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Jackie-O Motherfucker


Based around the core saxophonist Nester Bucket and guitarist manipulator Tom Greenwood, the group has grown over the years to encompass as many as 20 rotating members in three US cities – Portland, New York and Baltimore. They play organic, emotive soundscapes, which draw inspiration from a diverse array of sounds - free jazz, noise rock, space rock and folk music amongst them.

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Happy New Music Friday everyone. Loads of great releases out today and we some new banners up too…
Fri 19th - 10:02
RT @TheLucidDreamUK: Thank you for the brilliant words on ‘Actualisation’, @PiccadillyRecs Fantastic store, that we love very much. They’ve…
Fri 19th - 9:58
RT @SarahCityLife: Seven years today since I saw @thestoneroses sit down together at a London conference - seems like last week it’s still…
Thu 18th - 1:24
In stock now and available to order!!!! 1 per person please folks... @cavernofAM
Thu 18th - 11:29
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