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Kenny Duo

Jungle In Old Town

After rocking our Piccadilly world with the sci-fi chill of Mount Analogue's 'Metamorphosis Of Plants' all the way back in January, Sweden's Sunken Rock return with more body-wiggling brain fizz here, enlisting the mysterious Kenny Duo for a double header of gurnable synthetic house biz.
The sequenced sizzle of hi-hat introduces "Jungle In Old Town", briefly referencing Italo disco before pulsating bass and joyful birdsong offer a panoramic view of each and every Mediterranean playground. Clangers sine waves, swaying bongos and saucer eyed keyboard vamps usher us gently into Balearic house territory before digital mallets bring the party to the computerised cape. Flouncy, bouncy and a little bit frisky, this sunkissed dancefloor stormer takes a few cues from Larry Heard's "Sceneries Not Songs" and runs with them. #breezy #brilliant
Safe in the knowledge we're spun out and slanted after an intoxicating A-Side, Kenny Duo come through with the flip, a strangely seductive slink through synthetic funk, nuovo Italo and fusion house. Dreamy pads sit beneath disco drums and wriggling synth blips, swirling and circling as the faux-slap bass brings a touch of pastel-suited class to the action. Tribal drums tumble and smack and keyboards ribbit, adding an edge of exoticism to this retro futurist anthem. If I'm ever successful in my plans for a live action Banjo-Kazooie web series then this is definitely gonna soundtrack a club scene. #pipedreams 


Patrick says: Sunken Rock return, following up a lysergic house masterpiece from Mount Analogue with this future primitive digital-dancer from Kenny Duo. Dive into a dreamhouse ocean, sip a synthetic slushie and trip in 2D with this dope double header.

Spacious Present is the second release by Mount Analogue on Sunken Rock. A four track EP equally suited for tripped out living room moments and early evening meditations at your local dancehall, it's littered with hand drums and synthesizers and sounds like your half lost on a tropical island and half floating through crystalline blue skies, looking over vast oceans and crepuscular rays. Perfectly soundtracking your next bouncy beach sojourn with finesse and playfulness, you can almost feel waves lapping against your ankles and a warm breeze blowing against your fast. Perfecto!

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