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Super Distortion

Into Space

'99p' shouts a starburst on the cover, but this single is priceless! Both tracks are insanely catchy: "Into Space" is twee lo-fi lounge with some brilliant retro organ hooks. "The Mystery Prize" is a dreamy fuzz-pop classic. He seems to be singing about some sort of sinister psychedelic version of the X Factor or The Generation Game. Complete with a twisted version of the conveyor belt memory challenge at the end; 'A heated pool with rotating knives; a percolator that really flies; a golden bullet between the eyes'...

Super Distortion

Super Distortion

    Taking the 'group' name from one of his half-working JSH Super Distortion fuzz boxes, bedroom producer Man In Formaldehyde uses his home studio to create the sound of a live fuzz-rock band, complete with biscuit tin drums, Hammond-style organ, psychedelic effects and heavy fuzz guitar. As the case says, this is 100% instrumental music.

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