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Repetentes 2008 is 26 year old Brazilian multi instrumentalist, session super star, Globo Television soap opera jingle up-and-comer, 40% Foda label boss and Botafogo FR football hooligan Gabriel Guerra. Known affectionately as Guerrinha amongst his friends, Guerrinha - or as he’s referred to officially - Gabriel, turns in Superconscious Records’ 14th edition. After his absurd debut LP on Future Times and his more recent outings on his own 40% Foda and PAN records, Guerrinha keeps things relatively straight up with 4 absurdly fast but not necessarily furious club friendly tracks. Opener "Galaxia Fini" is break-led and DnB tempo, but has a dreamy quality and bassline warmth which leans on the housier side of things, albeit at mach 3. From there we work our way into the R&S rave and half time breakdown of fairground banger "Vernissage Anticonspiratoria" and the neon-tinged electro-funk of "Acavlcan Ritmos", a must for any Luke Vibert fans out there. Finally "Jornada Dos Faniquitos" sees us out in a similar style to the opener, all dewy pads, glistening synths and subby bass tones wrapped around a brain mulching breakbeat. All in all, ear pleasing-brain teasing brilliance from the young Brazilian. 


A1. Galaxia Fini
A2. Vernissage Anticonspiratoria
B1. Acavalcan Ritmos
B2. Jornada Dos Faniquitos

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