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The Godson (Rick Wilhite)

Soul Edge EP 2

    As one of the original 3 Chairs (the collective that also includes Kenny Dixon Jr and Theo Parrish), Rick Wilhite is well known to seasoned Detroit spotters. However his wider profile is reduced, with only a couple of KDJ 12"s to his credit. This is the follow up to 1996's "Soul Edge EP", released through Chicago's Still Music. Right from the beginning of "City Bar Reopen Live Dancing", you know what you're in for. Deep, dark Motor City house with gospel garage soul buried beneath an overpowering groove. He's joined by fellow Detroit Beatdown exponent Delano Smith on "Magic Water" for some of that great techno influenced sound, heavy on the Roland drums. The Saint Jean remix of "Magic Water" sees Smith reworking it to a tighter, minimal house ethic on his own.

    Back in 1995 while living on the West Coast and at the peak of 'Rave mania', DJ Spun and Dhyan Moller recorded a bunch of live tracks, without any sequencer, all direct to cassettes.

    The project came alive after Spun, aka Jason Drummond, reached out to Jerome at Still Music after rediscovering a bunch of tracks previously unreleased and all on cassette. Proceeding a successful and meticulous transferring session, Jerome's now preseted the creme of the crop across a lavish triple vinyl release.

    The sounds on offer are moody, dark, tracky pieces of acid house voodoo. The kinda shit you'd catch big Ron jamming on two copies with for hours on end, there's a decidedly 'shermy' feel to most of the tracks coated in a thick, noxious, nightclub patina.


    Matt says: Usually, when you get a load of archive tapes or DATS the fidelity and quality of the recordings is pretty low - not so here! With a truly high calibre of content and most, if not all, sounding as crisp, phat and detailed as required, this is a bewilderingly good set to behold! Big ups to all involved - acid heads u need dis!

    Still Music presents a compilation of Let’s Dance Records - Mike Macharello & Duane Thamm Jr.'s iconic Chicago label from 1983-85. The origin of house music, at least in a commercial sense, is generally associated with young African American producers from Chicago’s South Side, but one of the first Chicago house music labels was started by a young, white, gay DJ from the far west suburbs. The Let’s Dance story will take you back to the beginnings of Mike Macherello and Duane Thamm Jr. when Chicago’s house music was in its infancy.Back then, after starting as young roller disco Dj in the late seventies, Mike Macherello gradually made its way to the best radio station in 1981 - WBMX - and started a movement that still ripples through the city today. Let’s Dance’s founder, Mike Macharello, was a DJ who bridged diverse music scenes, from rock clubs to discos. The Let’s Dance record label helped establish Chicago’s dance music industry between 1983 and 1985, before becoming Play House Records (which will be reissued by Still Music in an upcoming set). Macharello’s pal, DJ Duane Thamm Jr., also from the ’burbs, became the label’s main producer and one of house music’s most important studio engineers and producers.

    Mike and Duane went on to release a few legendary singles for Let’s Dance that are still to this day considered to be the earliest house music records coming from Chicago.

    The 12” pack includes faithful reissues of Selenia’s “Single Girl”, Duane Thamm Jr. “Jump Trax”, the insane Knight Action “R-Trax/D-Rail” 12”s along with a 5 tracks 12” compilation and an accompanying poster insert including rare pictures and artifacts with the story of the label.


    Matt says: It's time to go back.... waaaaay back. Before Kickin' Pigeon (or Jeremy Underground for that matter) was but twinkle in his father's eyes... Learn your roots as plunge into the fertile explosion of what would later become HOUSE!!!


    Aquilo / Okoda

    The brothers Alex and Stephane follow up their Planet E and Still Music releases with another killer twelve for the latter imprint. "Aquilo" is just one of those clean, deep, grooving tech-house tracks that lures you in with subtle synth washes, lush pads and fills before hypnotising you on the dancefloor. Over on the flip the siblings delve into their love of all things Detroit with the techno track the "Okada", another surefire winner.

    Rainy City's Irfan heads off into a galaxy far, far away and comes back with this rather tasty piece of Detroit influenced techno. "Red Giants" is a nine minute long cut that mixes dark beats, looped piano lines and an avalanche of synthetic jazz keys - atmospheric, yet aimed fair and square at the dancefloor. On the flip "Red Giants (The Soundtrack)" takes the same track and reworks it backwards and forwards. Lastly there's "The Moonmoth", a warmer tune that mixes Afro percussion, tech beats and some jazzy keyboard work to create an uplifting soulful techno gem.

    Steve & I are Steve Spacek and Mathieu Schreyer, aka Mr French, who has already collaborated with Steve during the recording of the latter's 2005 "Space Shift" album. As you'd expect from anything featuring Spacek, this four track EP includes some pretty on point future soul, off kilter boogie disco and clipped electroid beats. Already championed by Gilles Peterson, Afronaught, Daz-I-Kue, Benji B, Beatfanatic and more.

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