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Sweet Billy Pilgrim


    Sweet Billy Pilgrim, now multi-instrumentalist duo Jana Carpenter and Tim Elsenburg, have described ‘Somapolis’ as a concept album. They explain “Somapolis (body of the city, or city of the body depending on how metaphorical you’re feeling!) begins with two people looking out over a nameless metropolis. They are artists, their job being to observe, curate and commemorate the world around them. The first song explores the experience of creating before we swoop down into the individual stories of the people living in the city; a sort-of Wings of Desire, but with artists instead of angels. Then, towards the end, the album zooms back out to the observers for the final two songs, finishing - depending on the listener - on either a note of hope or resignation.”

    Their story involves a Mercury Music Prize nomination, the IT Crowd, the Royal Albert Hall, Glastonbury Festival, Late Junction and The Culture Show. Now Sweet Billy Pilgrim release their sixth album, Somapolis, a crowdfunded, conceptual hymn to the cities we build inside and outside of ourselves, on the 4th of November 2022. Liberated from a traditional band lineup and working with a handpicked group of talented collaborators, the band combine their avant-pop instincts (Prefab Sprout; Steely Dan) with their love of Prince, their fascination with the soulful electronica of Jon Hopkins and their discoveries while exploring the low frequencies of modern R&B, jokingly referring to early drafts of the album as their 'Kid Aja'. One half of the band, Tim summarises: “Yes, it’s a concept album, and there’s plenty to unravel for post-lockdown brains, but it also feels a bit more physical. People might not be able to actually dance to it, but for the first time, they might be able to imagine dancing to it.”


    1. We Are Bright Carvers
    2. Bliss Maps
    3. Attacus Atlas
    4. Pass Muster
    5. Down I Go
    6. Dead Man Dancing
    7. Stress Position
    8. The Night Watch
    9. Pilgrim
    10. Get Back To What You Started
    11. Skywriting 

    Sweet Billy Pilgrim

    Twice Born Men - 2016 Remastered Edition

      2015 saw the UK’s unsung heroes of experimental art rock London based Sweet Billy Pilgrim, join the Kscope roster and release their label debut & fourth album 'Motorcade Amnesiacs' to critical media acclaim.

      Following on from the release of 'Motorcade Amnesiacs', Kscope began the re-release campaign for the band’s earlier albums with their 2005 debut 'We Just Did What Happened And No One Came', 23rd September sees the release of the band’s 2009 Mercury Prize Nominated album 'Twice Born Men'.

      The trio - Tim Elsenburg (singing, guitar, producer, mixing), Anthony Bishop (banjo, bass) and Alistair Hamer (sequencing, drums) caused quite a stir with their, navigating the delicate path between self-referential art rock and melodic folk rock. Their follow up in 2009 'Twice Born Men', originally released on David Sylvian’s Samadhi Sound label, saw the SundayTimes awarding it 5 Stars and CD of the Week as well as an inclusion in their Top 100 Albums of 2009.

      Twice Born Men' is at heart a melodic beast complimented by the exquisite swooning shiver of Elsenburg’s vocal, ultimately, a beautiful album, which will appeal to fans of alt country and art-pop and should also be appreciated by lovers of great music everywhere.

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