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Straight Arrows

Surface World

    Since forming back in 2007, Straight Arrows have been a force on the Australian indie scene; with 10x 7”s, 3x studio albums, a live LP and countless shows domestically and internationally under their belt, the band have developed a devoted fan-base, and praise from the likes of Henry Rollins and Iggy Pop along the way. Recorded at Marrickville’s Golden Retriever Studios with Nick Franklin (Polish Club, The Buoys), their 4th LP ‘Surface World’ is a whirlwind of fuzzy riffs and infectious hooks.

    Thematically, ‘Surface World’, as explained by the band, is a “reflection of the plane of existence we’re all currently trapped upon”, taking an introspective look at modern life and the world around them. “We’ve Been ‘Happening’ on our debut, we’ve been ‘Rising’ on LP two, on our last album we were ‘On Top’, and now we’re sitting at the juncture of the ‘Surface World’. Be it swift manufacture (Fast Product), staring through the window at an outside world (City Ranger, Peakin, Smoke), looking back inside (Walkin’ Thru My Mind, Keep On Cryin, It’s Clear, Summer Skies), suburban fantasy (Car Thief, Don’t Shoot Me), or the Surface World staring back at you (Shop Window). And what’s it sound like? A reverb-laden, fuzzed, pulsating experiment sandwiching popular AND unpopular tunes from the likes of 60s garage and psychedelia, 70s punk and power pop, and 50s-2020s mutant music. It wouldn’t be a Straight Arrows record without throwing a whole pile of eclectic old (and newish) influences into the fuel tank to see what combusts on the other end.”

    Mixed by frontman Owen Penglis (who has worked with Royal Headache, Frowning Clouds, Mini Skirt and Palms over the years), the album was recorded over just two days, live to tape. The quick turn-around led to some intense rehearsals ahead of time, resulting in some incredibly tight performances on the record.

    “In true budget Straight Arrows fashion, we spent months rehearsing to be able to spend as little time and money in the expensive tracking studio as possible. With trusted engineer Nick Franklin behind the desk, and Owen [Penglis] trying not to micro-manage him, we managed to smash out the whole album, live to tape in two days.

    This is also the first Straight Arrows release with some straight up co-writes between Owen and Al - I guess those last few years of apocalyptic world out-view were good for something! Then comes the part after recording where Owen overdubs and warps and changes the whole thing over the next year in his own studio, in between whatever else he’s working on (from punk EPs, 60s reissues, and the Wiggles [!]), messes with the words, and comes out the other end with a shiny-ish, medium fidelity Straight Arrows hot CLASSIC.”

    The Straight Arrows

    Another Day In The City

      Brand new song, unreleased b-side. A side is cover of super rare murder punk classic by "BRITISH JETS" . Straight Arrows latest LP came out to much accalim in later 2018, heres their take on the super rare British Jets 7" track.

      Straight Arrows

      21st Century / Cyberbully

        In a world LOUSY with B-grade garage bands and wannabe punk rockers, Straight Arrows are back to show us all how it’s done!

        Side A features '21st Century' - a Straight Arrows-esque psychedelic punk/
        near breakbeat report on the 21st Century from their forthcoming LP 'On Top!', 
        while side B features 'Cyberbully', a version of the A side reworked by Owen
        and legendary Sydney DJ and crate digger DJ Soup.

        Straight Arrows

        On Top

          Overflowing with unbridled energy, you’d be forgiven for thinking On Top was the band’s debut album, but the third record for the Sydney quartet sounds as vital and as exciting as ever. Having spent years touring their incendiary live show around Australia and the world, Straight Arrows have honed their fresh, reverb-laden, fuzzed out, psychedelic punk sound into pointed perfection with On Top. From the frantic buzzsaw of “Nothing To Me”, to the break-beat groove of “21st Century”, to the tender outsider folk of “Dead Weight”, to the mind-melting psych-out that is “Buried Again”, this is the sound of a band that isn’t short on ideas and isn’t afraid to push the envelope of what people expect a Straight Arrows record to be.

          “Nothing's more boring than a bunch of the same guitar bullshit over and over again. We’ve taken the guitar bullshit, made it occasionally a little faster, and sometimes even a little slower too,” says vocalist, guitarist and chief songwriter Owen Penglis with a cheeky grin.

          Clearly he and his bandmates have cast a wider sonic net this time around, largely influenced by Penglis’ love of crate digging and his vast musical knowledge of the detritus of pop culture’s past. “Over the writing of this thing I was listening to a lot of 60s and 70s private press LPs from the USA, weird bubblegum, private press 45s from Australia, and a whole heap of 60s Jamaican rocksteady singles. Al (Grigg guitar/vocals) reckons 'Gun Man' sounds a little rocksteady-ish, but I think he’s wrong and it’d be embarrassing for a bunch of Australians to attempt these sounds.”

          Much like everything else they’ve done, On Top was completely created on their own terms. Produced and mixed by Penglis himself, the album seems to be more direct than the band’s previous efforts, bringing a clarity to their sound without losing any of the ramshackle charm that has earnt Straight Arrows a worldwide cult following. This aural evolution is something that has happened more by chance than by any conscious choice. “As a group of gifted amateurs it sometimes happens that through repetition and long tours we've improved at our craft, despite our best efforts to the contrary,” laughs Penglis.

          On Top is the riveting next episode in the ongoing Straight Arrows saga.“The first album is It’s Happening, the second is Rising, so it only makes sense by this point that we'd eventually make it On Top!!” says Penglis. “Plus it’s WAY more flattering than 'Peaked'.”


          01. Nothing To Me
          02. 21st Century
          03. Gun Man
          04. Bound To Lose
          05. Out And Down
          06. The One
          07. I Don't
          08. Headache
          09. Buried Again
          10. Turpentine
          11. Deadweight

          Straight Arrows

          Turn It Off / Dead And Bored (It Happens Again)

            First new song from the Straight Arrows since they started working on their new album, rushed out on a super limited 7” to tie in with their Debut US tour, including 7 or so Dates with Thee Oh Sees… theres 120 the band are selling on the road, and we have 180 to sell elsewhere.. Numbered to 180, hand stamped labels and paper sleeves.. this is a stab of punk rock pop scizz that will make your toes tap uncontrollably and your hips shake incessantly.. A real high energy garage blaster, this could be on any of the Teen Shutdowns or Back From The Grave comps, not retro, but reaffirming!! Turn It Off is the first offering from their forthcoming (2017!) new album, get on it!! The b-side is a debut to vinyl, having been one of the lo-fi/ no-fi scorchers from their bonus CD/Cassette that Agitated bust out with the first few copies of their debut album… Yeah!! Where the action is!!!!

            Rising is Straight Arrows’ new album half of which was recorded in frontman Owen Penglis’ house and the other half in his new, legitimate studio, set up after a neighbour started getting mad about all the quality 'medium fidelity' recordings happening next door.

            Straight Arrows began with Owen Penglis yelling about getting dumped and kicked out of bands into a four-track cassette machine in his bedroom. Joined by friends Alex Grigg, Angela Bermuda, and Adam Williams with colourful musical pasts, the four have honed their reverb-laden, fuzzed out, DIY punk garage into scrappy perfection and, in the process gained an outstanding reputation for being "the band that will make you start your own band".

            Since their inception Straight Arrows have pressed and sold out of internationally released 7”s, toured with friends Thee Oh Sees, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Black Lips, Jay Reatard (RIP) and Ty Segall and released their debut album ‘It’s Happening’ (Agitated, 2013) to a flood of praise. Bagging Album Of The Week from the likes of Australian radio stations FBi, 2SER, RTR and 3RRR, the record also landed them an invite to perform at the hugely respected Gonerfest in Memphis, Tennessee and a few rounds of touring the USA and Europe.

            Bands have been queuing up to have Owen Penglis record and produce their music – the likes of Royal Headache, Circle Pit, Living Eyes, The Frowning Clouds, The Gooch Palms have all used his bathroom and in 2012 Owen produced and recorded the who’s who of the Australian Garage scene for a 40th Anniversary tribute to the hugely influential Nuggets compilation. Rising is an exciting follow up to ‘It’s Happening’ and sees the band step things with their warm and dirty garage pop sound. For fans of: Pebbles, Nuggets, Lollipop Shoppe, Kinks, and all that Brit-Invasion sound, but also all the new slew of garage chug, Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Black Lips…

            TRACK LISTING

            01. Introduction
            02. Fruit Of The Forest
            03. Can't Stand It
            04. Petrified
            05. Continental Son
            06. Don't Tell Me
            07. Rotten Teeth
            08. Make Up Your Mind
            09. Without Ya
            10. Dont Call My Name
            11. Breakdown
            12. Changing Colours
            13. Never Enough

            Straight Arrows

            Make Up Your Mind / Two Timer

              Agitated is way pleased to be releasing the new / forthcoming album from the Straight Arrows in the summer, and to get the motor running they are releasing a limited edition 7” with one track from the new ablum, “Make Up Your Mind” and one track exclusive to this release…..a cover of The Tempos – “Two Timer”. This is dancing music, garage pop nuggets that will get you up out of your dronesome slumber and force some rug cutting antics. Easy reference points are Nuggets, Pebbles, and good times! This is psychedelic garage pop without the patchouli scented kaftans, more yr blue bomber bop than LSD loafabout!! This lot are one of the best Sydney bands we’ve heard in a good long age, forget your scenes, “Australia is hip right now” genres, etc, this record is fun, and is not for lameo pigeonholing. Theres 500 black vinyl 7”… get with the beat!!

              Straight Arrows

              It's Happening

                Recorded within the realms of MEDIUM FIDELITY at HANGING TREE - Tim Done's home/studio/archaic equipment museum - using all the 1950s equipment available has resulted in a record where almost all the instruments can be heard. Add in Brent Griffin/SPOD to the mix with his injection of fuzzed out reverberating budget psychedelia and IT'S HAPPENING! was born.

                Straight Arrows began with Owen Penglis yelling about getting dumped and kicked out of bands into a four-track cassette. He was soon joined by Alex Grigg, Angela Bermuda and Adam Williams - all friends with colourful musical pasts. Slowly the four honed their reverb-laden, fuzzed out, punk garage into scrappy perfection.

                Finding it tough to get shows, Straight Arrows went down the DIY path and decided to put on their own raucous parties at New South Wales' notorious (and now abandoned) gay bar, The Newtown Hotel. Around the same time they put out their first 7" 'Something Happens/Can't Count' on their newly formed label Juvenile Records. Figuring the only way to sell these records (and make their money back) was to force them, photocopied sleeve 'n all, into the hands of drunks and connoisseurs.

                Straight Arrows started driving up and down the east coast of Australia, playing parties, warehouses, bars - wherever they could - and in the process gained an outstanding reputation for being "the band that will make you start your own band". By late 2010 Straight Arrows sold out two more 7s, toured with friends Thee Oh Sees, Eddy Current Suppression Ring, The Black Lips, Jay Reatard (RIP) and Ty Segall amongst others and released their debut album It's Happening to a flood of praise, landing them an invite to perform at the Goner Fest in Memphis, Tennessee playing alongside garage punk royalty The Gories. Bands began to queue-up for Owen Penglis to record and produce their music at his home studio and in 2012 Owen produced and recorded the who's who of Sydney / Brisbane Garage scene for the 40th Anniversary tribute album to the seminal Nuggets compilation, originally compiled by Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith band).

                Straight Arrows will release their follow up to IT'S HAPPENING! via Agitated later in the year.

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