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No one can tell you what traditional English music is without tying themselves in handkerchief knots, but you know it when you hear it. The Lords Of Thyme are traditionally English in the same way that Pentangle or Fotheringay were traditionally English, but also in the same way that Julian Cope undoubtedly is. A hazy, blissed out, ancient and modern country of the strangest imaginations.

Joe Woolley, Tali Trow and Pat Kenneally first played together as part of Michael Tyack’s compellingly odd ensemble Circulus before forming The Lords Of Thyme with Michelle Griffiths of the progressive Morris dance side The Belles Of London City. The band’s debut 7” single, which paired the Scottish ballad Proud Maisre with an original song of Joe’s called If I Was A Bird was mixed by the legendary John Wood, best known for recording the likes of Nick Drake, John Martyn and The Incredible String Band. That first release impressed fRoots magazine enough to include them in a cover feature on outsider folk artists that also launched the careers of Stick In The Wheel and Lynched.

Furthering their connection to old wyrd England, The Lords Of Thyme were invited to contribute to the Shirley Collins Inspired tribute album - recording a version of Hares On The Mountain with 60s folk legend Bonnie Dobson (writer of the classic Morning Dew) on a record that also featured Graham Coxon, Bonnie Prince Billy and Stewart Lee. Yes that Stewart Lee.

The group’s leader Joe was introduced to folk music by the iconic guitar innovator Davey Graham’s sister Jill Doyle, with whom he once shared a flat. Jill added to his obsession with blues and jazz by playing him classic recordings by Jeannie Robertson and Bert Lloyd. While Michelle developed her love of unaccompanied singing by sneaking into sessions at Cecil Sharp House after Morris practice.

The Lords Of Thyme’s latest release “a fried odyssey” called Pellets combines Michelle’s dreamlike takes on trad with the soft psyche of Joe’s own compositions, transported to a far-out realm by Tali and Pat’s intoxicatingly woozy rhythm section.

When you hear The Lords Of Thyme you know exactly where they’re coming from. Even if you couldn’t point to it on a map.

Trappist Afterland make folk music using vocals, various acoustic stringed instruments; tabla, percussion, harmonium and tanpura drones. They explore psychedelia and chanting amidst folk songs.

Although the influence of folk music from various sectors around the world can be heard in Trappist Afterland's music (The British folk revival, 70's acid folk, Gamelan music, Middle Eastern music, Indian raga) they still maintain a unique and almost otherworldly quality, that sounds unlike anyone else.

With lyrical explorations delving into Gnosticism, Christian mysticism and other esoteric themes, Trappist still manage to keep their music firmly grounded in the present while maintaining a timeless quality.


Bohemian Garden

    Balduin returns to Sunstone with a brand new LP of material that reflects his travels over the past 3 years. With homages to the likes of The Mops and Tigers of psych Japan, the glissendo Italo-sounds of Goblin, Alessandro Alessandroni and Ennio Morricone next to the soaring pop arrangements of early Harvest ELO, Beach Boys and Beatles.

    Dan Haywood is a Black Country wordsmith and itinerant ornithologist whose most recent albums 'Dapple' (2013) and 'Dan Haywood's New Hawks' (2010) and 'New Hawks: Field Notes' (2012) ventured way out into the unexplored outdoors.

    Sunstone is proud to present his garage rock project PILL FANGS which meets us in the white-hot interior of a jangling nerve, deep inside your central nervous system.

    Derivative of 60s and 70s NY groups, Pill Fangs' LP is full of the species of wild VU / Voivoidal electric guitar breaks that only a high dose of amphetamine agitation can bring out.

    The foursome-- Dan, Richard Turner (of Three Dimensional Tanx), Rob Daniels & Simon Fletcher form a gleefully hi-gain and confrontational live act-- and their album, single-mindedly recorded in mono, builds on this playful no-compromise premise.

    Laurie Shaw is a musician hailing from The Wirral but records at his parents home in Kerry, Ireland. Felted Fruit is his first album to be committed to vinyl by Sunstone, and takes influences from Love, White Fence, Cate Le Bon, Syd Barrett and Leonard Cohen.

    Shaw operates beneath a sea of fuzz and askew melodies throughout the double album, conjuring a sound that emulates albums from a bygone era.
    Across four sides of blissful pop-culture, Laurie takes us on a journey that spans from Presley (Elvis and Tim), Soft Boys, Swell Maps, Pebbles, New York Dolls, Wire, Simply Saucer and on and on. 30 tracks that will burrow their way deep inside your synapse.

    Greek Theatre

    Sunniest Day EP

    Sunstone Records are proud to present 3 new tracks from The Greek Theatre, bucolic psychedelia with one foot in Northern Europe and the other kicking back out into the Laurel Canyon.

    Sven and Frederik have crafted a perfect trio of perfect pop creations to kick-start our new Sunstone 150 Series [a collection of limited 7"s in a company bag]

    Think the wonderful early solo albums of Gene Clark and Graham Nash rubbing shoulders with the studio sublimity of Curt Boettcher, Merrell Fankhauser's Mu and Gary Usher. Get the picture?

    Let us also mention the brass-kissed orchestrated sounds of the Pearlfishers, Shack and the Go-Betweens, these truly are perfect little pop symphonies and we are simply thrilled to be involved.

    Their 'Lost Out at Sea' long player is never far from the decks at Sunstone HQ, and this EP is the perfect bedfellow. 

    Bronco Bullfrog


      Sunstone records bring us 2 slices of radio friendly infectious Psych tinged Mod Pop from Bronco Bullfrog.

      This double A side comes with a liberal dose of Sell Out-era Who / 67 – 68 era Kinks and a dash of those great British Psychedelic Trip bands such as Turquoise, the Attack and the Idle Race.

      Let’s not get bogged down in the past here though as this is a forward thinking sound and should be filed in your collections with your Shins and Teenage Fanclub 7"s.

      Trappist Afterland


        Sunstone Records are proud to offer up their third long player – Afterlander by deep acidic psychedelic commune folk drifters the Trappist Afterland.

        This is true searching music with a foot in the mythical past and an eye on the cosmic future – think the free form bliss of Popol Vuh , the sinister overtones of Comus and the bucolic patterns of Heron and the Incredible String Band – add into the mix some John Fahey and Robbie Basho and a whole host of exotic instruments such as the oud , dulcitar and the bowed psaltery and you’re not even half way there .


        CD Info: Numbered limited edition - 50 copies only.

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