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Return to Space Ghost’s celebrated "Dance Planet" LP with five summer-ready remixes by Central, Dirk 81, Jarren, Nelson of the East and Space Ghost himself.

The Oakland-native’s romantic and empowering house sound has enjoyed a growing audience made up of fans and tastemakers alike. The remix package comes courtesy of friends and label affiliates, each lending their touch to Space Ghost’s work.

Capitalizing on the inherent warmth in the Bay Area-artist’s sound, Tartelet label head Dirk 81 subtly threads a slow, rolling breakbeat into ‘Deep’, channeling 90s RnB and Balearic. Danish underground powerhouse and Help / Regelbau label affiliate Central injects some up-tempo garage house energy into ‘Be Yourself’ - without losing the swirling romanticism of the original. And LA-based producer Jarren, neighbor to Space Ghost on UK label Apron, leans in to the punchy "Lately Bass" and turns up the swing on his own version of the track.

Space Ghost comes back to ‘Emotional Healer’ and creates a pointedly club-tooled ‘Dance Mix’ version with a panoply of 90s touchstones delivered in the classiest of ways. To finish, Nelson Of The East’s ‘Forever Dub’ of the track adds a sharp and snappy strain of modern steppas.


Matt says: Tidy remixes by a celebrated cast of producers who tackle the exceptional "Dance Planet" LP by Space Ghost. It's the Dance Mix of "Emotional Healer" that's ruffled my feathers. But there's plenty for moods and flavours for the intrepid. Check!


A1. Deep (dirk 81 Remix)
A2. Be Yourself (central Remix)
A3. Be Yourself (jarren Remix)
B1. Emotional Healer (dance Mix)
B2. Emotional Healer (nelson Of The East Forever Dub)

Five years after his critically acclaimed debut album "Throwback", electro-jazz futurist Glenn Astro returns with his ambitious and highly creative new album "Homespun". Made up of ten tracks spanning 45 minutes, the record twists and turns between electronic meditations, soulful vocals by Ajnascnet, and hi-tek electro, carving out a world of spacey eclecticism that is as nostalgic as it is experimental as it is mutant.

“This album is in all facets different from the first one, which was a deliberate decision. No vintage sounds and references, no sampling, combined with futuristic sound design and song structures. I tried to keep it as current and intuitive as possible,' he says.

Known for his chunky beats and fuzzy textures, Glenn Astro has released on labels such as Ninja Tune and Apollo, leaving a distinctive signature on everything he touches. But Glenn Astro has quietly been crafting a new sound for himself. Sometimes taking detours - morphing into his dark alter ego and experimenting with artist collaborations.

On the introspective first single and album title track “Homespun,” Ajnascent’s vocals lend a sincerity to the melancholic production. “It’s about the regret of not taking chances and giving in too much, but also about taking responsibility and being honest with yourself. Homespun is a nod to nostalgia and a desire for simplicity and prudence, being equally the culprit and the cure,” elaborates Ajnascent.

On “The Yancey,” an homage to J Dilla, Glenn Astro paints his vision of contemporary dance music with shimmering melodies, deep ambient soundscapes, and advanced drum programming. “Moreira” and “Look at You” feel like spaced-out electronic funk hybrids, while “Taking Care of Business” goes back to the future with Glenn Astro’s take on jungle. Other tracks such as “Mezzanine,” “Slow Poke Flange,” and “Viktor’s Meditation” provide the finest dubby electronics. It's a wide-screen, multi-dynamic experience from beginning to end and we're here in the shop absolutely f---in love it! 


Matt says: Not content with letting Max Graef snag all the glory, Glenn Astro confidently lets one go on Tartelet. Rivalling his best mate's output with Employee "Homespun" is an epic, technicoloured, multi-genre opus for 2020. Humbly developing his style through myriad electronic devices the Berlin-based producer hits a creative purple patch.


A1. Homespun (feat. Ajnascent)
A2. The Yancey
A3. Moreira
A4. Mezzanine (feat. Mirek)
A5. Look At You (feat. Ajnascent & Eyal Lovett)
B1. Elyisa (feat. Ajnascent)
B2. Slow Poke Flange
B3. Taking Care Of Business (Album Cut)
B4. MoStLy GhOsTlY
B5. Viktor’s Meditation

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