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Tempo Dischi is an italian label created on a mission to discover and repress classics and rare italian gems of the italo disco, afro and cosmic scene. With the support from all the main players who has made that era magic, we work to put back on records stores shelves a piece of art that may have been lost but it’s still timeless.

The fourth release is a double A side release from the japanese electronic music pioneer Hideki Matsutake. Composer, arranger and programmer he is certainly known as member of the Yellow Magic Orchestra with Ryuichi Sakamoto from 1978 to 1982. In 1981 he launched his own project Logic System, producing essential songs like ‘Unit’ and ‘Clash’ that are included in the seminal album ‘Logic’.

‘The first half of the 70s was an era of practices and challenges for me’ comments Hideki ‘I started at the studio of the legendary electronic music pioneer Isao Tomita where i touched a synthesizer for the first time. I explored the Moog modular learning how to create sounds that nobody had heard. It was a stimulating period for music. Loads of the Japanese pop of this era was an active mix of different genres like jazz, fusion, electronic music, enka and more, and there were many experimental sounds. The experience with Yellow Magic Orchestra has been wonderful, but I've always had the desire to produce my music based on my own experiences.
The first synthesizer I purchased was Moog IIIc and then an E-mu Modular System. The Roland MC-8 was also revolutionary in creating never-ending and precise rhythm patterns. I produced the first album ‘Logic’ together with my partner Ryo Kawakami. At the time I was working with him on different projects. Inspired by the principle of transformation, we were transported by thoughts, musical contexts and experimental elements that guided us to the production of this record’

The B side is a special italo disco version of ‘Unit’ produced by the Italian studio team Mito, formed by Natale Bellotti, Italo Portesani and Stefano Secchi. The idea of ​​this remaking came from friend and colleague Stefano Secchi. I think it was 1982’ recalls Italo Portesani ‘I introduced the project to Natale Bellotti who agreed to participate as executive producer. The studio band of Mito was born. The sound of Unit was already electronic and minimal but we thought to make it more danceable and in the mood with the italo disco and electro pop sound’

The third release on Tempo Dischi is 'Keep On Dance' by Contact Music, a little gem that is part of the Italo Disco history, but has characteristics of the early Proto House sound. Antonio Cucaro, the Italian musician, songwriter and producer behind this project recalls ‘I started playing guitar very early. I drew my inspirations from the echo of Woodstock that came through the ‘Bandiera Gialla’ show on Radio Rai: emotions that were equal to true revelations when listening to Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Cream, Jimmy Page, Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple), Joe Pass, Alvin Lee, George Benson. Stimulated by various musical contamination, which came from rock and Italian authorial music, I started immersing myself into searching new exciting sounds, applying composition to various directions while trying to produce something new without worrying about genres or people's judgements, all without a compromise. I would not have imagined that one evening in 1983, 'Keep on Dance' would be born. It was produced together with three DJs who wanted a sort of opening track for their sets, putting together some sequences recorded by myself using percussion, acoustic and electronic drums (Linn, Oberheim, Simmons). The fact that after almost forty years it has been revived and considered a Proto House pearl really honours me. Composing music is like breathing pure oxygen: you compose, record and realise that you are already thinking about the next step to keep breathing’.

The newfly minted Tempo Dischi is an Italian label dedicated to the discovery and reissue of lost classics from the Italo Disco, Afro and cosmic scene. Their first release, much to the delight of this Piccadilly staffer, is a repress of the total cosmic classic "Boss Man" by Steel Mind (bootlegs be gone!). The work of Piero Torsani, taking a break from his time with space rockers Caelestium, Steel Mind was born out of a desire to explore the sonic landscape of Krautrock. Now, while he may have missed his target a little, the Italian producer did deliver one of THE GREATEST COSMIC TRACKS EVER. In case you haven't heard it, "Boss Man" brings us mechanical percussion (sort of like the slowest steam train ever), a badass bass sequence and the widescreen white funk guitar typical of Baldelli and Loda's tripped out selections. Also available in a club friendly edit from the Tempo Dischi crew, this bomb is primed to get hammered for another 35 years. On the B-side we get "Boss Man's" original B-side "Lionel", in all its stomping space synth brilliance. The sequencer belches and gurgles, drums snap and sine waves soar while the infectious live bass keeps your hips swinging from below. Finally, the Tempo Dischi crew take a trip through Pietro's archive to turn up an unreleased cut featuring the Caelestium vocalist Marisa Luca. As Italo is its likely to get "Summer In The City" kills it with pitch bent bass, dramatic vocals and a vintage drum program - how did this never make it out?


says: Oof! Italo / cosmic / afro reissue-ists Tempo Dischi open their account in incendiary form with a much needed reissue of cosmic disco classic "Boss Man" by Steel Mind, alongside unreleased Italo screamer "Summer In The City". S'all good, but we're here for "Boss Man" really - uber tune!

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