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The Back Catalogue

    Sprints ‘The Back Catalogue’ sees their early work collected together for the first time. The band’s 2020 debut single The Cheek won them early support from BBC 6music legend Steve Lamacq, DIY and NME among others. 2021’s ‘Manifesto’ EP saw the band develop sonically and politically, with title single ‘Manifesto’ quickly becoming a fan favourite. This marked the beginning of a fruitful working relationship with Gilla Band’s Daniel Fox producing. Driven by experience, tough political climates and social and economic uncertainty - their music is honest, often politically charged and authentic. Sprints’ vital, visceral next step came with 2022‘s ‘A Modern Job’ EP to critical acclaim, including widespread radio and streaming playlisting for lead single ‘How Does The Story Go?’. ‘The Back Catalogue’ marks the end of one chapter in Sprints story and beginning of the next. Charting the rise of the band from their formation in 2019 to the present day, it takes listeners on a journey through the highs and lows of elation to anxiety at trademark breakneck speed. 


    1. Drones
    2. Swimming
    3. The Cheek
    4. Ashley
    5. Manifesto
    6. Modern Job
    7. Delia Smith
    8. I'm In A Band
    9. How Does The Story Go?
    10. Little Fix


    Letter To Self

      Sprints' debut album ‘Letter to Self' embodies their substantial evolution over the past 3 years. Transforming pain into truth, passion into purpose and perseverance into strength, the Dublin four-piece have steadily grown in stature, releasing two acclaimed EPs and building a fearsome live reputation.

      'Letter to Self' is the sound of Sprints consolidating and levelling up. Exhibiting their most vulnerable moments and imbuing their visceral garage-punk with a palpable sense of catharsis that we can all benefit from.

      Inspired by Savages, their sound matured into energetic and abrasive garage-punk, synthesising influences ranging from early Pixies, Bauhaus, Siouxsie Sioux, Idles and LCD Soundsystem.

      Singer, guitarist and lead-songwriter Karla Chubb tackles her inner turmoil head-on, and uses her platform to address inequality and issues close to hear heart, like the campaign for 'Repeal The 8th', and women’s ongoing fight for bodily autonomy, struggles with self acceptance, identity, mental health struggles, sexuality and catholic guilt.

      For their debut album the band set about transforming so-called “negative energy” into an opportunity for communal catharsis and healing. Karla Chubb explains sums up message that lies at the very heart of the album: “No matter what you're born into, or have experienced, there's a way to emerge from this and be happy within yourself.”


      Barry says: Effortlessly drawing in wisps of influence from the post-punk and indie trailblazers while retaining their own unique and incendiary take on the formula, Sprints lurch from jagged instrumental melodies and cathartic punky groove without breaking step. A hugely impressive debut from this Dublin band.


      A1 Ticking
      A2 Heavy
      A3 Cathedral
      A4 Shaking Their Hands
      A5 Adore Adore Adore
      A6 Shadow Of A Doubt
      B7 Can’t Get Enough Of It
      B8 Literary Mind
      B9 A Wreck (A Mess)
      B10 Up And Comer
      B11 Letter To Self


      Literary Mind - Reissue

        Following the initial success of their single ‘Literary Mind’ (produced by Daniel Fox, Gilla Band), garage-punk sensation Sprints from Dublin, Ireland have signed to City Slang and are re-releasing it b/w a live version recorded at a raucous show at Dublin’s legendary venue Whelan’s. It's a testament to their explosive live show, and further evidence that they are one of the most ferocious and exciting acts to emerge in recent years.

        This first release for their new label, City Slang features the original version and live version.


        Side A:
        1. Literary Mind
        Side B:
        2. Literary Mind (Live At Whelan's)

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