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The fifth release in the sonic saga of San Francisco's electric noise factory Squirrels On Film is the first solo EP from label co-founder C.l.a.w.s., and his first solo release since 2017's “Stygian Morass” on Left Hand Path.

His distinctive, idiosyncratic take on Techno has found its way onto the Various Squirrels, and as half of Kit 'n C.l.a.w.s with Joshua Kit Clayton, but “Splat City” is his party, and you're invited.
The dance begins with “Into The Eyes Of The Zombie Queen,” its Liquid Sky cold-wave disco throb complete with laser zaps, Simmon's tom fills and drunk punk Moroder bass (defo half inched from Miss Broadway). This is C.l.a.w.s. in full-on Fun Mode, so feel free to break out the party favors. “Pacific Fog Authority” escalates the mirror-ball Goth Drama to delightfully inappropriate crescendos, think vamp / zombie B-movie orgy at your high school prom. “Slug Bait” gets a bit tougher, the motorik, leather-bar shuffle exploding in ecstatic strobe light seizures . “Splat City” keeps things heavy and depraved, a sleazy nightmare smoke-machine Strip Anthem. Your next late-night Cosmic Adventure has a perfect soundtrack.


Patrick says: Kinda cosmic, well wavey and goth in the most eye-shadow laden Giallo horror kind of way, Claws serves up a four track EP which would perfectly soundtrack an 80s B-movie where vampires take over the prom, and the bad kid (drum use, leather jacket, motorbike, no fucks given) comes good to save the cheerleaders.


A1. "Into The Eyes Of The Zombie Queen
A2. "Pacific Fog Authority
B1. "Slug Bait
B2. "Splat City

San Francisco's wonderfully titled Squirrels On Film return for a white label excursion into altered body music, CPU-driven electro & modular techno vibrations. A varied cast ensures fresh flavours as Material Squirrel kicks us off with "Material World", tipping its head to London Modular Alliance as a custom rig spurts out some fizzy electroid mayhem. Lokier gets on some deep mantel mining as an Earth drilling groove is eeked out of some primitive machinery. Billy Bates' "Got It" should keep the up-all-nite-cru happy with its wild sawtooths and buzzing acid driving the resonance well into the red. Finally, Solar lets the record some to a celestial conclusion as the head-in-the-cosmos deep house of "Anoes" sees us laid to rest on some tryptamine-based planet. Excellent stuff here...


A1. Material Squirrel - Material World
A2. Lokier - Headless
B1. Billy Bates - Got It
B2. Solar - Anoes 

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