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A Good Christian

I Love You / Free To Be Me

    Not only do we get the brand new instalment of Surfing In Kansas this week (on a tasty 7" no less), but the label have repressed Volume 2 to meet the swelling demand. Amsterdam local A Good Christian takes the controls here, hitting us with a pair of exquisite edits on the boogie / modern soul spectrum. On the A-side we get a show of precision cutting as AGC stretches The Gap Band's "Big Fun" into a 7 minutes of dub disco delight with a killer arrangment, locking you in the loops up front and pushing the vocal release into an ecstatic final third. On the other side, "Free To Be Me" is AGC's take on Jonny Bristols superb "Love No Longer Has A Hold On Me", another luxurious and loopy workout which extends the irrepressible groove of the original, makes maximum use of that SICK synth part while pulling back from the admittedly naff bit of the OG. Maximum discoid euphoria in Idjuts style! In fact, I'm pretty sure this was knocking around the DJ History boards about a decade ago (please correct me)!

    A Good Christian / Abel

    (Wanna) Be Free / On A Summer Night

    At last we get a taste of those killer Surfing In Kansas edits aboard the good ship Piccadilly. The first two volumes, from A Good Christian and Abel respectively, brought us classy edits of disco, boogie, synth pop and Balearic-Industrial (officially a thing now), and this 7" serving sees Christian and Abel take a side a piece for some more edit excellence. 

    On the A, Christian gives us "Wanna Be Free", a chunky and chugging bit of reggae disco, brimming with Afro-brass and hip twitching bass and boasting an ace conscious vocal. You're gonna swipe right. On the other side, Redlight and MFM man Abel Nagengast sticks his scalpel into a frisky bit of vocoder funk which is right on the tip of my tongue. The guitar goes Wikka Wakka, the drums slap and those vocals materialise through a fuck tonne of circuitry. It's the kind of Balearic pop that Moonboots blows your mind with when he can be bothered DJing.

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