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Blink-and-you'll-miss-it repress of this ingenious and highly experimental slice of dubstep pressure from 2016. Suub is an alias of Bryan May aka Beam Up but here he ditches the dubwise influences for something altogether more ragged and brutal. 

"Gaussian Swagger" is a shing example of halftempo engineering. One of those dubby tools you can play at 85 or 170BPM. It's deep, dark and tailored for lazer guided late night play. 

Meanwhile, full of gutteral, shock inducing bass squeals, "Straight No Kissin'" twists what we already know about low end dynamics into terrifying new realms. Meanwhile, the splashy drum programming and mangled breaks insist on trying to rearrage our interior functions.

Two stupendously powerful club jams - don't sleep! 


Gaussian Swagger
Straight In No Kissin'

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