Ono Band were heavily influenced by his immersion in Arthur Janov’s primal therapy. John was able to find emotional depth and honesty within himself that few artists had ever done before, with John saying to Rolling Stone “now I write all about me and that’s why I like it. It’s me.” . The result is perhaps the most honest and emotionally raw album that anyone has ever released, let alone someone who was one of the four most famous musicians on the planet. With a small core band comprised of just Ringo Starr on drums and old friend Klaus Voorman on bass, co-produced by Phil Spector, the album peaked at 8 in the UK charts and 6 in the USA. It has come to be regarded by many as John’s finest solo work and has continued to grow in stature and reverence and has often featured in various Best Of lists through the years since. Not only does this album feature some of John’s best-loved and most impactful songs – Mother, Working Class Hero, Isolation, God – but this new set also includes the singles Give Peace A Chance, Cold Turkey and the classic Instant Karma! (We All Shine On).

          Released on the same day was Yoko Ono’s Plastic Ono Band album, the couple regarding the release as a pair of albums rather than two entirely separate projects, albeit of course it not achieving the same sort of coverage or chart success as John’s.

          Coming as this does hot on the heels of last year’s much loved and well-reviewed “Gimme Some Truth” set and “Imagine” before that, the audio has been completely remixed from the original studio tapes as part of the ongoing John Lennon Ultimate Mix series. The aim for this mix process is to achieve three things: to remain faithful and respectful to the original recordings; to ensure that the sound is sonically clearer overall and to increase the clarity of John’s vocals. As Yoko says, “it’s about John” and this new mix shows that it is his voice that brings the biggest emotional impact of the album.


          Side A: The Ultimate Mixes Album And Singles
          Hold On
          I Found Out
          Working Class Hero

          Side B: The Ultimate Mixes Album And Singles
          Well Well Well
          Look At Me
          My Mummy’s Dead

          Side C: The Ultimate Mixes/Out-takes Album And Singles
          Mother / Take 61
          Hold On / Take 2
          I Found Out / Take 1
          Working Class Hero / Take 1
          Isolation / Take 23

          Side D: The Ultimate Mixes/Out-takes Album And Singles
          Remember / Rehearsal 1
          Love / Take 8
          Well Well Well / Take 2
          Look At Me / Take 2
          God / Take 27
          My Mummy’s Dead / Take 2

          Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band

          Rare Dreams: Solar Live 2.27.18

            On February 27, 2018, Chris Forsyth & The Solar Motel Band (comprised, in this iteration, of long-time SMB bassist Peter Kerlin and Kerlin’s Sunwatchers battery mate Jason Robira on drums) were close to wrapping up an 18-date tour of the EU and UK with a two-set, one hour and 45 minute show at Cafe OTO, London’s premier venue for adventurous music. Highlights of that show are included in this live release, RARE DREAMS: SOLAR LIVE 2.27.18, recorded before a packed house seated mere feet from the band’s amplifiers. These recordings reveal a band that is clearly in high spirits and high gear, operating with an expansive, improvisatory fleetness that allows them to stretch the material to almost ludicrous extremes and then let it to snap back to some semblance of form while somehow seemingly never wasting a note, a beat, a gesture.

            The four tracks included here comprise material culled from (at the time) the two most recent Solar Motel Band records DREAMING IN THE NON-DREAM (No Quarter, 2017) and THE RARITY OF EXPERIENCE (No Quarter, 2016) plus covers of two Neil Young songs - the autobiographical plaint “Don’t Be Denied,” lyrically relocated by Forsyth from Young's Canada and Hollywood to the more personally relevant geography of New Jersey and Philadelphia, and encore “Barstool Blues” (they’d run out of material to play, so another Neil Young tune it was). While the covers establish Forsyth’s basis, serving as an homage to Young and the quest for self-realization, the long tracks’ jams showcase the trance-inducing power of the Solar Motel Band as a performing entity. Kerlin’s gymnastically propulsive bass playing locks in with Robira’s relentless thud, each serving as counterpoint to some of the most blistering guitar work of Forsyth’s career. The telepathically dynamic interplay of the trio explodes with whiplash intensity across the 15-plus minute takes of “Dreaming In The Non-Dream” and “The First 10 Minutes of Cocksucker Blues,” each song’s structure serving as a framework for extended lava flows of energy. At one point late in the “Dreaming” jam, Forsyth unplugs the jack from his guitar, dragging it across the strings and lashing the body of his single-pickup “parts" Esquire, producing a desiccated barrage of percussive static.

            This is music beyond the notes; it is an expression of pure electric ecstasy, a simultaneous negation and celebration of rock music’s (indeed all musics’) essential energy. In contrast to the expansive but meticulously detailed guitar arrangements of his recordings, here Forsyth’s unhinged live guitar sound positively roars with a barely restrained vocal intensity, from liquid melodic lines to gnarled blasts of free jazz scree, to pulsating lead/rhythm vamping. I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing this band up close for a number of years now and I can authoritatively attest that while every show is different, when the SMB is running down a steep hill at full speed (as on these takes), they become a single leaderless vibrating sonic tornado, possibly beyond the control and logic of the players themselves, picking up listeners along the way and taking them along for the ride straight into a solar furnace of sound. - Jerome Onfront, Philadelphia

            The Physics House Band


              The Physics House Band present METROPOLIS. A 50-minute mind warping performance recorded live at Metropolis Studios, to a small invited audience. The set brings together pieces from across our diverse back catalogue, weaved together with furious energy. On this record we explore light and dark themes in jazz fusion, prog, noise and electronic music.

              We teamed up with world leading product developers, BOSS and Roland to present the sessions, incorporating a diverse range of instruments from synthesizers to a wide range of effect pedals, alongside acoustic instruments such as vintage drums, grand piano and saxophone.

              It was incredible to use the Studio 1 live space at London's Metropolis Studios (while Future was recording his new album next door in Studio 2). We were able to experiment with some of the amazing equipment on offer at the studio, and bring along our producer Mark Roberts to direct the session. Also, Arctangent Festival brought along some competition winners to watch the session being filmed and recorded from the control room and atrium over looking the studio space, creating an amazing intimate show setting for the recording.

              The Physics House Band is an experimental project made up of guitarist Samuel Organ (Slugabed [live] / Kai Whiston [live]), bassist Adam Hutchison (The Go! Team), drummer Dave Morgan and saxophone/pianist Miles Spilsbury. The four create avant-garde compositions that capture everything from jazz fusion to prog to psych to doom-metal, all combined together with a furious energy transcending to their mind-bending live shows. The group have received critical acclaim from BBC, The Guardian, The Independent, The Sunday Times, NPR, Anthony Fantano, and collaborated with the writer and comedian Stewart Lee.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Death Sequence I (live) 05:27
              2. Calypso (live) 03:38
              3. Death Sequence Ii (live) 03:48
              4. Death Sequence Iii (live) 06:05
              5. Holy Caves / Surrogate Head (live) 12:20
              6. ObeliskMonolith (live) 03:52
              7. Obidant (live) 03:56
              8. Impolex (live) 04:34
              9. The Astral Wave (live) 03:43
              10. Mobius Strip II (live) 01:30

              Techno and industrial rocket blasts from the man like Peder!

              Coming on strong on Karenn's Voam label, four tracks that show off the tough, experimental stylings of this amazing new school producer. A wizard of the studio, Mannderfeld's humble discography is already lauded by many as some of the most inventive techno to have hit the floors in years.

              Alongside label owners Karenn, which comprises of Blawan and Pariah, these new cats are injecting the techno blueprint with exactly what it needs - blood, guts, sweat and pounding tribalism - taking the embroyonic spirit of techno and merging it with modern, ear-splitting production methods.

              Personally, this EP is one of Peder's strongest to date - demonstrating a keen ear for dancefloor kinetics, keeping bodies moving; whilst keeping ears hooked to the speaker stack as he twists synth lines and complex rhythms into a menancing formular. 

              Incredible stuff indeed and a must for techno heads old and new. 

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Year Of The Rats
              A2. Toms For Life
              B1. Squarewave Of Heaven
              B2. Hudson Lament

              Menahan Street Band

              The Exciting Sounds Of Menahan Street Band

              MSB tracks have been the foundation for some of modern hip-hop's most successful beats; their music has been sampled by the likes of Eminem, Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, 50 Cent, Curren$y, to name a few.

              Menahan Street Band, a veritable supergroup of some of today's most prolific songwriters, arrangers, and producers return with this beat-forward, cinematic masterpiece.

              Their unique brand of instrumental soul has not only been the foundation for some of modern hip-hop's most successful beats, it has also become the perennial soundtrack and veritable vibe-generator for countless parties, art shows, and restaurants throughout NYC and abroad.

              While this album carries the aesthetic torch that MSB has skillfully woven into the tapestry of their DNA, it also delves deeper into the experimental, exotic sounds that fill many of the coveted Sound Library and Soundtrack LPs of the late sixties and early seventies - an amalgamation of moog synths, electric pianos, drum machines, and a bevy of analog instrumentation, that ebb and flow in lush swells of Morriconian grandeur.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Midnight Morning
              2. Rainy Day Lady
              3. The Starchaser
              4. Silkworm
              5. Cabin Fever
              6. Rising Dawn
              7. Glovebox Pistol
              8. Queens Highway
              9. Snow Day
              10. Parlor Trick
              11. The Duke
              12. Stepping Through Shadow
              13. Devil's Respite
              14. There Was A Man

              2020 features music from some of our favourite artists and closest friends on the new Manchester scene. The Covid-19 pandemic has placed a colossal strain on the music industry. 2020 has been created with a vision of providing financial support for Manchester artists and Band on the Wall, with all proceeds split 50/50.

              Featuring hand-picked tracks, contributed by artists whose music spans neo soul, jazz, afro-electronic and more, 2020 is an eclectic discovery of inspired and curated sounds; a shining light on the emerging talent of Manchester’s live music scene.

              "Band on the Wall is more than just a building, it is an idea and a passion for great music that is born from the diverse communities of Manchester and beyond; and an organisation designed to celebrate those who make music for the sake of making music rather than money or celebrity. In the first half of 2020 we, and many of the creators we work with, had to stop what we were doing and while activity initially stalled, it was clear that it would be impossible for the artists to stop creating and for us to stop celebrating their music. Therefore, the idea was born to help support our local creative partners and ourselves by producing this ‘memento’ of this incredibly strange year.

              Encapsulating this music on this disk reminiscent of this time, produced this year by young people who couldn’t stop making music if they tried, and despite not being allowed to perform in public, is our way of still saying thank you to them, and that we are all still here. Thanks for supporting." Gavin Sharp, CEO, Band on the Wall

              STAFF COMMENTS

              says: A gorgeous collection of tracks compiled from emerging Manchester artists, featuring some of my personal favourites Katbrownsugar and Porij. 2020 has hit the music industry hard and this charity release helps artists and venues during this difficult time.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Honeyfeet X Werkha - You Go To My Head (rewerked)
              2. Mali Hayes - Oceans Ft Layfullstop
              3. Secret Night Gang - Don't Mess With My Heart
              4. Agbeko - There Is A Jungle (Live)
              5. Porij - Closer
              6. Lovescene - To The Side
              7. Skeltr - Lojong
              8. Contours - Northbound
              9. Cervo - Reaching
              10. Katbrownsugar & Al Turnbull - Jungle
              11.Yemi Bolatiwa - Troubled Living
              12. Shunya - The Clay & The Sculpture
              13. Lieko Quintet - Black Lake
              14. MSC Big Band - Grown Ups (Live) 

              This release features a selection of some of our favourite songs, from some of the most memorable shows, to have been recorded as part of the Band on the Wall archive.

              These tracks represent our commitment to celebrating the diversity and excellence of music created by remarkable people from across the world. All tracks were performed at Band on the Wall and very kindly contributed by the artists for release on this CD, which has been produced to support the venue and our ongoing mission to promote and celebrate the great music of many cultures, during this challenging year.

              As 2020 has become a defining year for all of us who work to bring people together to celebrate live music, for us this represents not only the journey we have been on over the last ten years, but also helps to define our future commitment to this amazing music.

              A special thanks to the artists, labels and management that have helped assemble this wonderful collection of tracks, recorded live inside Band on the Wall between 2009 – 2014. All sales proceeds will be split 50/50 between the artists and Band on the Wall.

              Live from Band on the Wall is the second release on Band on the Wall’s new in-house imprint, Band on the Wall Recordings and follows the release of last month’s 2020 – a fundraiser compilation to support emerging Manchester artists.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              says: Missing live music? Band on the Wall Manchester's iconic institution has released live tracks will take you right back to the atmosphere of being at a gig. We will be there again! Support venues and live music with this fundraising release.

              TRACK LISTING

              1. Gregory Porter - On My Way To Harlem
              2. Jazzanova - Boom Clicky Boom Klack
              3. Dele Sosimi - Lady
              4. Charles Bradley - I Believe In Your Love
              5. Kirsty Almeida - Cool Down Rewind
              6. Azymuth - Club Morocco
              7. Snarky Puppy - Strawman
              8. Yellowjackets - Why Is It
              9. Hafdis Huld - Oldest Friend
              10. Bugge Wesseltoft - Singing 

              The Band

              Stage Fright (50th Anniversary)

                Stage Fright is the third studio album by Canadian American group the Band, released on August 17, 1970. Engineered by Todd Rundgren and Glyn Johns, it features two of the group’s best-known songs, “The Shape I’m In” and “Stage Fright”, both of which showcased inspired lead vocal performances (by Richard Manuel and Rick Danko, respectively) and became staples in the group’s live shows.

                TRACK LISTING

                1. The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show
                2. The Shape I’m In
                3. Daniel And The Sacred Harp
                4. Stage Fright
                5. The Rumor
                6. Time To Kill
                7. Just Another Whistle Stop
                8. All La Glory
                9. Strawberry Wine
                10. Sleeping

                Talking Heads

                The Name Of This Band Is Talking Heads - 2021 Coloured Vinyl Edition

                  Limited Edition Red vinyl of the band’s 1982 double live album with the first LP featuring the original recordings of the band from 1977 to 1979 and the second LP featuring the expanded 10-piece tour line-up from 1980 to 1981.

                  Mark Lanegan Band

                  Another Knock At The Door (Iyeara Remixes)

                    Mark Lanegan and dark wave band IYEARA have combined their talents to release a remix of his entire 2019 album Somebody’s Knocking, reimagined as Another Knock At The Door. Released on Mark's label Flooded Soil Recordings, the album is the first full record he has given to another artist to rework.

                    Characterised by opening single Playing Nero, IYEARA have added a brooding, industrial edge to a beautiful, wistful original score. This was followed by She Loved You where they combined the throbbing synths of John Carpenter with the ethereal, ambient sonics of Tangerine Dream, to create their own cerebral take on the works of a unique, enduring artist.

                    The Screaming Trees and Queens of the Stone Age front man's 11th solo album was a synth-laden and pulsating soundscape. IYEARA have reimagined the primal, guttural songs in their own image, each release offering something different to the listener.

                    Comprised of The Duke Spirit guitarist Toby Butler, producer Malcolm Carson and vocalist Paul O’Keeffe, IYEARA announced themselves in 2019 through the release of CONSEQUENCES EP; a record including a cover of Shout by Tears for Fears featuring The Duke Spirit’s Liela Moss. The group are also remixing the current Humanist ft Dave Gahan project.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. Disbelief Suspension (IYEARA Remix) (Side A)
                    2. Letter Never Sent (IYEARA Remix) (Side A)
                    3. Night Flight To Kabul (IYEARA Remix) (Side A)
                    4. Dark Disco Jag (IYEARA Remix) (Side B)
                    5. Gazing From The Shore (IYEARA Remix) (Side B)
                    6. Stitch It Up (IYEARA Remix) (Side B)
                    7. Playing Nero (IYEARA Remix) (Side B)
                    8. Penthouse High (IYEARA Remix) (Side C)
                    9. Paper Hat (IYEARA Remix) (Side C)
                    10. Name And Number (IYEARA Remix) (Side C)
                    11. War Horse Ft Liela Moss (IYEARA Remix) (Side D)
                    12. Radio Silence (IYEARA Remix) (Side D)
                    13. She Loved You (IYEARA Remix) (Side D)
                    14. Two Bells Ringing At Once (IYEARA Remix) (Side D)

                    Shirlean Williams & The Tempo's Band

                    This Is A Song

                    Tramp fans certainly remember the name Nolla Mainor whose band Nola & The Soul Rockers contributed their song "Reach Down & Get It" for the second volume in the Feeling Nice series. This is her other 45, equally rare and for some people this two sider beats the quality of The Soul Rockers disc.

                    TRACK LISTING

                    1. This Is A Song
                    2. Ease It To Me

                    Enrique Rodríguez & The Negra Chiway Band

                    Fase Liminal

                      Enrique Rodríguez and the Negra Chiway Band group have an instantly powerful and unique sound that is reminiscent of the ensembles of Sun Ra and his Arkestra as well as Horace Tapscott and his Pan-Afrikan Peoples Arkestra, one that channels the righteous spirits of Alice Coltrane, John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Archie Shepp and McCoy Tyner together with a stunning Latin rhythmical and new consciousness and percussive energy. Added to this are elements of the Samurai film soundtracks of Akira Kurosawa, Popol Vuh’s musical spirituality (especially their work with film director Werner Herzog), Tibetan Buddhism and over-blowing chants, all combining to give a truly unique new sound.

                      Enrique Rodríguez is a composer, percussionist, keyboardist and producer from Santiago, Chile, whose work shows many similarities with the music featured on Soul Jazz Records’ recent collection ‘Kaleidoscope - New Spirts Known and Unknown’, featuring new forward-looking jazz artists including Mathew Halsall, Theon Cross, Emma-Jean Thackray and Makaya McCraven.

                      Like all these artists, Rodríguez’s work is a progressive and experimental fusion of earlier influences that combine into a new and definitely 21st Century ground-breaking sound that, on account of its South American setting, give the group its truly unique feeling. Hypnotic modal piano riffs, powerful brass and flutes, an army of Latin percussion instruments and addictive vocal chants all combine in this powerful mix of radical 60s Afro-centric jazz, Eastern spirituality and cosmology and Latin American rhythmical movement.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Vindakalla-Welukan (Autoconfrontación)
                      No Quiero Seguir Así
                      Acabar De Conocerse
                      Paso Firme
                      Dónde? (Alt. Take)

                      The Sunburst Band & Sunlightsquare have got together for a one off special titled ‘Perdoname’. A full live band sound featuring vocals from Rene Alvarez and Susana Ysabel along with a whole host of top players.

                      Dave Lee provides a tight slice of jazz-funk on his ‘Latin Escapade’ version whilst Sunlightsquare offers a warm and hazy club mix perfect for the beach side. Completing the package those soaring vocals are laid out as an acapella providing the perfect tool for any set.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Perdoname (Dave Lee's Latin Escapade)
                      A2. Perdoname (Dave Lee's Latin Escapade Instrumental)
                      B1. Perdoname (Sunlightsquare Club Mix)
                      B2. Perdoname (acappella)

                      Part Four in a series of 12” vinyl EP’s celebrating 30 years of Z Records and the legendary Dave Lee. Featuring sought-after tracks and remixes by, Joey Negro, Horse Meat Disco, The Sunburst Band, Mistura, The Revenge and The Reflex.

                      First up, Dave Lee joins forces with London's super disco collective, Horse Meat Disco to rework the classic, 'Candidate For Love'. This 2014 debut collaboration for Dave and HMD also features long-time Sunburst Band vocalists Diane Charlemagne and Donna Gardier.

                      Kendra's original downtempo version of 'Smile' was a monster on the UK soul scene. JN gives it a housed up mix for the A2 with a clear nod to the classic Suburban sound of Musto and Simonelli.

                      On the B side, South African goddess Letta Mbulu has one of her classics, ‘Kilimanjaro’, reworked by edit royalty The Revenge before The Sunburst Band - The Secret Life of Us gets that magic touch from another standout re-edit wizard The Reflex.

                      TRACK LISTING

                      Side 1
                      1. Joey Negro Vs Horse Meat Disco - Candidate For Love (Joey Negro Disco Blend) (6:42)
                      2. Mistura - Smile (feat Kendra Cash - Joey Negro Club Mix) (7:20)

                      Side 2
                      1. Letta Mbulu - Kilimanjaro (The Revenge Edit) (5:49)
                      2. Joey Negro Presents The Sunburst Band - The Secret Life Of Us (The Reflex Revision) (7:13)

                      Absolutely ESSENTIAL, under-the-counter repress of this stone cold mid 70s disco bumper from The Fatback Band. Licensed by groovement & recently championed by Dave Lee on his "Remixed With Love" series (and possibly the reason Vol. 3 regularly fetches £100 2nd hand already..), this is primo, funky, bustling disco musica!

                      Coming with Dave Lee's two iconic remixes as well as the original, and with "Backstrokin'" included too as a further Brucy bonus! You lucky mother fu____s!

                      Limited copies, move quick!  

                      STAFF COMMENTS

                      says: Killer disco-funk that most people know but few own a decent copy of! Groovin please the masses by including JN's two best remixes alongside the original at a wallet-friendly cost. Winner!

                      TRACK LISTING

                      A1. Dave Lee London Bus Stop Mix
                      A2. Original
                      B1. Dave Lee London Bus Stop Mix (Instrumental)
                      B2:. Backstrokin'

                      The Budos Band

                      Long In The Tooth

                        "A split-screen maelstrom of Fela Kuti, Led Zep, Morricone, psych and dub" The Budos Band - MOJO - Rising - August 2019 Celebrating 15 years from the release of their debut album, Daptone's Royal Court from Staten Island delivers a truly epic collection of new material that finds the group further bridging the gap between the farfisa-fueled Ethio-Funk stylings of their early recordings, with the psychedelic, Sabbath-inspired hellfire of late. “In some ways, itʼs reminiscent of our first two albums The Budos Band and Budos II,” says Tom Brenneck. “We branched off on Burnt Offering and Budos V. Now, weʼre still moving forward.

                        You can play these songs on the dance-floor. We knew the horns had to stand out too. Thinking about hip-hop allowed us to put the bounce back into The Budos.” This is evident from needle drop to final rotation. Heavy drum breaks, reminiscent of the B-Boy approved grooves of their early output reign supreme, setting the stage for the pulsating, hallucinatory wall of organ, menacing horns, and rugged guitar riffs to permeate your soul - leaving the listener in a rhythmic wash of Budonian rapture. Long in the Tooth represents the culmination of a 15-year journey by a band that has consistently carved its own distinct path through the grooves of history.

                        TRACK LISTING

                        1 Long In The Tooth
                        2 Sixth Hammer
                        3 Snake Hawk
                        4 Dusterado
                        5 Silver Stallion
                        6 Haunted Sea
                        7 The Wrangler
                        8 Gun Metal Grey
                        9 Mierda De Toro
                        10 Budonian Knight Renegade

                        The Budos Band

                        Burnt Offering - Reissue

                          The Budos Band returned in 2014 with "Burnt Offering"; a wild, booze-fueled ride of hazy riffs and take no-prisoners horn lines that summons the occult – an evolved sound for this mighty 10-piece band sparked by their love of Black Sabbath and Pentagram. Burnt Offering was recorded live in the studio, engineered and produced by Tom Brenneck, a founding member and guitarist in The Budos Band who runs Dunham Records and Studios. It was written at the band’s longtime Staten Island studio, where they’ve gathered for weekly rehearsals for over fifteen years. The haunting album cover was created by drummer Brian Profilio, a NYC public school art teacher. The new album is dripping with the psychedelic sounds of early heavy metal fused with the tightknit propulsion of Fela Kuti. “The Sticks” kicks off with a snarling riff seamlessly doubled on bass and guitar and unfurls into sludgy breakdowns and searing guitars.

                          TRACK LISTING

                          1. Into The Fog
                          2. The Sticks
                          3. Aphasia
                          4. Shattered Winds
                          5. Black Hills
                          6. Burnt Offering
                          7. Trail Of Tears
                          8. Magus Mountain
                          9. Tomahawk
                          10. Turn And Burn

                          The Band

                          The Band (50th Anniversary Edition)

                            Released on the 22nd September, 1969, the eponymous second studio effort by The Band is a concept album, with the songs focusing on people, places and traditions associated with an older version of Americana. It was recorded in the pool house of a home rented by the group in the Hollywood Hills which was once owned by Judy Garland, Wally Cox and, at the time the group worked there, Sammy Davis, Jr. According to Robbie Robertson, the location was chosen to give the songs a Basement Tapes–like feel in what was termed “a clubhouse concept.”

                            The album includes many of The Band’s best-known and critically acclaimed songs, including “The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down,” which Rolling Stone named the 249th greatest song of all time. The magazine also ranked the album number 45 in their list of the 500 greatest albums of all time. Time magazine included it in their unranked 2006 list of the 100 greatest albums.

                            Robert Christgau, who spent 37 years as the chief music critic and senior editor for The Village Voice, declared it better than Abbey Road, which had been released four days following, writing that The Band’s LP is an “A-plus record if I’ve ever rated one.”

                            The album is preserved in the National Recording Registry and is also included in the book 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die.

                            TRACK LISTING

                            1 Across The Great Divide
                            2 Rag Mama Rag
                            3 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
                            4 When You Awake
                            5 Up On Cripple Creek
                            6 Whispering Pines
                            7 Jemima Surrender
                            8 Rockin’ Chair
                            9 Look Out Cleveland
                            10 Jawbone
                            11 The Unfaithful Servant
                            12 King Harvest (Has Surely Come)

                            Scott Walker

                            'Til The Band Comes In

                              Following on from a quartet of critically acclaimed solo LPs, ‘Scott’, ‘Scott 2’, Scott 3’ and ‘Scott 4’, and the compilation LP, ‘Scott Walker Sings Songs from His TV Series’, ‘ Til The Band Comes In’ was his sixth studio album. Originally released in 1970, the LP is a loose concept album about the inhabitants of a tenement building. Produced by Johnny Franz, it features the singles “Jean The Machine” and ‘Til The Band Comes In”. “Long About Now’ features the Israeli born singer Esther Ofarim of “Cinderella Rockefella” fame. 

                              Girl Band

                              The Talkies

                                Recorded in November 2018 at Ballintubbert House, Ireland, “a few pay grades above what we're used to!”, the alien construction of Ballintubbert and its corridors help to navigate Girl Band’s cataclysmic sound within a world of its own.

                                “In many ways the idea behind the album was to make an audio representation of the house.“ And this enigmatic manor becomes Girl Band’s sonic playground: to place yourself within a space, and to work with that space harmoniously. Dan continues, “We recorded all the drums twice: once on the landing and once in the cellar” -The Well of Souls- “and during production we could actually cut in between both these sounds”. The Talkies vacillates between being big, ambient, and atmospheric to suddenly terribly intimate and up close.

                                The Talkies is living, breathing, in a continual state of metamorphosis. It encompasses everything there is to love about Girl Band while simultaneously causing an exciting level of discomfort. The moaning and sawing guitars, atonal blankets of sound, abstractive lyrical repetition, chugging snare and ascending/descending snakes and ladders noise-rock guitar deliver something that is so distinctively Girl Band.

                                …Eregenis. Album closes to steady breathing. It drips with catharsis, slow and mindful and purging over the familiar key and darkly syncopated grooves which closes the door to Girl Band’s sonic universe and brings ‘The Talkies’ to its first and final silence.

                                TRACK LISTING

                                Going Norway
                                Couch Combover
                                Salmon Of Knowledge
                                Prefab Castle

                                Dan Melchoir Band

                                Negative Freedom

                                  Recorded in Philadelphia in late 2016, Negative Freedom encapsulates the moment when the horrible truth was just beginning to sink in. “Everything got broken while I was looking the other way” sings Dan Melchior on “Negative Freedom” and perhaps that’s a relatable sentiment. Elsewhere Melchior’s ever-withering gaze settles on prima donna self-googlers in “They Insulted Me In Mojo” and self-serving promoters get their own anthem in “A Nice Holiday”—”Be careful of enthusiasts who want you to play their island” sings Melchior, with a sense of weary experience that makes the song seem like it might just be autobiographical.

                                  The rhythm section on this recording consists of two former members of Taiwan Housing Project (Adam Charles Cooper on bass and Pat Ganley on drums). They manage to lay down a solid but decidedly streamlined groove that perfectly compliments the songs. “This Is One” utilizes a re-discovered drum track laid down by the legendary Letha Rodman Melchior to great effect

                                  TRACK LISTING

                                  1. Days Of Future Passed
                                  2. This Is One
                                  3. I Try My Best
                                  4. A Nice Holiday
                                  5. One Dollar
                                  6. Days Of Future Passed Reprise
                                  7. They Insulted Me In Mojo
                                  8. Negative Freedom

                                  The Tea Street Band

                                  BFYH / Only Love (Jimi Goodwin Remix)

                                    The Tea Street Band follow in the tradition of tunefully idiosyncratic Liverpool bands like The Coral, The Lightning Seeds, and Shack, though their blissful Electronica sounds like none of those bands. Rather, The Tea Street Band are closer to artists like Tunng and This Is The Kit, blending instrumentation with synths and beats. Like so many Liverpool artists, at the heart of The Tea Street Band is a keen ear for melody. Driven by propulsive hooks, their songs grab from the get-go, often building to a euphoric rush.

                                    Lou Clarke and the All-Scars Band

                                    Lou Clarke spent most of the 70's not of this Earth, a greatly formative time for him and those around him. The intervening period was spent retrospectively constructing a back catalogue of music to rival even the most seasoned of 'straight to charity shop' vinyl ghosts.

                                    The All-Scars are a collection of well-trodden troubadours from a variety of Mancunian haunts who've generously come together to present these songs in something close to their original form as once might have been heard.

                                    The 'Greatest Hits' album is a preventative measure precluding necessary high standards for a second work. All of the tracks have been taken from the future back catalogue including the upcoming demand avoidant '4th Album'.

                                    Informed by New Orleans, built in Manchester, songs to drink dance or drown to.

                                    STAFF COMMENTS

                                    says: Encompassing all the best gloomy moments of Nick Cave and the sozzled pub-rock of the Pogues, but drawing in perfectly measured elements of jazz, lounge and classic rock, Clarke et. al. perfectly soundtrack our austere political climate with wry, tipsy tongue-in-cheek commentary and damn good music to boot. Great stuff.

                                    TRACK LISTING

                                    1. Configure Your Life 02:59
                                    2. Anyman 04:39
                                    3. Blue Eyes 03:13
                                    4. Down Again 04:05
                                    5. My Beautiful Girl 03:17
                                    6. Intoxicated Man 02:53
                                    7. Run Deep 03:36
                                    8. Co-Dependency Suicide Blues 03:25
                                    9. Walking 02:55
                                    10. I Got Nothing 02:43
                                    11. Wrung Out 02:43

                                    The Mauskovic Dance Band

                                    The Mauskovic Dance Band

                                      Entirely self-produced, the band has reiterated their favourite elements of the 70s legacy of the Afro-Latin psychedelic music of Colombia and Peru, interpreting it through the context of modern day Amsterdam. The output is a No Wave groove all its own, rooted in a deep love of champeta, Palenque, psychedelic cumbia, chichi, classic afrobeat and pic soundsystem culture.

                                      Since the release of their successful “Down In The Basement EP” on Soundway Records in early 2018, the band have found themselves on a hectic touring schedule - not to mention being involved in other exciting side projects. Following stints with Turkish psychedelic folk rock group Altin Gun, and touring with the re-formed 70s Zamrock outfit W.I.T.C.H., Nic Mauskovic also teamed up with Dutch neo-psychedelic artist Jacco Gardner to form the “cinematic Balearic disco” duo of Bruxas (released by Dutch institution Dekmantel) - and together, he and Jacco mixed The Mauskovic Dance Band debut album in Lisbon.

                                      Constantly in demand for live shows - not only does The Mauskovic Dance Band’s music flourish on stage particularly in a club, this time it was made in one. The album was recorded in the storage space of Amsterdam’s Garage Noord, a recent addition to the scene but already a favourite amongst clubgoers for its forward-thinking programming. Its industrial yet intimate nature permeates the album, lending it a pulsing, hypnotic and hazy atmosphere.

                                      Heavily championed by DJs and tastemakers, they were selected by Gilles Peterson for the Brownswood Bubblers Thirteen compilation and nominated for Track of the Year at the Worldwide Awards in London. But 2019 marks the year to deep dive into the “percussione and spazio” sound of The Mauskovic Dance Band.

                                      TRACK LISTING

                                      Drinks By The Sea
                                      Space Drum Machine
                                      Same Heads
                                      Dance Place Garage
                                      Alto In Vacanza
                                      Late Night People
                                      Percussione & Spazio Sounds
                                      It’s The Wrong Goodie

                                      Ty Segall & The Freedom Band

                                      Deforming Lobes - Live

                                        In 2018, Ty Segall’s Freedom’s Goblin hit with a watershed feeling. A feeling like, how much longer will rock albums like this even exist? An epic epoch double-LP that took the heroic arc of Ty’s populist masterpiece Manipulator and wadded it up into a much more aerodynamic (and harder-hitting) ball (or 20-sided D&D die), FG was also the continued work of the Freedom Band, Ty’s crew of choice since 2016. Storming the world playing songs from throughout his catalog in a series of ecstatic setlists, they sought freedom for themselves and the audience, even it if was just one night of emancipation from world’s numbing chill. Then they went and did it again the next night!

                                        An all analog production, recorded live on stage at Teragram Ballroom in Los Angeles by Steve Albini (via mobile unit onto two-inch tape!) and mixed with Steve in Chicago at Electrical Audio, Deforming Lobes witnesses the blunt-force traumpact of The Freedom Band in full effect, updating (and upending) numbers from Melted, Emotional Mugger, Twins, Manipulator, $ingle$ 2 and Self-Titled. From the start, the “Warm Hands” suite shows the growth of the group since recording the original version for the 2017 Self-Titled album—the jam has a new life all its own, and the band explores every song with similar unrestrained curiosity, never forgetting the collective experience they’re sharing. The feeling between audience and band at Los Angeles’ Teragram Ballroom on those January nights was its own special thing; here, the band is somehow even more front and center, making Deforming Lobes the first wholly original statement from The Freedom Band and bookending the Goblin experience with a fuck of an exclamation point.

                                        A year-plus later, another rock album exists—but what’s to be done with the guitar? These guys did everything they could get away with to a certain degree of (well-focused) depravity. Maybe now it’s time for a transition, away from live band rawk into whatever, who knows? But before you grieve your speculative future loss too hard, you really oughta get Deforming Lobes.

                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                        says: By all accounts, Ty Segall are one of the most dominant forces in live music around today, and this perfectly captures the energy and visceral heft of this momentous experience. Grooves are stretched out and worked around, turning a simple riff into a multi-layered tapestry, rich with distortion and so huge you can almost feel the sweat dripping off the stage.

                                        TRACK LISTING

                                        1 Warm Hands
                                        2 Squealer
                                        3 Breakfast Eggs
                                        4 The Crawler
                                        5 Finger
                                        6 They Told Me Too
                                        7 Cherry Red
                                        8 Love Fuzz

                                        The Phantom Band

                                        Checkmate Savage - 10th Anniversary Deluxe Vinyl Edition

                                          Vault back to the dawn of 2009. Signed the previous year to Glasgow independent label Chemikal Underground are The Phantom Band, a six-piece group that melds folk, Krautrock, the blues, art-rock and anything else that comes to hand, lacing their idiosyncratic, intricate tapestries with effortless pop melodies delivered by the mahoganied baritone of singer Rick Anthony.

                                          The group’s debut album, Checkmate Savage, immediately attracts widespread acclaim from critics in the national music press and newspapers.

                                          “A record as auspicious and accomplished as it is unforeseen” – Keith Cameron, Mojo. 4/5 stars

                                          “This kraut-folk groove-fest could have been bashed out by The Beta Band’s little brothers” – Camille Pia, NME. 8/10

                                          “Were they from Brooklyn rather than Glasgow, Checkmate Savage would have been acclaimed as a benchmark album of 2009” – Michael Hann, The Guardian. 4/5 stars

                                          “This debut is fearlessly ambitious and unexpectedly commercial” – Steve Jelbert, The Times. 4/5

                                          Fans of the group’s heady brew swiftly snap up all vinyl copies of the album, the result being stratospheric prices for those searching for it on the secondhand vinyl market.

                                          A decade on, Chemikal Underground is proud to announce the imminent rebirth of an album that remains as spectacularly imaginative as it was the first time round, presented in a package that does 100% justice to the original songs, which were deftly produced by Paul Savage – whose credits include Mogwai, Franz Ferdinand, King Creosote, Deacon Blue and many more – at the label’s affiliated recording studio Chem 19 in Lanarkshire and Franz Ferdinand’s studio in Glasgow.

                                          Deserving of a place in every record collection worth its salt, the stylistically wide-open, moonstruck delights of Checkmate Savage are, for the first time, spread over four sides of heavyweight vinyl housed in a gatefold sleeve, with a download code for MP3 versions of the album’s nine songs. The record will be available exactly 10 years on from the release date of the original album.

                                          This new edition – cut from the original masters – is an essential acquisition for those with an appetite for wildly creative, mischievous and aurally captivating music. A no-brainer, in other words.

                                          The Phantom Band went on to release three more albums on Chemikal Underground – The Wants (2010), Strange Friend (2014) and Fears Trending (2015) – while Anthony, under the name Rick Redbeard, has released two solo records on the label, No Selfish Heart (2013) and Awake Unto (2016). The group has been on hiatus since the theft of their equipment while touring in Europe in October 2015.

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          says: Given the volume of records released these days, it's easy for things to disappear into your record collection after a few months, never to be unearthed again, but this is still one of my go-to albums, years after it's release.
                                          The synthetic, metallic chill of the motorik rhythms and wooshing synths is balanced perfectly with heavy percussion and Rick's rich vocals adding more organic tones. It's just an amazing, inventive album that while hinting at a multitude of reference point, sounds like nothing else.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          Side A
                                          The Howling
                                          Burial Sounds
                                          Folk Song Oblivion

                                          Side B

                                          Side C
                                          Left Hand Wave

                                          Side D
                                          Throwing Bones
                                          The Whole Is On My Side

                                          Arguably one of the most acclaimed and loved bands of the past 20 years, by both fans and their musical peers alike, The Beta Band formed in St. Andrews, Scotland, in 1996. Innovative and singular, their unique musical and aesthetic approach to everything they did set them far apart from their musical contemporaries. Together for a relatively short period of time, the three albums and three EPs they released between 1996 and 2004 would nonetheless help define them as one of the most exciting and cherished bands of their generation.

                                          “Heroes to Zeros” is the third and final studio album by The Beta Band released in 2004. It was mixed by famed producer Nigel Godrich and rose to number 18 in the UK charts.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A1. Assessment
                                          A2. Space
                                          A3. Lion Thief
                                          A4. Easy
                                          A5. Wonderful
                                          A6. Troubles
                                          B1. Out-Side
                                          B2. Space Beatle
                                          B3. Rhododendron
                                          B4. Liquid Bird
                                          B5. Simple
                                          B6. Pure For

                                          The Beta Band

                                          Hot Shots II

                                          Arguably one of the most acclaimed and loved bands of the past 20 years, by both fans and their musical peers alike, The Beta Band formed in St. Andrews, Scotland, in 1996. Innovative and singular, their unique musical and aesthetic approach to everything they did set them far apart from their musical contemporaries. Together for a relatively short period of time, the three albums and three EPs they released between 1996 and 2004 would nonetheless help define them as one of the most exciting and cherished bands of their generation.

                                          After a short hiatus the band gradually gravitated back into the studio and recruited noted UK producer Colin Emmanuel, aka C-Swing, to oversee the process of “Hot Shots II” which was released in mid 2001. Notoriously the band had intended to release "Squares", which featured a sample from the Günter Kallmann Choir's 1970 version of Wallace Collection's "Daydream", as the lead single. However after filming the music video and taking the single to radio it suddenly transpired that another single "Daydream in Blue" by I Monster featuring the sample from Günter Kallmann Choir recording was also to be released at the same time causing the band to release "Broke" instead. Touring extensively and supporting Radiohead in August 2002, they made No. 3 on Q magazine's list of "50 Bands to See Before You Die".

                                          STAFF COMMENTS

                                          says: A killer second (full-length) outing from The Beta Band sees Mason & Co. straying away slightly from the longing indie of their debut (and first three EP's) into anthemic minimalist acousticry, dancefloor rhythms and throbbing background electronics, whilst still retaining their melodic thread.

                                          TRACK LISTING

                                          A1. Squares
                                          A2. Al Sharp
                                          B1. Human Being
                                          B2. Gone
                                          B3. Dragon
                                          C1. Broke
                                          C2. Quiet
                                          C3. Alleged
                                          D1. Life
                                          D2. Eclipse

                                          The Beta Band

                                          The Beta Band

                                            Arguably one of the most acclaimed and loved bands of the past 20 years, by both fans and their musical peers alike, The Beta Band formed in St. Andrews, Scotland, in 1996. Innovative and singular, their unique musical and aesthetic approach to everything they did set them far apart from their musical contemporaries. Together for a relatively short period of time, the three albums and three EPs they released between 1996 and 2004 would nonetheless help define them as one of the most exciting and cherished bands of their generation.

                                            Released in 1999, the album “The Beta Band” followed the critically acclaimed compilation “The Three E.P.'s” (1998). With high anticipation for The Beta Band, the band originally planned to record the album in four separate continents, but financial constraints slimmed the recording locations down; however, the album was still recorded in a variety of locations and pulling inspiration from sources as diverse as Jamaican reggae, Disney's movie “The Black Hole” and Bonnie Tyler's "Total Eclipse of the Heart".

                                            The band also originally intended the album to contain a bonus disc of two long form ambient pieces, ‘Happiness and Colour’ and ‘The Hut’, both of which lasted over 20 minutes and represented the band's desire to "make a record of sound as a description for something like happiness, where a distinct first part gives way to a distinct second part”. However, the band and label ultimately decided to remove these tracks from the album prior to release.

                                            TRACK LISTING

                                            A1. The Beta Band Rap
                                            A2. It's Not Too Beautiful
                                            A3. Simple Boy
                                            B1. Round The Bend
                                            B2. Dance O'er The Border
                                            B3. Brokenupadingdong
                                            C1. Number 15
                                            C2. Smiling
                                            D1. The Hard One
                                            D2. The Cow's Wrong

                                            Bonus EP/CD: A. Happiness And Colour / B. The Hut

                                            2CD Edition Features The Same Tracks In The Same Order.

                                            The Beta Band

                                            The Three EPs (20th Anniversary Remaster)

                                              Arguably one of the most acclaimed and loved bands of the past 20 years, by both fans and their musical peers alike, The Beta Band formed in St. Andrews, Scotland, in 1996. Innovative and singular, their unique musical and aesthetic approach to everything they did set them far apart from their musical contemporaries.

                                              Together for a relatively short period of time, the three albums and three EPs they released between 1996 and 2004 would nonetheless help define them as one of the most exciting and cherished bands of their generation. 

                                              TRACK LISTING

                                              Champion Versions EP
                                              A1. Dry The Rain / A2. I Know / B1. B + A / B2. Dogs Got A Bone

                                              The Patty Patty Sound EP
                                              A. Inner Meet Me / B. The House Song / C. Monolith / D. She’s The One

                                              Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos EP
                                              A1. Push It Out / A2. It’s Over / B1. Dr. Baker / B2. Needles In My Eyes

                                              CD Features The Same Tracklist In The The Same Order.

                                              The Beta Band

                                              The Three EPs - 20th Anniversary Remaster (Deluxe Edition)

                                                Arguably one of the most acclaimed and loved bands of the past 20 years, by both fans and their musical peers alike, The Beta Band formed in St. Andrews, Scotland, in 1996. Innovative and singular, their unique musical and aesthetic approach to everything they did set them far apart from their musical contemporaries. Together for a relatively short period of time, the three albums and three EPs they released between 1996 and 2004 would nonetheless help define them as one of the most exciting and cherished bands of their generation.

                                                After acquiring the Beta Band’s catalogue last year, Because Music will reissue their releases, starting on September 14th with a deluxe vinyl edition gathering in a slipcase the EPs ‘Champion Versions’, ‘The Patty Patty Sound’ and ‘Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos’ with remastered tracks and coloured vinyls, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the 1998 compilation. Because Music will release at the same time a double CD Best-Of compiling all their best hits and a live show recorded at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire (London) in 2004. 

                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                Champion Versions EP
                                                A1. Dry The Rain / A2. I Know / B1. B + A / B2. Dogs Got A Bone

                                                The Patty Patty Sound EP
                                                A. Inner Meet Me / B. The House Song / C. Monolith / D. She’s The One

                                                Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos EP
                                                A1. Push It Out / A2. It’s Over / B1. Dr. Baker / B2. Needles In My Eyes

                                                CD Features The Same Tracklist In The The Same Order. 

                                                The Beta Band

                                                The Best Of The Beta Band

                                                  2CD edition in 3-panel digipack with a 16-page poster booklet.

                                                  Arguably one of the most acclaimed and loved bands of the past 20 years, by both fans and their musical peers alike, The Beta Band formed in St. Andrews, Scotland, in 1996.

                                                  Innovative and singular, their unique musical and aesthetic approach to everything they did set them far apart from their musical contemporaries. Together for a relatively short period of time, the three albums and three EPs they released between 1996 and 2004 would nonetheless help define them as one of the most exciting and cherished bands of their generation.

                                                  After acquiring the Beta Band’s catalogue last year, Because Music will reissue their releases, starting on September 14th with a double CD Best-Of compiling all their best hits and a live show recorded at the Shepherd’s Bush Empire (London) in 2004.

                                                  Because Music will also celebrate at the same time the 20th anniversary of their 1998 compilation ‘The Three EPs’ by releasing a deluxe vinyl edition gathering in a slipcase the EPs ‘Champion Versions’, ‘The Patty Patty Sound’ and ‘Los Amigos Del Beta Bandidos’ with remastered tracks and coloured vinyls. 

                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                  1. Dry The Rain
                                                  2. Inner Meet Me
                                                  3. She’s The One
                                                  4. Dr. Baker
                                                  5. It’s Not Too Beautiful
                                                  6. Smiling
                                                  7. To You Alone
                                                  8. Squares
                                                  9. Human Being
                                                  10. Gone
                                                  11. Broke
                                                  12. Assessment 
                                                  13. Easy
                                                  14. Wonderful
                                                  15. Troubles
                                                  16. Simple

                                                  CD2 – Live At The Shepherds Bush Empire
                                                  1. It’s Not Too Beautiful 
                                                  2. Squares
                                                  3. Inner Meet Me 
                                                  4. Simple
                                                  5. She’s The One
                                                  6. Easy 
                                                  7. Dr. Baker 
                                                  8. Dry The Rain 
                                                  9. Quiet
                                                  10. Broke
                                                  11. Assessment
                                                  12. Dog’s Got A Bone 

                                                  The Tom Hingley Band

                                                  I Love My Job

                                                    Perhaps not words we all find ourselves uttering on a daily basis, but then the esteemed singer is far from your average joe stuck in the day-to-day grind of an average job…

                                                    ‘I Love My Job’ is the first album release in 5 years from the former Inspiral Carpets and Lovers lynch-pin and his current outfit: The Tom Hingley Band.

                                                    Arriving as the follow-up to his remarkable double album ‘Sand’ & ’Paper’ (released in 2013, with Pledge Music), the THB’s latest effort is an equally ambitious outing of vision and voice. On ‘I Love My Job’, Hingley and co. seek to offer a snapshot of the political revolution, anger, and aggression that have formed the backdrop for him, and us all, over the last three years.

                                                    Using the freedom of expression and amplification to communicate with the masses that is gifted to those in the job that Hingley finds himself in (though is so often shied away from by many of his musical contemporaries), ‘I Love My Job’ sees the singer using his platform to both shout to the heavens and put the world to rights. Someone has to right?

                                                    Getting it all of his chest, the record is very much a rejection and reaction to the here and now, with Hingley providing a loquacious outpouring of his own pure emotion, as well as socio-political commentary of wider contemporary issues that grip the current world, all wrapped up in 11 tracks of unbridled rock’n’roll….

                                                    “Nasty People” is a short sharp snap at the cowardly trolling culture that has developed and dominates the online realm, whereas the recoil of ‘Bullet’ is a revenge song that sees Hingley take direct aim at the convicted paedophile and Lost Prophets frontman Ian Watkins along with those who would use their power for acts of such despicable evil. “Beggar’s Hand” decries the shameful homelessness that plagues the streets of Manchester under the current government, whereas “White Sheep” is a song for those who feel oppressed by the corporate world of ‘too big to fail banks’ and utility companies in which extortion and profit at the expense of innocent consumers are business of the day.

                                                    But on a more personal level, there’s an outpouring of emotions in tribute to the sounds and loved ones who have inspired Hingley throughout his life. “Introduction” glistens with the chimes with bells to honour the many lost souls that have departed over the past few years, not least his own mother and sister-in-law who he also pays homage to on “Black Light”:

                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                    1) Introduction
                                                    2) Black Light
                                                    3) Glory Days
                                                    4) Toy
                                                    5) Bullet
                                                    6) Beautiful Girl
                                                    7) Beggars Hand
                                                    8) Prodigal Son
                                                    9) Nasty People
                                                    10) White Sheep
                                                    11) Shining For Somebody Else


                                                    The Band

                                                      Presenting fuck’s first new record in over ten years, the band, on Vampire Blues! In the mid-’90s to the early aughts, fuck was releasing a new record every other year and touring constantly while jumping from label to label. Then, with nary a warning, they up and disappeared. No note, no nothing.

                                                      Skip forward a generation and it’s revealed that they’ve been spending all these years meticulously sculpting the most impressive album of their career. Recorded in fits and starts and all over the map, from basic tracks in San Francisco to overdubs in Italy and mixing in Memphis, the band comes through with a surprisingly cohesive sound; though, like their six previous studio albums, the genrebending and boundary-pushing song-writing continues. Any lesser band would have destroyed all sense of spontaneity going this route; not fuck. The casual off-thecuff attitude remains, but now with added depth and clarity. The highs got higher, the hard hits harder. And it only took ten years!

                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                      1. To Whom
                                                      2. Facehole
                                                      3. Bossy Nova
                                                      4. It Girl
                                                      5. Cream Pie Patch
                                                      6. Devil Eyes
                                                      7. Leave My Body
                                                      8. Thirsty Gnome
                                                      9. Meet The Gibbons
                                                      10. Baby Gregor
                                                      11. Stay
                                                      12. Joker
                                                      13. Over Dressing
                                                      14. Unwound
                                                      15. Tell Me No

                                                      Norma Waterson & Eliza Carthy With The Gift Band


                                                        As two of the UK’s finest exponents of traditional song, Norma Waterson and Eliza Carthy’s rich, distinctive and authentic voices have engaged new audiences and admirers across two generations. Between them, they have three prestigious Mercury Prize nominations, an MBE each for services to English music and have both been presented with BBC Folk Singer of the Year awards, as well as innumerable other accolades. Eliza recently embarked on her most ambitious project yet by recording and touring with the 12 piece Wayward Band, a 12-piece. The resulting album, ‘Big Machine,’ garnered both acclaim and more Radio 2 Folk Awards nominatiions in 2018 (‘Best Group’ and ‘Best Album’).

                                                        Although they have recorded independently and together on many occasions over the years, ‘Gift’ (2010) was Norma and Eliza’s first duo release, produced by Eliza. The album went on to pick up Best Album and Best Traditional Track at the BBC Radio 2 Folk Awards.

                                                        The remarkable new album, ‘Anchor,’ produced by Neill MacColl and Kate St. John, was recorded in their English home town of Robin Hood’s Bay and features an eclectic and beguiling collection of both traditional and contemporary songs. Amongst the 11 tracks we find Norma leading on Tom Waits’ ‘Strange Weather’ and ‘The Beast in Me’ by Nick Lowe. Trad Arr. ‘The Elfin Knight’ sees Eliza supported by Norma, Martin and extended family, ‘Lost in the Stars’ is a wonderful take on the Kurt Weill classic, while ‘Shanty of the Whale’, also featuring guest vocals of Martin Carthy, is a track written by KT Tunstall inspired by the singing of the Watersons, now come full circle in mutual respect and admiration.

                                                        Band Of Horses

                                                        Everything All The Time

                                                          Folks, you don't need to buy any records by My Morning Jacket, Flaming Lips or Mercury Rev anymore, Seattle's Band Of Horses have combined all three and only gone and made one of the albums of the year! These are huge, emotive, yearning songs. The sound is reverb-drenched and lonesome: enormo guitars chime whilst Ben Bridewell whacks out his vocals like Perry Farrel's little, lost brother. OK, they sound very similar to M.M. Jacket, but there's a directness here that's exhilarating. The whole record flows, but there's some absolute anthems lurking amidst the drift and echo. It's a towering, beautiful thing.

                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                          The First Song
                                                          Wicked Gil
                                                          Our Swords
                                                          The Funeral
                                                          Part One
                                                          The Great Salt Lake
                                                          Weed Party
                                                          I Go To The Barn Because I Like The Monsters
                                                          St. Augustine

                                                          The Beatles

                                                          Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band - 2017 Stereo Mix

                                                            Produced by Giles Martin for this year’s universally heralded ‘Sgt. Pepper’ Anniversary Edition releases, the album’s new stereo mix was sourced directly from the original four-track session tapes and guided by the original, Beatles-preferred mono mix produced by Giles’ father, George Martin. Praised by fans and music critics around the world, The Beatles’ ‘Sgt. Pepper’ Anniversary Edition is 2017’s most celebrated historical music release and an ideal gift for Beatle People here, there, and everywhere.

                                                            Bob Dylan & The Band

                                                            Before The Flood

                                                              Live album from Bob Dylan & The Band, originally released in 1974, documenting their American tour. A 21 song double album, pressed on black vinyl with download code insert. 

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              Side One

                                                              1. "Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine)" 02-14 (evening) 4:15
                                                              2. "Lay Lady Lay" 02-13 3:14
                                                              3. "Rainy Day Women #12 & 35" 02-13 3:27
                                                              4. "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" 01-30 New York City 3:51
                                                              5. "It Ain't Me, Babe" 02-14 (evening) 3:40
                                                              6. "Ballad Of A Thin Man" 02-14 (afternoon) 3:41

                                                              Side Two

                                                              7. "Up On Cripple Creek" (Robbie Robertson) 02-14 (evening) 5:25
                                                              8. "I Shall Be Released" 02-14 (afternoon) 3:50
                                                              9. "Endless Highway" (Robertson) 02-14 (evening) 5:10
                                                              10. "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" (Robertson) 02-14 (evening) 4:24
                                                              11. "Stage Fright" (Robertson) 02-14 (evening) 4:45

                                                              Side Three

                                                              12. "Don't Think Twice, It's All Right" 02-14 (evening) 4:36
                                                              13. "Just Like A Woman" 02-14 (evening) 5:06
                                                              14. "It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)" 02-14 (evening) 5:48
                                                              15. "The Shape I'm In" (Robertson) 02-14 (afternoon) 4:01
                                                              16. "When You Awake" (Richard Manuel, Robertson) 02-14 (evening) 3:13
                                                              17. "The Weight" (Robertson) 02-13 4:47

                                                              Side Four

                                                              18. "All Along The Watchtower" 02-14 (afternoon) 3:07
                                                              19. "Highway 61 Revisited" 02-14 (evening) 4:27
                                                              20. "Like A Rolling Stone" 02-13 7:09
                                                              21. "Blowin' In The Wind" 02-13 + 02-14 (afternoon) 4:30

                                                              • Reissue of first studio release from Segall with his touring band, now with bonus track
                                                              • Upped the ante on past solo releases with a full-throttle, go-for-the-throat bombast
                                                              • Once on double 10-inch, now expanded to double 12-inch

                                                              A reissue of the 2012 debut release by the Ty Segall Band on In The Red, featuring a bonus song not on the original release! The Ty Segall Band is Ty Segall (obviously), Mikal Cronin, Charlie Moonheart and Emily Rose Epstein. While Segall has released many incredible solo releases, Slaughterhouse marks the first time he recorded with his touring band. For this mini-album (originally released as a double 10-inch, but now expanded to a double 12-inch) the band recorded with Chris Woodhouse at the Hangar, turned their amps all the way up, set their fuzz pedals on “obliterate” and commenced to kick ass and take names. Seriously, this record will melt your face. All of Segall’s usual psych-pop sensibilities are present but Slaughterhouse adds the fullthrottle, go-for-the-throat bombast that the band delivers in the live setting. The fuzz riffs, bratty howl and Cro-Magnon bashing culminate with a feedback freakout that’s clearly the only sensible way to end a workout of this magnitude in shit to announce the debut release by the Ty Segall Band.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              1. Death
                                                              2. I Bought My Eyes
                                                              3. Slaughterhouse
                                                              4. The Tongue
                                                              5. Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart
                                                              6. Wave Goodbye
                                                              7. Fuzz War
                                                              8. Muscle Man
                                                              9. The Bag I’m In
                                                              10. Diddy Wah
                                                              11. Oh Mary
                                                              12. Swag (bonus Track)

                                                              Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band

                                                              Adiós Señor Pussycat

                                                              Beautiful and evocative and recorded in his home-town of Liverpool between March 2016 and June 2017, the album is the culmination of four years of hard work. Equal to his finest moments, Adiós Señor Pussycat will undoubtedly only further cement his reputation as one of this generations greatest songwriters.

                                                              Since a self-imposed hiatus in 2008, Michael Head has been working with a fluid concept of an ever-rotating band format to provide a flexible platform for the range of his new live and recorded works.

                                                              ‘Under the guise of Michael Head & The Red Elastic Band in 2013, they released their sought-after debut EP, Artorius Revisited, and followed this with a double A sided 7”, Velvets In The Dark / Koala Bears in 2015.

                                                              A soulful and poetic genius, fate, bad luck and circumstance and often conspired to deny him his rightful dues. Loved and lauded by fellow artists and critics alike, he started out in the early 1980s with The Pale Fountains, with whom he recorded a brace of acclaimed albums, Pacific Street (1984) and …From Across The Kitchen Table (1985). He subsequently formed Shack with his brother John and went on to record five albums over almost twenty years including the much loved and acclaimed Waterpistol and HMS Fable in 1999 which saw the band briefly flirt with chart success and hailed from the cover of the NME as “our greatest songwriter”

                                                              He also released, what is often regarded as his classic album, The Magical World Of The Strands under the name of Michael Head & The Strands in 1997, and with Shack currently on hiatus he has been performing under the Red Elastic Band guise for the past few years.

                                                              The album features the following musicians:
                                                              Michael Head - Vocals & Acoustic Guitar
                                                              Steve Powell - Electric & Acoustic Guitars
                                                              Phil Murphy - Drums
                                                              Tom Powell - Bass Guitar
                                                              Nina - Piano
                                                              Dan Rogers - Electric Guitar
                                                              Rod Skipp - Cello
                                                              Dewi Tudor Jones - Violin
                                                              Helen Tonge - Viola
                                                              Martin Smith - Trumpet
                                                              Andy Diagram - Trumpet
                                                              Simon James - Saxophone
                                                              Steve Powell, Joanne Head, Phil Murphy, Mary McCombs - Backing Vocals
                                                              Michael Head, Phil Murphy, Karina Townsend - Percussion

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              1. Picasso
                                                              2. Overjoyed
                                                              3. Picklock
                                                              4. Winter Turns To Spring
                                                              5. Workin' Family
                                                              6. 4&4 Still Makes 8
                                                              7. Queen Of All Saints
                                                              8. Josephine
                                                              9. Lavender Way
                                                              10. Rumer
                                                              11. Wild Mountain Thyme
                                                              12. What's The Difference
                                                              13. Adios Amigo

                                                              Focused around the songwriting talents and production skills of Jo Dudderidge and Adam Gorman and the rhythmic driving force of enigmatic drummer Nick Vaal, The Travelling Band have been quietly honing what Marc Riley described as "Mancunian Americana".

                                                              The resulting album mines a rich seam of influences, with key album track 'Last Night (I Dreamt of Killing You)' and the grungy 'Wasted Eyes' highlighting the band's love of American indie rock, but still with that Mancunian twist nodding to Elbow and I Am Kloot. 'Mopping Forwards' draws on their time spent in East Nashville and the almost Satie-like melancholic ballad 'Loser' belies the darker turn that Jo and Adam's lyrics have taken.

                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                              Moments Like Switches
                                                              Wasted Eyes
                                                              Into The Water
                                                              Mopping Forwards
                                                              Unlike You
                                                              Last Night (I Dreamt Of Killing You)
                                                              Out Of The Water
                                                              Failure Is A Bastard
                                                              Leftover Lines

                                                              Hayman Kupa Band

                                                              The Hayman Kupa Band

                                                                When Darren Hayman (Hefner) and Emma Kupa (Standard Fare/Mammoth Penguins) decided to make a duets record, we knew the results would be great, but we didn’t expect them to be THIS great. Gathering together a rhythm section consisting of Michael Wood (Whoa Melodic/Singing Adams) on bass and Cat Loye (Fever Dream) on drums, The Hayman Kupa Band create brash, bold and effortlessly melodic power pop. Sharing writing duties and sometimes singing each others words, lines are blurred and creativity explored in a wonderfully exuberant collection of songs.

                                                                The album, recorded in 3 days, is an exploration of relationships and, at its heart, it’s the sound of a friendship being made. Darren explains further: It’s only happened a few times but just once or twice I have seen someone on stage and thought, “I want to be in a band with them.” But I thought it the first time I saw Emma playing with her magnificent and under-rated band Standard Fare. I met her properly a little later in Sheffield when we played together. Before the gig I said I was suspicious of bands that wore hats. She wore a hat on stage. They say imitation is a form of flattery and I was glad that I noticed when I wrote the song “Boy, Look at What you Can’t Have Now” that it sounded like the sort of thing Emma might write. I covered up my theft by asking her to sing on it. When we were recording the song I suggested that we should write a whole album of duets. Musicians suggest things like this all the time because they are stupid or drunk. A few months later Emma told me she had started writing the album. This is what Emma does; she says something then does it. I race to play catch up. The songs were written over 3 weekends at her house and mine. Co-writing is something I’m not used to. It’s very intimate and me and Emma became friends through the process. Emma’s lyrics are sharp and precise whereas mine are more metaphoric. We talked about relationships and that’s what the album is about. It’s about our fears and paranoias and the search for trust and love. We deliberately swapped lines and genders so the narrative is never truly that of traditional duets. We wanted a band to make the album and chose Michael Wood and Cat Loye. 

                                                                TRACK LISTING

                                                                A1) Let’s Do Nothing
                                                                A2) No More Bombs
                                                                A3) Red Petal
                                                                A4) Over’s Now Overdue
                                                                A5) We Can Get By
                                                                A6) Do You Know

                                                                B1) A Tent Of Blankets
                                                                B2) Draw The Line
                                                                B3) My Right Arm
                                                                B4) Pretty Waste Of Time
                                                                B5) Reach Out
                                                                B6) Then We Kissed

                                                                Memphis Jug Band

                                                                American Epic: The Best Of Memphis Jug Band

                                                                  The Memphis Jug Band, most active from 1926 into the 1950s, revolved around guitarist, harmonica player and singer Will Shade and featured a wide variety of instrumentation including harmonica, kazoo, fiddle, mandolin, guitar, piano, washboard and, of course, jug. They recorded more songs than any pre-war jug band and as a result, were key in developing the jug band tradition and format.

                                                                  Eliza Carthy & The Wayward Band

                                                                  Big Machine

                                                                    Pioneering English traditional folk powerhouse, Eliza Carthy, first assembled the Wayward Band in 2013 in order to explore and celebrate her long and varied career in folk music; 'the last truly underground music scene'.

                                                                    To do this Eliza put together a team of hugely talented people from across the UK, and set out on the road to promote her 'Best Of' compilation, 'Wayward Daughter,' which coincided with a biography of the same name. Since then, the band has become a festival favourite, and Eliza has been awarded the MBE for services to folk music. Eliza and the Wayward Band loved playing together so much it seemed natural and inevitable, as well as characteristically ambitious, that this 12-piece would set about recording an album. Early in 2016 they did just that. 'Big Machine' is the result and the renowned Real World and Rockfield Studios are where it all happened.

                                                                    The material represents a healthy slice of everything good that is happening in traditional music now, across a sparkling spectrum of sound. The album features three contemporary songs; Eliza's own 'You Know Me' about the migrant crisis and notions of hospitality (featuring MC Dizraeli), a powerful cover of Ewan Maccoll's Radio Ballad 'The Fitter's Song' (at the behest of Peggy Seeger - and the song which inspired the album title) and an affectionate reworking of 'Hug You Like a Mountain' (Rory MacLeod), re-imagined here as a duet with Teddy Thompson.

                                                                    There are also several examples of the Broadside ballad collections housed in Chetham's Library in Manchester given a new twist with music by Eliza and the band. This follows an acclaimed programme Eliza presented for Radio 4 about the Manchester Ballads last year, covering everything from songs about and caused by domestic abuse ('Devil in the Woman,' 'Fade and Fall (Love Not)'), to love of the seafaring life ('The Sea'). Added to that a couple of searing instrumentals, a song about dying from custard poisoning and a heartbreaking traditional ballad 'I Wish that the Wars were all Over' (performed live with the band onstage in Real World Studios' Studio One and featuring Irish superstar Damien Dempsey), and you begin to get the picture.

                                                                    A very Big picture, a Big Machine firing on all cylinders. 'Big Machine' is one of Eliza Carthy's most adventurous and accomplished works to date -- and given that Eliza is the most passionate and groundbreaking English traditional singer of her generation, 'Big Machine' is an album you really won't want to miss.

                                                                    The Band

                                                                    The Last Waltz (40th Anniversary Edition)

                                                                    On Thanksgiving Day 1976, The Band took the stage for the very last time at the Winterland Theatre in San Francisco. The concert, aptly billed as The Last Waltz, has become one of the most revered performances of all time. For the show, Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, and Robbie Robertson were joined by an all-star group of music pioneers, including Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Ronnie Hawkins, Dr. John, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Muddy Waters, and Neil Young, among others. The evening was captured on film by director Martin Scorsese. Released theatrically in April 1978 to critical acclaim, The Last Waltz is still considered by many to be the greatest concert film ever made.

                                                                    Robertson will be busy during The Last Waltz 40th anniversary. On November 15, he will release Testimony (Crown Archetype), a new memoir in which he finally tells his own spellbinding story of the band that changed music history, his extraordinary personal journey, and his creative friendships with some of the greatest artists of the last half-century. 

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    2CD Tracklisting:
                                                                    Disc One:
                                                                    1. Theme From The Last Waltz
                                                                    2. Up On Cripple Creek
                                                                    3. Who Do You Love – With Ronnie Hawkins
                                                                    4. Helpless – With Neil Young
                                                                    5. Stagefright
                                                                    6. Coyote – With Joni Mitchell
                                                                    7. Dry Your Eyes – With Neil Diamond
                                                                    8. It Makes No Difference
                                                                    9. Such A Night – With Dr. John
                                                                    10. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
                                                                    11. Mystery Train – With Paul Butterfield
                                                                    12. Mannish Boy – With Muddy Waters
                                                                    13. Further On Up The Road – With Eric Clapton

                                                                    Disc Two:
                                                                    1. The Shape I’m In
                                                                    2. Down South In New Orleans – With Bobby Charles
                                                                    3. Ophelia
                                                                    4. Tura Lura Lura (That’s An Irish Lullaby) – With Van Morrison
                                                                    5. Caravan – With Van Morrison
                                                                    6. Life Is A Carnival
                                                                    7. Baby Let Me Follow You Down – With Bob Dylan
                                                                    8. I Don’t Believe You (She Acts Live We Never Have Met) – With Bob Dylan
                                                                    9. Forever Young – With Bob Dylan
                                                                    10. Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Reprise) – With Bob Dylan
                                                                    11. I Shall Be Released
                                                                    The Last Waltz Suite
                                                                    12. The Well
                                                                    13. Evangeline – With Emmylou Harris
                                                                    14. Out Of The Blue
                                                                    15. The Weight – With The Staples
                                                                    16. The Last Waltz Refrain
                                                                    17. The Theme From The Last Waltz – With Orchestra

                                                                    Vinyl Box Set Edition:
                                                                    Side One
                                                                    1. Theme From The Last Waltz
                                                                    2. Up On Cripple Creek
                                                                    3. The Shape I'm In
                                                                    4. It Makes No Difference

                                                                    Side Two
                                                                    1. Who Do You Love (Feat. Ronnie Hawkins)
                                                                    2. Life Is A Carnival
                                                                    3. Such A Night (Feat. Dr. John)
                                                                    4. The Weight
                                                                    5. Down South In New Orleans (Feat. Bobby Charles)

                                                                    Side One
                                                                    1. This Wheels On Fire
                                                                    2. Mystery Train (Feat. Paul Butterfield)
                                                                    3. Caldonia
                                                                    4. Mannish Boy (Feat. Muddy Waters)

                                                                    Side Two
                                                                    1. Stagefright
                                                                    2. Rag Mama Rag
                                                                    3. All Our Past Times
                                                                    4. Further On Up The Road (Feat. Eric Clapton)

                                                                    Side One
                                                                    1. Ophelia
                                                                    2. Helpless (Feat. Neil Young)
                                                                    3. Four Strong Winds
                                                                    4. Coyote (Feat. Joni Mitchell)

                                                                    Side Two
                                                                    1. Shadows And Light
                                                                    2. Furry Sings The Blues
                                                                    3. Acadian Driftwood
                                                                    4. Dry Your Eyes (Feat. Neil Diamond)

                                                                    Side One
                                                                    1. The W.S. Walcott Medicine Show
                                                                    2. Tura Lura Lural (That's An Irish Lullaby) [Feat. Van Morrison]
                                                                    3. Caravan (Feat. Van Morrison)
                                                                    4. The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
                                                                    5. The Genetic Method/Chest Fever

                                                                    Side Two
                                                                    1. Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Feat. Bob Dylan)
                                                                    2. Hazel
                                                                    3. I Don't Believe You (She Acts Like We Never Have Met) [Feat. Bob Dylan]
                                                                    4. Forever Young (Feat. Bob Dylan)
                                                                    5. Baby Let Me Follow You Down (Reprise) [Feat. Bob Dylan]
                                                                    6. I Shall Be Released (Finale) [Ensemble]

                                                                    Side One
                                                                    1. Jam #1
                                                                    2. Jam #2
                                                                    3. Don't Do It
                                                                    4. Greensleeves

                                                                    Side Two
                                                                    1. The Last Waltz Suite: The Well
                                                                    2. The Last Waltz Suite: Evangeline (Feat. Emmylou Harris)
                                                                    3. The Last Waltz Suite: Out Of The Blue
                                                                    4. The Last Waltz Suite: The Weight (Feat. The Staples)
                                                                    5. The Last Waltz Suite: The Last Waltz Refrain
                                                                    6. The Last Waltz Suite: Theme From The Last Waltz (Feat. Orchestra)

                                                                    Side One
                                                                    1. King Harvest (Rehearsal Version)
                                                                    2. Tura Lura Lural (Concert Rehearsal Version)
                                                                    3. Caravan (Concert Rehearsal Version)
                                                                    4. Such A Night (Concert Rehearsal Version)
                                                                    5. Rag Mama Rag (Rehearsal Version)

                                                                    Side Two
                                                                    1. Mad Waltz (Sketch Track For 'The Well')
                                                                    2. The Last Waltz Refrain (Instrumental)
                                                                    3. The Last Waltz Theme (Sketch)

                                                                    ‘Band Of The Future’ is Ausmuteants’ fourth album and probably their best to date.

                                                                    The band’s previous albums have been released in the US on Goner Records and they last toured the US in support of their previous album ‘Order Of Operation’ in 2014.

                                                                    Ausmuteants are not the band of the future or the past. Ausmuteants are just a band. Not punk, new wave, hardcore, boogie, darkwave, oi, hyphenaterock or pet rock. Not drug users and not straight edge. Ausmuteants are regular dudes practising the sound of things falling apart.

                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                    Silent Genes
                                                                    I Hate You
                                                                    New Planet
                                                                    Coastal Living
                                                                    Cross Eyes
                                                                    Music Writers
                                                                    Band Of The Future
                                                                    Mr Right
                                                                    Come Home With Me
                                                                    Struck By Lightning

                                                                    Captain Beefheart And The Magic Band

                                                                    Lick My Decals Off, Baby

                                                                      Coming hot on the heels of the huge classic album "Trout Mask Replica", this is cited by many Beefheart fans as their favourite album. In the same 'experimental' style of "Trout Mask Replica" but based around a more coherent 'song' structure. Essential obviously!!!!!

                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                      1. "Lick My Decals Off, Baby"
                                                                      2. "Doctor Dark"
                                                                      3. "I Love You, You Big Dummy"
                                                                      4. "Peon"
                                                                      5. "Bellerin' Plain"
                                                                      6. "Woe-Is-uh-Me-Bop"
                                                                      7. "Japan In A Dishpan"
                                                                      8. "I Wanna Find A Woman That'll Hold My Big Toe Till I Have To Go"
                                                                      9. "Petrified Forest"
                                                                      10. "One Red Rose That I Mean"
                                                                      11. "The Buggy Boogie Woogie"
                                                                      12. "The Smithsonian Institute Blues (or The Big Dig)"
                                                                      13. "Space-Age Couple"
                                                                      14. "The Clouds Are Full Of Wine (not Whiskey Or Rye)"
                                                                      15. "Flash Gordon's Ape"

                                                                      Dwight Twilley Band

                                                                      Firefly / Living In The City

                                                                        HoZac Archival is back with our second 7” single from the Dwight Twilley Band vault, this time with two sparklingly powerful rockers, the first time for both on vinyl, culled from the Great Lost Twilley Album, and thrust onto a 45rpm disc for your pleasure. By now you don’t even need to second guess the raw power of the Dwight Twilley/Phil Seymour connection, and with that warm early Summer breeze wafting through your open windows, it’s clear that these good times belong to this sound, and this sound is right at your fingertips. The two tracks are from 1980 and 1977 respectively and deliver that impossibly tight pop sound you just can’t get enough of, the kind that can turn a small outdoor get together into a raging party, and the kind that can turn a bad day into yesterday’s news.

                                                                        “Firefly” is yet another would-be hit which should have been resting at the top of the charts in 1980, yet contractual complications as well as inner turmoil knocked it out of contention, despite the appearance of the Cowsills’ Susan Cowsill on backup vocals, and one of the catchiest choruses in their entire catalog. Either way, we’ve got it here on the single that it always should have been, and backing up that massive hit is the uproarious lost 1977 track “Living’ In the City” with Phil Seymour on lead vocals, and some of the wildest backup vocals these guys ever laid down on tape, a true party going on if there ever was one, and yet another smashing pop hit you won’t tire of hearing any time soon. City Rock defined? Most definitely, and there’s nothing like a smash hit single from the Dwight Twilley Band to kick your summer into gear.

                                                                        Recommended If You Like: Cheap Trick, Big Star, Tom Petty, Michael Pagliaro, T.Rex, Badfinger, Raspberries, Artful Dodger, Sidewinders, Pezband.

                                                                        Tom McRae & The Standing Band

                                                                        Did I Sleep And Miss The Border?

                                                                        Recorded in Wales, Los Angeles, and Somerset this is Mercury and Brit nominated McRae's 7th studio album, and is the follow up to 2013's critically acclaimed "From The Lowlands".

                                                                        Featuring his international band, this new album of soulful alternative Folk/Americana has been garnering rave reviews.

                                                                        **** MOJO "A dark triumph"
                                                                        **** Q Magazine "finds real beauty in despair"
                                                                        8/10 UNCUT, "a thrilling air of doom...beautiful" 

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        1. The High Life
                                                                        2. The Dogs Never Sleep
                                                                        3. Christmas Eve,1943
                                                                        4. Expecting The Rain
                                                                        5. Let Me Grow Old With You
                                                                        6. We Are The Mark.
                                                                        7. My Desert Bride
                                                                        8. Lover, Still You.
                                                                        9. Hoping Against Hope

                                                                        Josephine Foster And The Victor Herrero Band

                                                                        Anda Jaleo / Perlas

                                                                        Bringing together both of Josephine Foster and the Victor Herrero Band’s Spanish albums in one place, with a previously unreleased track. Anda Jaleo was originally released in 2010. Federico Garcia Lorca's popular folk song collection "Las Canciones Populares Espanolas" was banned under Franco's dictatorship and today the music survives but marginally within the Spanish sub-conscious.

                                                                        Taking their cue from Lorca and La Argentinita's infectious 1931 recording of the songs, Josephine Foster and her partner Spanish musician Victor Herrero arranged the poetically rich collection for their acoustic band, formed while living in the Grenadine Sierra. Anda Jaleo is the band's live recording of "Las Canciones"; a visceral celebration of the persistence of popular anonymous song.

                                                                        This new edition includes an additional track not featured on the original release, an interpretation of ‘Sones de Asturias’. La colección de "Canciones Populares Españolas" recopiladas y armonizadas por Federico García Lorca fue censurada en tiempos de Franco, y hoy en día la música sobrevive aunque de una manera vaga en el subconsciente del pueblo español. Inspirados por la contagiosa grabación de las canciones de Lorca y La Argentinita de 1931, Josephine Foster y su compañero el músico español Víctor Herrero han arreglado esta poética y rica colección para su banda acústica , formada mientras vivían en la sierra de Granada. Anda Jaleo es la grabación en directo de su versión de "Las Canciones"; una celebración visceral de la canción popular anónima y su persistencia. Following from Anda Jaleo, Josephine Foster and the Victor Herrero Band created a superb follow-up entitled Perlas (Pearls). It is a jewel of a collection, with songs and poems selected by Josephine herself, gathered from dusty old scores and brought vividly to the present with warm performances full of flesh-and-blood emotion. Made with a variety of stringed instruments and simple percussion, the songs were recorded live in the studio on to analogue tape by Paco Loco in Puerto de Santa Maria, Spain. Foster breathes new life into timeless traditional melodies, drawing from the Spanish-folk traditions of Castile, the Basque, Santander and the Costa Brava.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        Anda Jaleo:
                                                                        1. Los Cuatro Muleros
                                                                        2. Los Pelegrinitos
                                                                        3. Las Morillas De Jaen
                                                                        4. Anda Jaleo
                                                                        5. Las Tres Hojas
                                                                        6. Los Mozos De Monleón
                                                                        7. Sevillanas Del Siglo XVIII
                                                                        8. Los Reyes De La Baraja
                                                                        9. El Cafe De Chinitas
                                                                        10. Zorongo
                                                                        11. Nana De Sevilla
                                                                        12. Sones De Asturia……

                                                                        Perlas :
                                                                        1. Puerto De Santa Maria
                                                                        2. Sangre Colorada
                                                                        3. Cuando Vienes Del Monto
                                                                        4. Cuatro Pinos
                                                                        5. Peregrino
                                                                        6. Dame Esa Flor
                                                                        7. En Esta Larga Ausencia
                                                                        8. Abenámar
                                                                        9. Perlas
                                                                        10. Brillante Estrella

                                                                        If you’ve followed The Phantom Band throughout their career to-date then you’ll know two things of the Glaswegian six-piece: feast often follows famine, and you should never accept them merely at face value. Just as two wildly singular, diverse albums in Checkmate Savage and The Wants sprung up one after another between 2009 and 2010, before a period of quiet (solo projects notwithstanding), so the group’s more direct third record released in June 2014 - Strange Friend – more art-rock than rock-art – comes followed by seven tracks cut largely from the same recording sessions at Chem 19 in Blantyre, in the form of Fears Trending.

                                                                        Lauded last spring pretty much across the board, Strange Friend’s instant hit to the senses was the sound of a band pulling a thread tight through their naturally wandering creative tendencies and affecting a sense of positivity, even amidst quiet doubts over living in a world simultaneously hyper-connected and disconnected through the internet. For those who saw through the likes of ‘Clapshot’s’ irrepressible anti-anthem swell, though, Fears Trending is a resounding confirmation that the band’s recent recording sessions also bore out something of a darker hue.

                                                                        “Maybe it's the evil twin of Strange Friend,” comments guitarist Duncan Marquiss. “They're stranger friends, oddball vestiges and hybrids.” Chief vocalist Rick Anthony agrees, pointing out that although Fears Trending merely came about as an anagram of their third record’s title, its connotations ring true, with a greater focus on themes of online isolation that they pawed at previously. “The reference is obviously there,” Marquiss explains. “Maybe it reflects our wariness of communications technology just now – which paradoxically seem to alienate people from themselves. We're all swamped with information so I question whether the band would necessarily want to add to the clickstream.”

                                                                        Certainly the tone of the record matches this apprehension; the opening ‘Tender Castle’ – one of just two tracks, alongside ‘Spectrelegs’, that date back before the Strange Friend sessions – runs on in, imbued with the band’s recently heard gusto, yet quickly swivels on a tumbling floor of murmuring electronics and cautious intonations, setting the scene for some of the band’s weightiest music yet. There are familiar tropes here; the aforementioned ‘Spectrelegs’ introduces itself by way of a wavering electronic organ, Iain Stewart’s drumming is never less than forthright and punchy, stomping through ‘Local Zero’ with accustomed vigour. But then there are songs like the ominous slow-build tumult of ‘Black Tape’, and the poignant final track ‘Golden Olden’, which sees the band in some-part return to the Scottish folk routes that partly informed their first record (cult Scottish folk favourite Alasdair Roberts also appears on opening track ‘Tender Castles’.) “If Thomas Pynchon was asked to write the screenplay for Young Guns 3 I hope this song would be the soundtrack,” Marquiss reflects.

                                                                        ‘Denise Hopper’ differs again, taking on a melodic structure whipped up as though on an Estesian gust across Turkey, Anthony’s vocal rising and falling in its oscillating breeze. Delivered with steeliness beyond the usual dry wit that’s occasionally hinted at within the group’s usual off-kilter meanderings, the track cracks and breaks amidst a storm of guitar detritus. “That melt down at end could be one of my favourite Phantom Band moments on record to date,” Marquiss comments.

                                                                        It’d be too broad to call Fears Trending the dark side to Strange Friends’ light. The playful intricacies and deviations of The Phantom Band remain and, after all, the album was recorded at the same time as its sister. “I think it's more about the atmosphere than the writing process that splits the two albums” Anthony reflects. “I guess there was a desire with Strange Friends to come back with no baggage attached and release a record that seemed really straight to the point. This record is straight to the point too but it's just that it's making a different point.” So it goes with The Phantom Band, a group forever changing, each new evolution more often than not a prescient for what’s to come.

                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                        1. Tender Castle
                                                                        2. Local Zero
                                                                        3. Denise Hopper
                                                                        4. Black Tape
                                                                        5. Spectrelegs
                                                                        6. The Kingfisher
                                                                        7. Olden Golden

                                                                        The Budos Band

                                                                        Burnt Offering

                                                                          The Budos Band return with 'Burnt Offering'; a wild, booze-fueled ride of hazy riffs and take-no-prisoners horn lines that summons the occult - an evolved sound for this mighty 10-piece band sparked by their love of Black Sabbath and Pentagram.

                                                                          'Burnt Offering' was recorded live in the studio, engineered and produced by Tom Brenneck, a founding member and guitarist in The Budos Band who runs Dunham Records and Studios. It was written at the band’s longtime Staten Island studio, where they’ve gathered for weekly rehearsals for over fifteen years. The haunting album cover was created by drummer Brian Profilio, a NYC public school art teacher.

                                                                          The new album is dripping with the psychedelic sounds of early heavy metal fused with the tight-knit propulsion of Fela Kuti. “The Sticks” kicks off with a snarling riff seamlessly doubled on bass and guitar and unfurls into sludgy breakdowns and searing guitars.

                                                                          The Free Fall Band

                                                                          The Münster Sights

                                                                            The Free Fall Band are five very young timeless pop creators bursting with melody and sublime choruses, hailing from Mataró, a village north Barcelona.

                                                                            ‘Elephants Never Forget’ was the band’s debut album, produced by Miqui Puig and released on LAV Records. The record sums up The Free Fall Band perfectly: echoes of The Beatles, Jonathan Richman, The Shins, The Zombies… fun and emotion in equal measure, carefully assembled arrangements and a youthful image.

                                                                            2013 put them at the forefront of Spanish pop, thanks to landmark moments such as their performance at the Primavera Sound Festival and supporting Rodriguez in Barcelona. They also released their first step on El Segell del Primavera, an EP with covers of The Strokes, Violent Femmes, New Order, Booker T. & The MGs and Jonathan Richman.

                                                                            And now their second album arrives. It’s called ‘The Münster Sights’ and shows the band in another level: the songs reflect a band that have been playing and growing as musicians. The album was produced by Darren Hayman (he used to play in Hefner and has a long and amazing solo career) and engineered by Giles Barrett (from London popsters Tigercats), a perfect choice for The Free Fall Band as they’ve long been fans of both musicians. As a result ‘The Münster Sights’ sounds richer and fatter than their previous efforts and contains such great numbers as ‘Fontana’ and ‘I Want To Know’.

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            I Want To Know
                                                                            City Of Raleigh
                                                                            Look At Me Run, Dear
                                                                            Lonesome Cowboy, Solitary Peggy Sue
                                                                            Oh, What An Awkward Day
                                                                            By Your Window
                                                                            Every Man
                                                                            The Barbershop
                                                                            A Friend’s Homecoming
                                                                            The Münster Sights

                                                                            Musically Strange Friend is the most straight-up set of recordings the band have put to wax. Fans of their previous critically-acclaimed albums, fear not; those burbling, fluttering electronics that drag their sound through a wormhole and out into the 70’s alongside the soundtracks of John Carpenter and the kosmische of Kraftwerk and Neu! remain; the elements of folk; the woozy organ sounds. The difference is now it feels as though an imaginary thread’s been pulled tight through it all; take Strange Friend's driving opening track and first single, ‘The Wind That Cried The World'.

                                                                            Singer Rick Redbeard on the song "The verses have a kind of nursery rhyme musical naivety and we wanted the choruses to just sort of blast in. The lyrics were kind of stream of consciousness that alludes somewhat to the inherent meaninglessness and randomness of artistic creation. The whole track acts as a nice opener and first single; a sort of a statement of intent after being away for so long."

                                                                            Strange Friend, like their previous outings, is the sound of six clearly distinct personalities attempting to inflict their will on the rest of the group – it’s no surprise the phrase “love/hate” is brought up repeatedly by all its members in an attempt to describe their relationship with the band as an entity – but it’s that fission between each other’s contributions that provides the intangible individuality of their music. “Like all true utopias it can feel impossible to maintain,” admits guitarist Duncan Marquiss. “But we'd have fallen apart long ago if any one band member took the reins, and that friction between people throws up music that no single person in the band would have imagined otherwise. I still hope our utopia will turn into whisky fountains and flying sandwiches.” It’s something that you can’t help but feel would be fully deserved for these most strange but wonderful returning friends.

                                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                            says: There’s always the danger that when six people with disparate influences come together to make music , the songs can get pulled in so many different directions that they come apart at the seams. The Phantoms have the knack of grabbing all these threads and weaving (tangling?) them into inventive near perfect pop songs. The band have already demonstrated this on their previous two albums, but now after a four year gap they’ve returned with possibly their most cohesive album so far. The metronomic bass and drums power through or drop down to suit the mood as guitars chime and riff in equal measure. Spacey analogue synth swirls add an other-worldy feel, and a whole cacophony of percussion embellish proceedings. At times this combination creates an almost euphoric feel while at others Rick’s rich folk-tinged vocals add a sense of gravity. It’s been a long time coming, but well worth the wait!

                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                            1. The Wind That Cried The World
                                                                            2. Clapshot
                                                                            3. Doom Patrol
                                                                            4. Atacama
                                                                            5. (Invisible) Friends
                                                                            6. Sweatbox
                                                                            7. No Shoes Blues
                                                                            8. Women Of Ghent
                                                                            9. Galápagos

                                                                            The Memory Band

                                                                            Further Navigations

                                                                              THIS IS A RECORD STORE DAY 2014 EXCLUSIVE, LIMITED TO ONE PER PERSON.

                                                                              The Further Navigations EP is a continuation of the themes which informed The Memory Band album On The Chalk (Our Navigation Of The Line Of The Downs) also released on Static Caravan. Featuring remixes from Belbury Poly and Grantby and a brand new Memory Band track the EP draws inspiration from the ancient "lost road" that is the Harrow Way. The choice of collaborators are two producers who have had a profound impact on The Memory Band sound in different ways, but both bring to the fore the cinematic elements of Stephen Cracknell's approach to traditional music. In the decade since The Memory Band began one of its greatest contemporary influences has been the fine collection of work released by the Ghost Box label, in particular the Belbury Poly aka label boss Jim Jupp. Spectral, haunting and yet vibrant and knowing his work has established Jupp as a truly English original, making some of the essential electronic music of the new century. For "Hobby Horse" Belbury Poly takes the blueprint from the Memory Band's version of the traditional funeral march "When I Was On Horseback" transforms it by speeding it up, flicking the swing setting and produces something that sounds like David Munrow making music for schools on analogue synthesisers. Grantby aka Dan Grigson has a mysterious history, famed for the Timber EP and tracks for labels such as Mo-Wax in the mid ‘90s, his work defined and exceeded trip-hop and garnered a loyal international underground following who spoke of him as an English version of DJ Shadow. Memory Band leader Stephen Cracknell worked alongside Grigson on a one or two of those early recordings and when Grigson withdrew from music after an ill-starred move to Creation Records, Cracknell moved to focus on his own projects which lead to The Memory Band. Recently Grigson returned to music, working on music for film and television music before returning to remixes and production. Here Grantby takes the traditional ballad "As I Walked over Salisbury Plain" leads it into the military zone and the result is "The Ballad Of Imber Down" named after the "lost village" of Imber upon Salisbury Plain, from which its inhabitants were evacuated by the Army during the Second World War only to learn that after the War that it had been decided the village would remain the property of the military and that they could never return again. Their ultimately doomed campaign to return has itself passed into legend.The Memory Band original "Walk Along It" is a hymn to majesty of walking in the open air. It borrows heavily from the anonymous and haunting version of the traditional English tune The Lincolnshire Poacher, broadcast from a shortwave numbers station and believed to be operated by the British secret services.

                                                                              TRACK LISTING

                                                                              Side 1
                                                                              1. The Memory Band & Belbury Poly - Hobby Horse
                                                                              2. The Memory Band - Walk Along It
                                                                              Side 2:
                                                                              3. The Memory Band & Grantby - The Ballad Of Imber Down

                                                                              The Magic Band

                                                                              21st Century Mirror Men

                                                                                "These shows will astonish you. I had tears of joy in my eyes". This was the standout line from a Five Star review by The Guardian newspaper of the live shows by The Magic Band - a collection of extraordinary musicians drawn from the lineups that were brought together over the years by the legendary Captain Beefheart. Tribute bands and ghost bands are usually a decidedly poor relation to the real thing, but The Magic Band are different, as the tracks on this album prove. Recorded at the UK shows during 2004, the material bursts with new life, and the band achieve a near-impossible task - not just playing the notes as they are on the records (hard enough in itself in some cases) but playing them convincingly enough to send a sold-out London audience into ovation after ovation. These are the players who were inducted into the Captain's secret musical universe, and who transformed his unique ideas into works of unfathomable and inimitable beauty, and live in 2005 they did that same thing again.

                                                                                The Free Fall Band

                                                                                Songs Our Days Pass Along Vol. 1

                                                                                  The Free Fall Band are five very young timeless pop creators bursting with melody and sublime choruses. They appeared out of nowhere three years ago from the Maresme. They quickly gained recognition: finalists of the Demoscópicas de Mondo Sonoro or at the Villa de Bilbao (where they were the winners of the Pop Rock category in 2011) azzaldia de Donosti, Faraday, popArb… a series of achievements that led them to record their debut album, produced by Miqui Puig and released on LAV Records (co-released with Buenritmo).

                                                                                  The record sums up The Free Fall Band perfectly: echoes of The Beatles, Jonathan Richman, The Shins, The Zombies…fun and emotion in equal measure, carefully assembled arrangements and a youthful image.

                                                                                  2013 has put them at the forefront of national pop, thanks to landmark moments such as their performance at the Primavera Sound Festival and supporting Rodriguez in Barcelona. Before the year is out they will play at BAM and will also take part in the Primavera Sound Touring Party that will take them all around Spain.

                                                                                  This next step is a mini album of covers (their first record on El Segell Del Primavera) that includes covers of The Strokes, Violent Femmes, New Order, Booker T & The MGs and Jonathan Richman.

                                                                                  Their second album is planned for the beginning of 2014.

                                                                                  TRACK LISTING

                                                                                  ‘Love Vigilantes’ (New Order)
                                                                                  ‘The Modern Age’ (The Strokes)
                                                                                  ‘When We Refuse To Suffer’ (Jonathan Richman)
                                                                                  ‘Green Onions’ (Booker T & The M.G.s)
                                                                                  Violent Femmes Medley

                                                                                  Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band

                                                                                  Take Me To The Land Of Hell

                                                                                    Following her hugely successful run as curator of London’s Meltdown Festival, this album continues an astonishing bout of creativity for Ono, who is celebrating her 80th birthday with major museum retrospectives around the world, her 10th #1 hit on the Billboard Dance charts, a sequel to her instruction book Grapefruit, winning "Digital Genius" MTV O Award, and spearheading the activist effort against fracking in her home state of New York. A career retrospective book will be published by Genesis in Autumn followed by reissues of her '60s-80s albums in 2014.

                                                                                    “My new album comes at a very special time for me. The energy I have right now, and the desire to continue to make as much great work as I can, is really moving me forward all the time. This album is the culmination of a lot of ideas I’ve been having over the last few years and I feel proud to release it at such an exciting time of my life."

                                                                                    Take Me To The Land Of Hell was recorded in New York and produced by Yoko, Sean Lennon and Yuka Honda. Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band includes members of Cornelius and Cibo Matto, plus – special guests for this album – tUnEyArDs, ?uestlove, Lenny Kravitz, Nels Cline and Andrew Wyatt. The album includes remixes by Mike D & Adrock and Keigo "Cornelius" Oyamada.

                                                                                    Me And My Kites, With Tony Durant Of Fuchsia.

                                                                                    The Band

                                                                                    OK, hands up who remembers the album, ‘Fuchsia’ from 1971? Hands-up who loves the mix of acid-folk, progressive rock, strings and songs? Yeah, me too.

                                                                                    Me and My Kites are a new band, from Sweden.

                                                                                    Why is that relevant? They are named after a song on Fuchsia's album, which must say something about their influences and, on their first-ever single, it’s all the more appropriate as Fuchsia's original lead singer Tony Durant wrote and now sings a new version of Fuchsia's song 'The Band' on the a-side (remember those?) of this new 7” on FdM’s Regal Crabomophone label.

                                                                                    The b-side is dedicated to Kevin Ayers, and is an extended version of the Me And My Kites song, Isis’ Adventure, from the band’s new album, ‘Like A Dream Back Then’)

                                                                                    I hope you like it.

                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                    1. The Band (written By Tony Durant) 3:15
                                                                                    2. Isis’ Adventure (written By David Svedmyr) 3:30

                                                                                    Releases by Stephen Cracknell and his acclaimed project The Memory Band have always lent themselves to journeys and landscape: dream-like stumbles through stony megaliths, wintry climbs along snow-covered hills, drunken dashes through sun-splashed fields with a summer love. Their records have always been more pre-occupied with external narratives than internal emotions. But perhaps never before quite as literally as on adventurous new album On The Chalk (Our Navigation of the Line of the Downs), a beguiling musical tribute to a mythical ancient pathway crossing a Southern England shrouded in mystery and withered by time.

                                                                                    Made of eleven songs spread across haunting horn noises, crackles, drones, blissed-out beats and tender piano melodies, this fourth studio album marks the tenth anniversary of one the most invigorating and much loved folk acts around, a group described by NME as “a disorientating, drugged-up soundtrack for the 21st Century… genuinely beautiful.” And speaking of monumental journeys, it’s been quite a road to this moment for Cracknell and his ever evolving cast of collaborators.“I’ve had a decade of marginal poverty, nice trips and the company of wonderful dreamers,” laughs the mercurial composer, formerly seen fronting much loved outfits The Accidental and Balearic Folk Orchestra. “The idea with this record was it to be sort of a road trip along a mythical track way, an irreverent and episodic journey across a landscape inundated with history and the marks of change and transformation, some striking and immediate, others slow and imperceptible.”

                                                                                    He may as well be describing his own sounds to be found in On The Chalk… – for every jaw-dropping shimmer of harp or arresting moment of reed organ, there’s an avalanche of clever quiet detail to be unearthed, with cinematic overtones that recall his Wicker Man touring soundtrack that Cracknell has taken to fields everywhere from Glastonbury, Green Man to a castle in Jersey.Cracknell says: “There’s been a real revival of interest lately in old roads and green lanes, in literature, art and film. This has run parallel to so much of the renewed interest in folklore and folk music. One supposedly ancient trackway that I'd hear referenced again and again was the Harrow Way, which stretched from the Straits Of Dover all the way to the west country by an overland route on chalk ridgeways. I grew up in a place supposedly along its route.”What followed was a period of extensive research, digging deep into his own past and the World around him, listening to a strange combination of traditional folk-songs and seminal British landscape music such as Chill Out by acid house pranksters the KLF, tracing old roads and creating ambient recordings on site for use on the album. ”It was all a lot of fun, running round the country playing at psycho-geography,” recalls Cracknell. “Like the landscape that inspired it, it’s an album that at times is dark and imposing and at others more peaceful and serene.”Recorded in the songwriter’s home studio in East London (“an empty schoolroom overlooking a park… quite a peaceful place for London, really”), this is an album by a group who, like their subject matter, have changed and grown over time, but remain every bit as vital as ever.

                                                                                    Stagecoach is a pop rock band from the south of England, with a smashing debut album and UK tour coming in May. Huw Stephens span their single 'Map To The Freezer' exhaustively on both his Radio 1 shows. He then invited the band to play the BBC Introducing stage at Reading & Leeds 2010, before naming Stagecoach one of his BBC Introducing acts of the year. In February 2011 the band recorded a live Radio One session at Maida Vale. You may have heard Stagecoach on BBC One's ‘Gavin and Stacey’ Christmas & New Year specials. Channel 4 also used them on season 2 of ‘Skins’. Two of the band’s tracks feature on the international trailer for this year’s breakout British comedy ‘Killing Bono’. The band recently toured with friends Johnny Foreigner, Glaswegian rockers Twin Atlantic and opened for Jimmy Eat World. With a handful of singles and ep's released through indie labels Alcopop! and This Is Fake DIY the first full length album (produced by Rory Attwell) is due early 2013.

                                                                                    For fans of: Johnny Foreigner, Pavement, Fight Like Apes, Wilco, Los Campesinos, Prefab Sprout Big melodic gutsy slacker pop!

                                                                                    TRACK LISTING

                                                                                    1.) Work! Work! Work!
                                                                                    2.) Action
                                                                                    3.) 56K Dial Up
                                                                                    4.) A New Hand
                                                                                    5.) Threequel
                                                                                    6.) Kings Resolve
                                                                                    7.) First And Last
                                                                                    8.) Nothing Leads You Astray
                                                                                    9.) We Got Tazers
                                                                                    10.) I’m Not Your House
                                                                                    11.) Video Shop

                                                                                    The Jimi Ben Band

                                                                                    Royal Baboon / Monkeys In Da House

                                                                                    Debut single from French 3-piece electronic garage band, The Jimi Ben Band. Based in Lille, France, they came to our attention having played with Thee Spivs. We strongly suggest you YouTube the video to experience the full majesty and psychedelic majesty of the band.

                                                                                    Once upon a time, Jimi Ben found himself lost in the jungle. He had been wandering in South East Asia for years and could find no way out. One night he was cruising for dirt and love, he got struck by sexedelic visions emerging from the red lights of go-go bars. An inner baboon voice told him: “Jimi ! Bad is good for you. Why don’t you set up a Rock’N’Roll band ?”. That’s exactly what he did. Back in his hometown (Stockton, Northern France), he was taught by long time friend Ricky Love how to play power chords on a guitar and recorded a first LP demo on a 4 tracks tape recorder in his kitchen.In December 2009, Johnny Boom (drums) joined Ricky Love (bass, vocals) and Jimi Ben (vocals, guitars) for their first show and further DIY tape recordings (Monkeys In Da House EP – 2011). Mainly influenced by American Garage bands, 60’s British Beat groups, Surf Music, Punk Rock and New Wave, these slackers like it rather cheesy, danceable and fun. The Jimi Ben Band started as a lo-fi garage trio. Since then, they have performed about 40 shows in France and Belgium and developed a degenerate style based on energy, coconut vocals and great amounts of reverb. They have made it quite clear that they wanted nothing but having girls dancing at gigs.

                                                                                    Band Of Skulls

                                                                                    The Devil Takes Care Of His Own

                                                                                      ‘The Devil Takes Care Of His Own’ is a prime example of the band’s swaggering, blues-rock sound, tipping its hat to Led Zep, whilst the Unkle remix of ‘Sweet Sour’ is the product of a recent Hong Kong art exhibit collaboration between the two groups.

                                                                                      Originally available as a limited edition, one sided 7", this new version  features an Unkle remix of the title track of the band’s second album, ‘Sweet Sour’.

                                                                                      In The Red is happy as a pig in shit to announce the debut release by the Ty Segall Band. The Ty Segall Band is Ty Segall (obviously), Mikal Cronin, Charlie Moonheart and Emily Rose Epstein.

                                                                                      While Segall has released many incredible solo releases, 'Slaughterhouse' marks the first that he recorded with his touring band. For this album (it’s only ten inches, but you get two!) the band recorded with Chris Woodhouse at the Hangar, turned their amps all the way up, set their fuzz pedals on obliterate and commenced to kick ass and take names. Seriously, this record will melt your face.

                                                                                      All of Segall’s usual psych-pop sensibilities are present but 'Slaughterhouse' adds the full throttle, go-for-the-throat bombast that the band delivers in the live setting. The fuzz riffs, bratty howl and Cro-Magnon bashing culminate with a feedback freakout that’s clearly the only sensible way to end a workout of this magnitude.

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      1. Death
                                                                                      2. I Bought My Eyes
                                                                                      3. Slaughterhouse
                                                                                      4. The Tongue
                                                                                      5. Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart
                                                                                      6. Wave Goodbye
                                                                                      7. Muscle Man
                                                                                      8. That’s The Bag I’m In
                                                                                      9. Diddy Wah Diddy
                                                                                      10. Oh Mary
                                                                                      11. Fuzz War

                                                                                      Willie King With The Ike Turner Band

                                                                                      Peg Leg Woman / Mistreating Me

                                                                                      As you'd expect from Ike Turner's band, the playing is top notch on this killer blues rocker featuring vox from Willie King, who's happy with a one legged woman on side A and less happy with the mistreating woman on the soulful blues B-side cut featuring much Tremelo vibrato on the guitar.

                                                                                      Gabby Young & Other Animals

                                                                                      The Band Called Out For More

                                                                                      With a list of accolades as long as a pair of stripy tights, Gabby Young And Other Animals, (otherwise known as the “World’s Finest Purveyors of Circus Swing” – Clive Anderson, Loose Ends on Radio 4) release their new highly anticipated album. Written by Gabby and Stephen Ellis, who also produces, this 13 track work represents a giant sonic step forward. Its colourful avant-garde sound, with lush orchestration, horns and quiet melodies, exudes the best bits of music hall, burlesque, 1920s flapper music, Nouvelle Vague cinema and torch songs. Indeed, Gabby comes across like Rufus Wainwright’s other younger sister – bred perhaps on a diet of Bjork, Imogen Heap, and Joanna Newsom – as she sets out winningly to reinvent her own genre, Circus Swing.

                                                                                      ‘My sound’s matured,’ is all she’ll say. ‘I’ll admit that. I’ve honed my craft. I’m very happy and settled where I wasn’t before. ‘ Lead single ‘In Your Head’ allows fans to connect with the party tempo of the first album. Its witty animated interactive promo, in which you can ‘choose’ which animal to be saved from an evil ringmaster, was produced by Gabby’s friend Georgina Hurcombe (Lovelove Films). A metaphor for the music industry? ‘Perhaps,’ sighs Gabby, with a smile. The slower tracks stand out particularly: The Answer’s In The Question’s incessant analysis of a relationship; the contemplative trumpet-tinged ‘Honey,’ Gabby’s personal favourite and, most impressively, ‘Male Version Of Me’, a quiet accordion-tinged paean to finding a soulmate. But fear not, there are hoedown moments aplenty too: ‘Horatio’ is one such, and closing track ‘The Band Called Out For More’ sees Gabby morph into some crazed Edith Piaf. ‘Segment’ opens quietly before building into an almighty strings-charged Arcade Fire-style workout, whilst the album’s masterpiece is the serpentine ‘Neither Beginning Nor The End’, a spine-tingling mid-tempo classic, complete with operatic flourishes, before an abrupt finish leaves the listener needing more.

                                                                                      Gabby Young’s twisting roots have carried her and that stunning voice from her native Wiltshire to land with a bang at the centre of London’s music scene. The youngest ever recruit to the National Youth Choir at the age of 12, Gabby was on track to become an opera singer until Jeff Buckley and the jazz greats inspired her to switch teams. In 2008 Gabby formed the 8-piece band who complete the magical musical fairground we know today, using a wide range of instruments, most notably trumpet, trombone, piano and clarinet – affectionately dubbed Circus Swing by those who realised there was no existing genre to encompass Young’s sound. It was crowd-funding her first album that really put her on the map. The Evening Standard ran a story on it, and the piece was picked up across the board – with an interview even on Sky News, and positive write-ups by many of the UK's major newspapers, including The Guardian, The Sunday Times and the London Evening Standard.

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      1. In Your Head
                                                                                      2. Goldfish Bowl
                                                                                      3. Walk Away
                                                                                      4. Male Version Of Me
                                                                                      5. Open
                                                                                      6. Clay Heart
                                                                                      7. Neither The Beginning Nor The End
                                                                                      8. Horatio
                                                                                      9. Honey
                                                                                      10. Segment
                                                                                      11. The Answer's In The Question
                                                                                      12. Curtain Call
                                                                                      13. The Band Called Out For More

                                                                                      A lot of folks will tell you that Robert Johnson was the King of the Delta Blues. But don‘t say it in front of Reverend Peyton. The guitar-wielding leader of The Reverend Peyton‘s Big Damn Band has no problem praising Johnson and his incredible body of work. “But there‘s only one King of the Delta Blues, and his name was Charley Patton,” Peyton said. “I‘ll go toe-totoe with anyone who says different”. ‘Peyton On Patton’ is a powerful tribute to The Rev’s hero.

                                                                                      The 13-track album features songs written and recorded by Patton during his brief recording career, which came to an end upon his premature death in 1934.

                                                                                      During his lifetime and for nearly a quarter of a century afterward, Charley Patton was regarded almost universally as the preeminent Delta bluesman. He spent his formative years at Dockery Plantation near Ruleville, Mississippi, where he influenced future blues and gospel stars including the aforementioned Robert Johnson, as well as Son House, Willie Brown, Pops Staples, John Lee Hooker and Howlin‘ Wolf. His flamboyant performance style was widely emulated and his songs frequently covered. During a fiveyear period, Patton recorded nearly 60 songs for Paramount Records.

                                                                                      The release includes three radically different versions of ‘Some Of These Days I‘ll Be Gone’ featuring varying instrumentation and recorded in different keys and arrangements.

                                                                                      Although Patton sometimes recorded with other musicians, Rev. Peyton regards his hero‘s solo recordings as his best. For that reason, ‘Peyton On Patton’ is a largely solo affair with Reverend Peyton‘s growling vocals and searing guitar work placed front and centre. But while the rest of the Big Damn Band are used sparingly, they make a number of crucial contributions to the record. Washboard Breezy - wife of Reverend Peyton - contributes washboard percussion, Aaron ‘Cuz’ Persinger, whose thundering drums are a mainstay of the band‘s live shows, here plays in a starkly different manner, drumming with just his hands on a century-old tobacco barrel.

                                                                                      TRACK LISTING

                                                                                      1. Jesus Is A Dying Bed Maker
                                                                                      2. Some Of These Days I'll Be Gone
                                                                                      3. Mississippi Boweavil Blues
                                                                                      4. Elder Greene Blues
                                                                                      5. Tom Rushen Blues
                                                                                      6. Some Happy Days
                                                                                      7. Some Of These Days I'll Be Gone (Banjo Version)
                                                                                      8. Green River Blues
                                                                                      9. Prayer Of Death Pt. 1
                                                                                      10. A Spoonful Blues
                                                                                      11. You're Gonna Need Someone (When You Come To Die)
                                                                                      12. Shake It And Break It
                                                                                      13. Some Of These Days I'll Be Gone (Slide Guitar Version)

                                                                                      The Memory Band

                                                                                      Oh My Days

                                                                                        In a decade which has seen a wide ranging and fruitful revival of interest in folk music, Stephen Cracknell's The Memory Band has established itself in that fine English tradition of slightly schizophrenic projects pointing in several directions at once which manage to find their place in the ever exciting independent music scene, popping up at several influential moments and though the marvels of technology finding audiences all around the world.

                                                                                        From the outset The Memory Band has embraced change and for its third album, "Oh My Days", the ever-fluid line-up of The Memory Band has shifted once more, with a fresh emphasis on rhythm courtesy of the powerhouse team of bassist Jon Thorne from Lamb and drummer Tom Page of Rocketnumbernine, as well as an all-new vocal frontline featuring Jess Roberts, Jenny McCormick, Hannah Caughlin and Liam Bailey (whose debut album is out on Poyldor later this year). Sam Carter, winner of this year's Horizon award at the Radio 2 Folk Awards, plays and sings on a number of songs, while there are contributions from names new and old; Nancy Wallace, Dot Allison, Sam Genders on vocals, guitarists John Smith and Pete Greenwood, bassist Jonny Bridgwood, string players Quinta, Rob Spriggs, Jennymay Logan and Laura Moody, Sarah Scutt on accordion and recorder, and Serafina Steer on harp.

                                                                                        "Oh My Days" is a warmly-textured, delicately-balanced blend of the best elements from its predecessors. Low-key electronic pulses and loops purr away gently beneath material that radiates a quiet strength, having expanded its palette to embrace soul, gospel, Laurel Canyon rock and country blues alongside the folk and jazz elements of the earlier albums. It's a beautifully-poised piece of work, with the usual handful of inspired covers – Sandy Denny's "By The Time It Gets Dark", Graham Bond's "Love Is The Law" and Jeff Alexander's "Come Wander With Me" (from the TV series The Twilight Zone) – nestling amongst ten originals, several of which are already live favourites.

                                                                                        The Straw Bear Band is the main focus of attention for Dominic Cooper - member of the Owl Service collective and inhouse graphic designer for the Rif Mountain label (of which he is also a co-founder). The Straw Bear Band play a kind of 'garage-folk'; stripped down, raw, earthy, and concerned with the darker, more grim aspects of our aural heritage. During a break from recording their second album (a mammoth 26-track concept album which is an A-Z of songs about British eccentrics), the band cut these 2 sides in the studio of producer/multi-instrumentalist Gerry Diver (best known for his work with Lisa Knapp). The songs are both traditional re-workings, and both are elevated to new levels from any previous recorded versions. A Lyke Wake Dirge is performed as a driving, chorus-led stomp-fest, while Nottamun Town is presented in a stark, angular arrangement which suits the dream-like lyric perfectly - the portentous percussion and Diver's wild, bewitching violin used to stunning effect.

                                                                                        The band are named after a folk festival which takes place in the town of Whittlesey where Dominic Cooper grew up. Each year since at least the mid-19th century, a man dressed as a straw bear visits all the ale-houses in the town to entertain the patrons before being torched in a breathtaking finale (sadly, this event has lost much of it's charm since the intervention of health and safety executives).

                                                                                        For fans of Alasdair Roberts, The Owl Service, Cath & Phil Tyler.

                                                                                        ‘No man is an island’ wrote John Donne, but what about bands? Well, they’re probably not islands either, but like most things in life, you need exceptions to prove the rule. That’s why it was so remarkable when The Phantom Band, with their legion of musical references, still managed to sound quite unlike anyone else when they released "Checkmate Savage" in 2009, a debut that earned mass critical applause and made them the cult success of the year. Twelve months later, they’re still in a movement of one, and their follow-up, "The Wants", looks set to cement their reputation as one of the most inventive and vital units at work today.

                                                                                        If "Checkmate Savage" was the product of a band mulling over the human race’s inexorable slide into oblivion, then its follow-up found them turning feral and heading for the hills to ride out the storm. Holing up in Chem19 (Chemikal Underground’s studio in the wastelands of Blantyre), The Phantom Band immersed themselves in a primordial soup of influences before emerging six months later, emaciated and squinting in the pallid sunlight, cradling "The Wants": a nine-track musical folly and the soundtrack to their own personal apocalypse.

                                                                                        Charged with creating a second album more or less from scratch and in situ - an album upon which their creative and material survival depended - they contracted a virulent strain of cabin fever and promptly set sail into the mouth of madness. Keyboardist Andy Wake elaborates: 'As you know, The Phantom Band was built on the site of an ancient Indian burial ground, so every time we record it's like an emotional exorcism. It's painful, prolonged, confusing; at times it's hard to tell what's happening outside of this other-world'. Guiding them through this tortuous birthing process was the chimerical figure of Mungo Bang, 'a spiritual adviser of sorts who came highly recommended. He also added vibes'.

                                                                                        Their madness had method, because a lot came out in the mix: a forest of tuned percussion, poly-rhythmic group vocals, fuzz guitars and medieval electronics. Musical inspirations included David Lynch and John Carpenter soundtracks, German kosmische music of the 70’s, Tom Waits, digidub rhythms, R&B harmonies, doo-wop and rock'n'roll. Lyrical inspiration emerged from lycanthropy, vampires, doppelgangers and the Salem witch trials. That’s also Teenage Fanclub’s Wurlitzer organ you can hear on "Everybody Knows It’s True", alongside a host of other instruments, both homemade and hard-bought. Various bits of furniture, wood, a toy drum machine, some home-made drum triggers and FX pedals (aptly named the Phantosizer), shelvaphones, a dulcimer and the studio fire extinguisher - all had roles to play on the final recording. 'Sink [Greg Sinclair] appeared at rehearsal one day with what looked like a body bag containing at least one corpse. It turned out to be a full size vibrophone with all the trimmings', explains Wake. If any more evidence of creative initiative was required, the album opens with the sound of a baliphone being sawed into tune in preparation for a take.

                                                                                        The end product represents a major leap forward for the band, a sound more of their own. Juxtapositions are more apparent – arcane folk melodies and gothic lyrical imagery straddle vintage analogue synths and primitive drum machines. 'Where Checkmate Savage was varied, we've intensified those elements, because we've got no reason to be subtle with them', says Wake. 'It's much more concentrated, more skilfully executed and with more decoration. It’s "Checkmate Savage" - On Ice'.

                                                                                        The Phantom Band was pulled together from all four corners of Scotland, settling on Glasgow as PB HQ. Duncan Marquiss (guitar), Gerry Hart (bass), Andy Wake (keyboards), Rick Anthony (vocals) and Greg Sinclair (guitars) are a volatile cabal of creative contradictions: a disorientating amalgam of music, art and performance that defies categorisation and provides an object lesson in how to forge something distinct and unique from well-worn sources. "Checkmate Savage" won plaudits from the mainstream music press and the indie blogs alike, finding famous fans in Peter Buck and comic artist Frank Quitely, while the influential music emporium Piccadilly Records named it their album of the year. Their new album may be "The Wants", but what do The Phantom Band want for? 'Survival. For this album to lead to another after it, that's all. We think it's better than the last one, and if anyone agrees with us then brilliant, they can hop aboard. Those who disagree can hop aboard too, but they're sailing at the stern'.

                                                                                        STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                        says: The mighty Phantom Band return with a superb follow up to their debut album, which was our Album Of The Year in 2009. "The Wants" picks up where "Checkmate Savage" left off adding more and more layers to their already complex sound. It's less motorik than their debut, but still with their distinctive pulsing rhythms at the heart of it. There's more analogue synth action and knob twiddling going on this time around and on each listen, you're plunged deeper into their world.
                                                                                        The first band to get a Piccadillly Album Of The Year in consecutive years? The competition is pretty stiff this year, but it's definitely in the running.....

                                                                                        TRACK LISTING

                                                                                        1. A Glamour
                                                                                        2. O
                                                                                        3. Everybody Knows It's True
                                                                                        4. The None Of One
                                                                                        5. Mr. Natural
                                                                                        6. Come Away In The Dark
                                                                                        7. Walls
                                                                                        8. Into The Corn
                                                                                        9. Goodnight Arrow

                                                                                        Tim Robbins And The Rogues Gallery Band

                                                                                        Tim Robbins And The Rogues Gallery Band

                                                                                          Tim Robbins, Oscar winning actor, director and writer, releases his debut album.

                                                                                          Produced by the legendary Hal Willner, the album features a host of world class musicians, including Kate St John, Leo Abrahams, Roger Eno and Rory McFarlane, amongst others.

                                                                                          TRACK LISTING

                                                                                          1. Book Of Josie
                                                                                          2. You’re My Dare
                                                                                          3. Dreams
                                                                                          4. Time To Kill
                                                                                          5. Toledo Girl
                                                                                          6. Queen Of Dreams
                                                                                          7. Crush On You
                                                                                          8. Moment In The Sun
                                                                                          9. Lightning Calls

                                                                                          Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band

                                                                                          Where The Messengers Meet

                                                                                            While it has only been 18 months since Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band's self-titled debut, they have traveled what feels like thousands of miles. "Where The Messengers Meet" is in real time, an expansion of the sound of the band's eponymous debut. They take the same frantic and skewed elements and stretch them out, giving them room to breathe and blossom.

                                                                                            Thematically, "Where The Messengers Meet" is an exercise in contrasts: the delicate and gentle, the dark and furious. Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band collects powerful compositions into one cohesive whole held together with lush production and a haunting atmosphere. They are imperceptibly inching away from an angular style influenced by Modest Mouse and Wolf Parade, instead incorporating an epic sound recalling both the modern masters such as Arcade Fire, and classic pioneers, like Pink Floyd.

                                                                                            The Hayley Faye Band


                                                                                            From their first gig in April 08, The Hayley Faye Band have garnered a loyal following. This debut single features two tracks: "Babysleepmode", which is driven by a propulsive snare drum beat and the upbeat stomp of "Kings And Queens", with both tracks being defined by Hayley's distinctive, charismatic vocals and perceptive lyrics.

                                                                                            Creating your own genre of music is not for the faint hearted and this is exactly what this album uncompromisingly sets out to do. Despite strong influences from the Mediterranean and the Middle East, it admirably keeps its feet firmly on the ground of Manchester and British Indie. Following in the footsteps of British bands Asian Dub Foundation and Transglobal Underground, the album layers exotic sounds like darbuka, saz and bouzouki over a strong, driving back beat. From electric guitar to the haunting Turkish çümbüş, each song holds small surprises from the unusual array of instruments arranged with loving attention to detail.

                                                                                            A mixture of Darwish's songs in English and modern rearrangements of Turkish and Kurdish songs, this album successfully fuses lyrics in English, Turkish and two Kurdish languages. Anatolian folk songs, some thought to be over 300 years old, sit comfortably next to some of the most biting English lyrics to have been written in recent times. The whole album has a meaningful weight to it but never becomes trite or pompous like so many of its world music counterparts.

                                                                                            The country and eastern sound is both uplifting and adventurous, never more exemplified than in the stomping cover of Dolly Parton's classic song "Jolene". Every listen reveals a new detail from the many intricate layers that go together to set this album in a world of is own. With anthemic and poetical comments on immigration and the Iraq war it is firmly set in the 21st century but the breathtakingly original mixture of languages and sounds from east and west takes you to a world where the only borders really are in your mind.

                                                                                            THE PICCADILLY RECORDS ALBUM OF THE YEAR 2009

                                                                                            After years of changing their identity with every gig that they performed, this remarkable Glasgow based six piece finally settled on the name of The Phantom Band in 2006. Their debut album “Checkmate Savage” was born, under the expert guidance of producer Paul Savage from the Delgados, from lengthy jam sessions that highlighted not only the band’s experimental side, but also their unique grasp of melodic looseness. Riding on a near perfect motorik beat, the songs sway and swoon with a knowing art-rock style, underpinned throughout with an earthy, almost mystical, folky Scottish vocal delivery.

                                                                                            “Checkmate Savage” is otherworldly, and hard to pin down, with a freeform spaciousness that band’s only usually discover on their third or fourth albums, and in that respect The Phantom Band are most certainly way ahead of the game, one can only wonder what their next album will bring. They’ve been compared to the Beta Band, krautrock legends Neu! and Can, as well the likes of Nick Cave, Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy, the Violent Femmes and Captain Beefheart, but The Phantom Band are truly out on their own. A quite fitting, and truly exceptional album of the year.

                                                                                            STAFF COMMENTS

                                                                                            says: Given the volume of records released these days, it's easy for things to disappear into your record collection after a few months, never to be unearthed again, but this is still one of my go-to albums, years after it's release.
                                                                                            The synthetic, metallic chill of the motorik rhythms and wooshing synths is balanced perfectly with heavy percussion and Rick's rich vocals adding more organic tones. It's just an amazing, inventive album that while hinting at a multitude of reference point, sounds like nothing else.

                                                                                            TRACK LISTING

                                                                                            1. Howling
                                                                                            2. Burial Sounds
                                                                                            3. Folk Song Oblivion
                                                                                            4. Crocodile
                                                                                            5. Halfhound
                                                                                            6. Left Hand Wave
                                                                                            7. Island
                                                                                            8. Throwing Bones
                                                                                            9. Whole Is On My Side


                                                                                            The Eagle / Like An Arrow

                                                                                            Limited 7" from this hot Sydney three piece, bursting on to the music scene with a fuzzed out guitar sound, the simplicity of a three piece format and the haunting vocals of Sarah Kelly. This is distorto dream pop, that reminds me of Juliana Hatfield and Lush a bit too. Sisters Sarah and Lizzie Kelly form the core of the band and record with the addition of a boy drummer / vocalist.


                                                                                            Sole And The Skyrider Band

                                                                                              This is Anticon co-founder Sole's official follow up to 2005's "Live From Rome" LP, and first release with his new band, Skyrider. It's the label's finest hip hop album since Sage Francis' classic "Personal Journals" way back in 2002. In some ways, this is a record of return - a return to rhyming for one, particularly the complicated rhyme schemes that marked Sole's early work, a return driven by his seeming, but not actual, discordant love of both Lord Byron and Lil' Wayne. It's a record where the lovely analog of "Shipwreckers" (where Sole jacks the hook from the Guy Debord film Refutation Of All Judgements) comfortably co-habits with the grinding, anthemic opening track "A Sad Day For Investors".

                                                                                              Spiral Joy Band

                                                                                              Wake Of The Dying Sun King

                                                                                                "Wake Of The Dying Sun King" is the second full-length of epic meditative drone from this South Western Virginia collective. Like Pelt (with whom it shares several members), Spiral Joy Band uses mostly acoustic instruments to create slow, building pieces rich with human detail. The steady rolling of multiple Tibetan bowls, bowed and struck gongs, hypnotic fiddle, sruti box, and other instruments are recorded live in continuous performances that frequently stretch beyond an hour per piece. The performance aspect is key to Spiral Joy Band's aura - the variations in approach, force, etc. with which each tone is played, and the clear, open recording (mostly in Blacksburg's Glade baptist church) highlight the subtleties of the music.

                                                                                                No Neck Blues Band

                                                                                                Letters From The Earth

                                                                                                  One of the most enigmatic, mysterious, and defiantly anti-commercial groups to emerge from the New York loft scene during the 90s, the No-Neck Blues Band formed in 1992 around a consistent core of multi-instrumentalists who have stubbornly and admirably insist on individual anonymity. Incorporating elements of folk, drone, psychedelia, free jazz, noise, and just about everything else, NNCK have nevertheless carved out a distinctive sound from complementary and disparate component elements. "Letters From The Earth" was NNCK's first digital output and is a document of their first ever outdoor Orthodox Easter concert in 1996. This double CD outputs 111 or so minutes worth of this group's dizzying array of sonic blattage, cable disruption, tribal tranceadelics and trip or drone aesthetic.

                                                                                                  The Incredible String Band

                                                                                                  The Incredible String Band

                                                                                                    The 1966 debut from the forward-thinking furry folkies. Recorded as a trio before their inspiring trips to Morocco and Afghanistan, it's a straight-ahead blend of traditional and original material, played in a mix of American and Celtic folk styles.

                                                                                                    The Incredible String Band

                                                                                                    The Hangman's Beautiful Daughter

                                                                                                      Incredible String Band's third (1968) and most ambitious album - a truckload of exotic instruments and drugs come into play resulting in a bona fide acid-folk masterpiece! If you only get one ISB album, this is the one you need!

                                                                                                      The Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band With Choir

                                                                                                      This Is Our Punk Rock

                                                                                                        This third album from Silver Mt. Zion, is by far the most melodic album released by any Godspeed You Black Emperor project. On this release, they expand on their core six piece line-up, to include guests on drums and a couple of dozen folk on choral duty! Dense layers of strings collide, blend and differentiate against a backdrop of ragged repeating guitar figures and noise treatments. Their long instrumental passages are there as ever, but there's a much stronger vocal presence than before.

                                                                                                        Steve Miller Band

                                                                                                        Children Of The Future

                                                                                                          From the Floydian Mellotron ballad of "In My First Mind" to the seagulls and wavesounds on "The Beauty of Time Is That It's Snowing" the first Steve Miller Band album from 1968 is full of suprises, each track segues into the next and can be termed a concept album, there is a blues feel about it but there are also moments of psychedelia and progressive rock that make you really sit up. A minor classic.

                                                                                                          The Souther Hillman Furay Band

                                                                                                          The Souther Hillman Furay Band

                                                                                                            The Souther, Hillman, Furay Band was one of those supergroup creations of the 70s. Chris Hillman was an original member of The Byrds and Flying Burrito Brothers, Richie Furay was one of the founders of Buffalo Springfield and Poco, and JD Souther worked with Glen Frey of The Eagles. In 1974 they formed this outfit and recorded this eponymous album of counrty tinged soft rock with Manassas style guitar and plenty of classy songwriting.

                                                                                                            The Souther Hillman Furay Band

                                                                                                            Trouble In Paradise

                                                                                                              Souther-Hillman-Furay was the offspring of just about every notable country-rock band. Richie Furay was a founding member of both Buffalo Springfield and Poco, Chris Hillman had been with the Byrds, the Flying Burrito Brothers, and Stephen Stills' Manassas and JD Souther formed Longbranch Pennywhistle with Eagle Glenn Frey. Although the band received a great deal of promotion their career was short lived. Their debut sold reasonably well, but the aptly titled "Trouble in Paradise" never took off and the band split shortly after its release. It's an album of soft rock with the country embellishments that made them worth listening to.

                                                                                                              Rollins Band

                                                                                                              The Only Way To Know For Sure

                                                                                                                A double CD edition of Henry Rollins and the Rollins Band, one enhanced including videos and stuff, and you know what to expect. Rollins is as confrontational as ever, age has not wearied him or blunted his polemical style.

                                                                                                                The Love Letter Band

                                                                                                                Even The Pretty Girls Take Medicine

                                                                                                                  Well orchestrated pop tunes from vocalist / multi instrumentalist Chris Adolf, incorporating a whole host of unusual instruments - marimbas, glockenspiel and even a musical saw!

                                                                                                                  The Fantomas Melvins Big Band

                                                                                                                  Millennium Monsterwork

                                                                                                                    A collaboration between The Melvins, and Mike Patton's Fantomas. Recorded live in San Francisco, December 2000.

                                                                                                                    John Fred And His Playboy Band

                                                                                                                    With Glasses: Absolutely The Best Of 1964-69

                                                                                                                      Remembered primarily for the 1968 smash #1 hit "Judy In Disguise." Seventeen tracks include "Judy In Disguise," "Leave Her Never," "Anges English and more. Pure psychedelic bubblegum.

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