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The Selenites Band returns with a live album ahead of their 3 studio albums, due for release laer in the year. 8 tracks of psychedelic jazz influenced by Ethio-groove, swinging Addis and pentatonic grooves, recorded in analog on tape recorders during two concerts between 2021 and 2023.

These recordings are an opportunity to discover 5 previously unreleased tracks, as well as live versions from the previous album "Behind The Mask". The Selenites Band are first and foremost a live band, and we've seen them at the New Morning, in Paris, in Belgium, as well as opening for the prestigious group GONG, on their only date in France, and at many other festivals. The Selenites Band's lively style takes us into a world of traditional music, Shamanic grooves, spicy jazz and bewitching rhythms. A melodic universe, a music of heady modal trance, a cinematic space of energetic jazz punk! . All compositions are by Antoine 'Obi Riddim' Laloux, with the exception of two tracks by Seyoum Gèbrèyès and Tlahoun Gèssèssè.

All sleeves are hand-silk-screened and numbered / limited edition.


Matt says: Instantly recognizable, Ethiopian jazz has rightly garnered a huge audience in the UK due to proponents like Mulatu Astake and discovers such as Hailu Mergia. Here's a new band, full of beans and perfectly merging the sounds of the old with the new. Dynamic and innovative throughout, this is the sound of modern Ethio-jazz!!


A1. Hamétègnaw
A2. Versus
A3. Ethio Carnival
A4. Apollo IX

B1. Antchimoye Nile Groove
B2. Addis Streets
B3. Crush Rotten Fruit
B4. Tomorrow's Running

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