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Surfer Blood

Hard Boiled

    One of two super limited edition 10” vinyl EPs recorded at the same time as Surfer Blood’s latest album Carefree Theatre, but sold only at tour dates (most of which have now been canceled, thanks Pandemic...) Hardboiled has four non-album tracks plus a very different version of “Summer Trope” from Carefree Theatre, with horns and guest lead vocals by Dutch singer Pip Blom. Additional guest lead vocals are handled by Surfer Blood bassist Lindsey Mills (on “Dori Deer”) and Samira Winter of the band Winter (on “Playing Dumb”).


    1. Dori Deer (feat. Lindsey Mills)
    2. Devil Loch
    3. Playing Dumb (feat. Samira Winter)
    4. Hardboiled
    5. Summer Trope (feat. Pip Blom)

    Surfer Blood

    Carefree Theatre

      The Carefree Theater in West Palm Beach, FL was the only real venue in town for most of John Paul Pitts childhood. It was where he would go for anything from shows to theatrical productions. It was just the kind of exposure that showed him there was a whole world outside of Florida, the kind of experience that would inform a twenty-one year old student to drop out of school and start a band.

      He did just that. Surfer Blood’s rise was remarkable – and just recently recounted in detail with the 10 year anniversary of their debut and breakout album Astro Coast. A decade ago. That’s a long time. Where a lot can happen.

      Surfer Blood have released Carefree Theatre an album that bring them full circle. Pitts returned to Florida, returned to Kanine and created an album worth of short pop songs.


      1. Dessert Island
      2. Karen
      3. Carefree Theatre
      4. Parkland (Into The Silence)
      5. In The Tempest's Eye
      6. In My Mind
      7. Unconditional
      8. Summer Trope
      9. Uneasy Rider
      10. Dewar
      11. Rose Bowl

      Surfer Blood

      1000 Palms

        You may recall that Surfer Blood were quite the breakout band of 2009: in the midst of their own 10 gig marathon at New York’s CMJ Pitchfork took one look at their ‘Astro Coast’ debut on Kanine and praised its “lo-fl clangor, glo-fi harmonies, punchy retro-garage concision and never-out-of-style classic rock songcraft…the band appears to have arrived at its enormously likeable sound organically.” Touring with Pixies and playing every cool festival on the known planet only seemed to solidify Surfer Blood’s place in the hipster heartland.

        With the band self-recording it was in the glamourous setting of an attic studio above a doctor’s office where drums were committed to tape. Of the work, frontman John Paul Pitts states “fortunately none of us are strangers to DIY recording, so this seemed like the kind of challenge well-suited to our band”.

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