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More from the inimitable Sven Rieger under his SVN alias. A colourful journey into his natural shamanic house environment; it's at once delicate, dreamy and dubwise; showcasing his unique 'soft bass' sounds that he's utilized on earlier records but never, I'd argue, with as much dexterity as on show here. 

"Dub 1" opens with piano echoes, drifting atmos and a sub-tickling b-line beatifully catching the start of each 2 bar phrase. "Dub Cafe" features a proper steppers riddim, ride this one on the half-beat or the full-beat for varying energy uplifts. "Dub 2" veers back into a 4/4, but underpinned by some serious dubwise pressure; playful darting leads another of SVN's signature tropes nicely sequed into proceedings. Finally, "Dub 3" concludes with a more boogie-house offering, albeit quite experimental in its execution and succumbing to SVN's typically tantalizing sequencing.

Another triumph from one of the most unique voices in modern dance! Recommended. 


Martin says: Dubwise shamanic house from the innovator SVN.


Dub 1
Dub Cafe
Dub 2
Dub 3


Atom In Hand

More singular, otherworldly, outsider house music from the Dresvn studios. There’s few producers with such an iconic take on leftfield sounds.

Across the new EP (tracks left untitled) we get stuttered, gated bass, a plethora of his unique and strange rhythm boxes (which go a long way to colouring the typical SUED sound…) and ethereal melodies from enchanted gardens and forgotten forests. Almost harnessing the power of nature through electronic devices, there’s a shamanic quality to all of Dresvn’s music - ritualistic and transportive. Perfect for backrooms, after hours or all night mushrooms parties - it’s another hit from the Sued stables and unlikely to hang around long. TIP! 


Matt says: Always got time for Dresvn! Pretty much he invented what we like to call rainforest house music. The Sued label's always been home to his more mellifluous productions - evident here across six gorgeous tracks. Enter his world as you won't be sorry!


A1. 1
A2. 2
A3. 3
B1. 4
B2. 5
B3. 6

Killer off-kilter house jams mark a much needed repress of the first 12" from SVN's Sued label. Highly recommended!


Matt says: Get in! Possibly my favouritest label EVER! (since 2004 anyway) re-issue their two debut records! I've been after these for ages, so proper chuffed about this. Shout out to Rick Nicoles on the T I P! Don't sleep!


A1. SW: Track 1
A2. SW: Track 2
B1. SVN: Track 1
B2. SVN: Track 2

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