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Tempting us with some Summer (read: Spring) sunshine, the Star Creature cartel's ever-faithful renditions of modern funk, new boogie and bedroom soul music continues to remain top of the charts.

Regular starting 11, E Live heads up a home attack with two sides apparently dedicated to California.

I have to admit there's a sun scorched, urban swagger to both tracks which unfurl languidly like a stroll down Sunset Boulevard in the late afternoon swelter. Pitch bent keyboard licks decorate both tracks while searing synth-string patches provide that sexual tension. Add a voluptuous bottom end complete with heavily slapped bass and these are the early evening vibrations you need sir!

As always limited copies and very high demand.


Matt says: The No.1 brand continues. Regular signing E. Live bringing the modern funk flavours.

Donnell Pitman's gotta be one of the sexiest men in Chicago right now. The disco legend known for his incredibly in-demand vintage work from the 70s / 80s is back again on hometown label Star Creature with a collab with family member Lynnette Pitman. "Chocolate Lover" might contain some pretty cliched lyrical tropes, but that doesn't mean it ain't got the funk! So much so it needed two different mixes!

E Live is on hand to provide a fresh boogie bounce to proceedings whilst Wings Of Sunshine (who I assume are a new signing to the label) go on a proper Prince-esque tip full of sex-funk synths, classic era guitar chops and a much more sleazier take on the track. Limited quants... move quick! 


Matt says: E. Live receives this week's MVP award from the Star Creature bench. His second star appearance, here laying down a sick ass mix of "Chocolate Lover".

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