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As-Shams Archive Vol. 1

As-Shams Archive Vol. 1: South African Jazz, Funk & Soul 1975-1982

    As-Shams Archive Vol. 1 introduces the core catalogue of As-Shams/The Sun, the independent record label that documented some of the most exciting developments in jazz, funk and soul from South Africa in the 1970s. With 10 tracks from 10 iconic albums featuring 10 different artists and 10 original compositions, this 2LP compilation delivers 85 minutes of South African music history.

    Including essential tracks by the likes of Dick Khoza, Black Disco and Harari, remastered from the original analog tapes and housed in a gatefold art sleeve, As-Shams Archive Vol. 1 is an unbeatable introduction to South African rare groove for new listeners as well as a long-awaited first anthology for the label’s many devoted followers.


    Barry says: From the airy groove of 'Umgababa', (clocking in a not inconsiderable 11 minutes+) you know this slice of 70's Africa will not only be an important document of the music scene at the time, but rich with brilliantly produced and warm jazz/funk gold.


    Kippie Moketsi - Umgababa
    Pat Matshikiza - Dreams Are Wonderful
    Tete Mbambisa - Umthsakazi The Bride
    Dick Khoza - Lilongwe
    Mike Makhalemele - Spring Is Here
    Black Disco - Night Express
    Lionel Pillay - Blues For Yusef
    Harari - Musikana
    Movement In The City - Blue Sunday
    Sathima Bea Benjamin - Music


    82-84: We Hate You South African Bastards!

      Comes in a sleeve that is recreated to be as close as possible to the original 1984 release on Rough Trade. Housed in an outer plastic jacket We Hate You South African Bastards! was the second album by the Irish band Microdisney (Cathal Coughlan and Sean O'Hagan), originally released by Rough Trade in 1984. The album consists of their early recordings before they moved from Cork to London, including songs that became favorites of Radio 1 DJ John Peel. The cover art was designed by the Welsh musician and artist Jon Langford, a founding member of The Mekons and The Three Johns.


      1. Helicopter Of The Holy Ghost
      2. Michael Murphy
      3. Love Your Enemies
      4. Fiction Land
      5. Pink Skinned Man
      6. Patrick Moore Says You Can’t Sleep Here
      7. Hello Rascals
      8. Pretoria Quickstep

      John Rocca

      I Want It To Be Real (Late Nite Tuff Guy & Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk Remixes)

      An ‘80s dance classic from the legend John Rocca, gets a fresh new take from Aussie edit king Late Nite Tuff Guy alongside a remastered reissue of Chicago house royalty Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk’s 1987 Hot House Piano Remix.

      The main man behind jazz funk favourites, Freeez, John Rocca took to the studio in ’84 and whipped up an electrofied steamer in the form of ‘I Want It To Be Real’. Tantalizing synthwork, beefed up basslines, gated snares and pure ‘80s vocals, it’s a melting pot of influences with a catchiness that caused a serious stir, not least informing Derrick May’s infamous bootleg ‘Simply Just A Vantage’.

      This special double header of remixes kicks off with a brand new mix from Late Nite Tuff Guy. He builds up the brilliance with masterful effect, keeping the vocal in the back pocket till the final frontier whilst adding in some buttery new synth magic and deft filtering to the mix.

      On the flip, Chicago house don Farley 'Jackmaster' Funk’s 1987 remix homes in on those blissful piano and vocal stabs for a dubbed out ‘Hot House Piano Mix’. Spiritual keys laid down with passion that will be sure to get any dancefloor hot under the collar.


      Matt says: Two ridiculously strong remixes of this proto-dance anthem (as sampled by Derrick may!). Late Nite Tuff Guy has a smooth, rippling effect running through it, late night deepness that wouldn't sound outta place at Fabric! Meanwhile, Farley Funk's oft-overlooked but absolutely killer mix is remastered and included for our delight. Astonishing that this is from '87 - it still sounds fresh to this day.


      A1. I Want It To Be Real (Late Nite Tuff Guy Edit)
      B1. I Want It To Be Real (Farley Hot House Piano Mix)

      Wax’o Paradiso Recordings continues its dive into the extraordinary canon of contemporary Antipodean psychedelia with its second outing on vinyl, four spacious and soaring 'Balearic' [sic] (read: Antipodean) cuts from local duo Donald’s House.

      From the glistening textures of "37° South" (featuring renowned Australian percussionist Phil Stroud), to meandering meditative freakouts "Aurora Australis" and "Under the Lilypad", to the Italo new beat muscularity of "Budge-E Beat", Donald’s House are showcasing a constantly evolving versatility and a truly unique take on the acid trip sunrise at the metaphorical Café del Murray. 


      Matt says: Australia's dance scene seems creative and fluid at the moment, somehow pure and uncontrived. Seemingly flying their own flag and now with enough of legacy behind it to offer evolution on past themes. Here Donald’s House provides the come-down remedy from the bush doof with four tracks of serenity, texture and bliss.


      A1. 37° South
      A2. Aurora Australis
      B1. Under The Lilypad
      B2. Budge-E Beat


      Live From South Channel Island

        Since oozing onto the scene, Mildlife’s mellifluous mix of jazz, krautrock and demon grooves has fast become a word of mouth sensation among open-minded DJs and diggers searching for the perfect beat. Their emergence was fortified by European tours, demonstrating a riotously looselimbed performance approach that was every bit as thrilling as their album’s tantalizing promise. By the end of their breakout year, they’d been nominees for Best Album at the Worldwide FM Awards (Worldwide’s Gilles Peterson was a notable champion), won Best Electronic Act at The Music Victoria Awards back home in Melbourne, and were officially anointed by DJ Harvey who included ‘The Magnificent Moon’ on his Pikes compilation Mercury Rising Vol II.

        2020’s follow-up album Automatic saw the band elevate with more disciplined, directional and arguably more danceable synergy. With tightly structured arrangements making way for melodic improvisation and ethereal vocals, Mildlife effortlessly glid between live performance and studio songwriting like Kraftwerk and Herbie Hancock quarantined in Bob Moog’s Trumansburg workshop. Debuting Top 10 on the Australian charts, Automatic snared a converted ARIA Award for Best Jazz Album.

        In early 2021, unable to play shows due to the pandemic, Mildlife travelled by boat to a long abandoned 19th century island fort to perform for fairy penguins and abalone poachers. The result is Live from South Channel Island, a 70 minute motion picture and live album where the band masterfully recreate the magic of their live shows, framed by the gorgeous Port Phillip Bay.


        Barry says: It's really hard to ignore the similarities here to Pink Floyd's 'Live In Pompeii' (looking at the comments on bandcamp too, it's not just me), but Mildlife's brand of hazy psychedelic jazz veers away from Pink Floyd as much as it veers towards. Laid-back grooves and saturated, swooning synths all brought together with those syrupy vocals. Stupidly brilliant, visually and audibly.


        1 Rare Air (Live From South Channel Island)
        2 Vapour (Live From South Channel Island)
        1 Im Blau (Live From South Channel Island)
        2 Citations (Live From South Channel Island)
        1 The Magnificent Moon (Live From South Channel Island)
        2 Zwango Zop (Live From South Channel Island)
        1 Automatic (Live From South Channel Island)
        2 Air (Live From South Channel Island)

        Max Dean and Prunk come together in superb fashion for a new EP on South. It features three new cuts from Max, with a Prunk remix making it another explosive package.

        Up first is "Loving Saturday", a driving house track with a nagging, soulful vocal that really tugs at the heart strings. The bass is warm and the drums kick hard, but this one really has some standout emotion to it. "This Party" is a more loose, fluid, ducking and diving groove, with rich percussion making it a perfect late night groove. More deft vocals add some human emotion as this one drives on.

        "This Party (Prunk Remix)" is a nice spaced out deep house cut that has real bite. The kicks and hi-hats fuse together perfectly, while balmy pads encircle the groove to bring the vibes. Last of all, "Sunshine Upon the 33" is another big hearted out track with an irresistible groove. The dynamic drums never let up, while the spaced out pads work and great vocal samples all elevate the track.

        This is a fantastic four track package from this new one to watch label.


        Matt says: Tech house has a dirty name these days but red light rollers like this suck me back into the scene! Max Dean with that kinetic energy its hard to ignore. Make sure you stretch your shoulders!


        A1. Loving Saturday
        A2. This Party
        B1. Sunshine Upon The 33
        B2. This Party (Prunk Remix)

        Welcome to Nicolini’s wonderful world of surprise - Penni’s Palace. Here you will find zebra-chairs and matchbox countachs, colourful tv-screens and Penni the cat presiding over proceedings. You will also find Nicolini, hunched over his MPC or Casio keyboards, sweeping the EQs to make the sounds move, jamming out his songs in heavy microdoses. They are the sounds of machines and the city - Amsterdam centre to be precise - brought to life with volts of electricity.

        These songs started out as a live show on the terrace of Garage Noord nightclub, and over the following months Nicolini tweaked and re-recorded them into the collection of tracks you have before you. Bristling with energy, these live jams have a loose, almost mystical feeling - you never know quite what’s around the corner. Sounds jump out of the speakers at you, from car engines to reverb crashes. Opposites face off against each other - the mechanical meets the organic, and the cold emptiness of the city contrasts with the warm timbres of tropical climes.

        Nicolini is quite used to combining disparate elements, particularly as a member of the re-configured Zamrock band WITCH. As pioneers of some of the heaviest space fuzz back in the ‘70s, WITCH combined garage-psych guitars with Zambian dialects and culture to create a wildly unique sound. Nicolini joined the band during their resurgence over the last few years, as they toured far-flung corners of the world. It’s an experience that undoubtedly helped Nicolini hone one skill set in particular - combining unexpected sounds together in unusual ways - and it’s on full display across these nine tracks.


        Master Teacher
        Snake Head Wire
        Bank Needs Your Money Dub
        Penni Funk
        Crash Flange
        Penni Chasing
        Woospang Man
        Intro + Life Shana

        In its original form 'Bij Annie Op Bezoek' was a pretty avant affair involving dubby desk experiments spilling into snippets of folk and spoken word. Here South Of North enlist a trio of full time experimentalists to turn everyone's brains upside down. First up, Robert Bergman, whose released on LIES and BAKK were previous Piccadilly faves recasts TV Orangje as a twisted industrial chugger - slow, low and dripping with high grade narcotics. Next up, Planet Rescue alum Peter Graf York goes IN on his "Voor etc" remix, turning out a leftfield techno wonk machine, which he reprises on the B2 in utterly spangled techno fashion. The B1 belongs to Monty DJ who hooks us up with a rattling, polyrhythmic excursion into woodland house - it's up there with the best early Sueds!


        A1. TV Oranje (Robert Bergman Mix)
        A2. Voor Een Flat In De Merenwijk (Peter Graf York Mix)
        B1. Trappenhuis (Monty DJ Mix)
        B2. Voor Een Flat In De Merenwijk (Peter Graf York Pakje Sap Mix)

        German multi-instrumentalist and production whizz CV Vision drops a third release in quick succession, once again furnishing South Of North with some superior psychedelic sounds. Where 'Tropical' pushed a futuristic psych exotic style, this one's as classic as they come, vocals fuzzed to fuck and slathered in tape delay, americana guitars and fat drum breaks. If you dig on the old Tame Impala sound or the likes of the Allah Lahs, you'll find plenty to love about this one.


        A1. Should I Tame My Endless Mind
        A2. I Will Be Gone
        A3. A Sparrow
        A4. My Autumn Has Come
        B1. 123
        B2. Emit Ni
        B3. In Time


        From Here On Out - Rarities & Unreleased

          "It’s a bit of a ‘lost tapes’ album," says the group’s vocalist and bassist, Joel Cadbury of From Here On Out. "We’ve uncovered these archives. Everything’s on cassettes or defunct products. We had to find a good tape deck that didn’t wobble too much and digitize everything. That was a long process. And then someone would find another bag of cassettes. I must have listened to 40 hours’ worth. But I knew that I had better go through everything because if I don’t, it will come back and I’ll have to do it again. It unearthed some really cool stuff".


          1.Save Your Sorrow
          2.Remind Me
          3.Here On Out
          4.Wasted Reminders
          5.Breaking Away
          6.Mad Day
          7.Instrumental A 99
          8.I Know What You're Like (Demo)
          9.Run On Time (Demo)
          10.Southern Climbs (Chiswick Reach)
          11.Time To Riot (DIV)
          12.Separate Meaning
          13.Breaking Free
          14.I'd Be Lying
          15.Better Things (Demo)
          16.Coming Of Age


          From Here On In - 20th Anniversary Edition

            South announce the 20th anniversary re-cut of the cult-classic debut album ‘From Here On In’. They called themselves South as a statement; an act of bravado. Come and have a go if you think you're hard enough. Manchester bands had dominated for two decades, be it the Smiths, New Order, the Stone Roses, the Happy Mondays, and of course Oasis. Now it was the turn of three lads from North London. Move over Madchester. Although commercial success eluded them in the UK, South soared abroad - notably in the US, Germany and Japan. They toured the world with Elbow - one night South would top the bill, the next night it would be Elbow's turn. Guy Garvey would always dedicate a song to them from the stage "because they're real". In the US, their prominence was partly due to the fact that they composed the soundtrack to the smash gangster movie Sexy Beast, and that their biggest single Paint The Silence featured on the teen drama TV series The OC. When South split up in 2008 – four albums and a decade down the line - they had a back catalogue to be proud of.

            And twenty years on from its release, their debut album From Here On In sounds as fresh as the day it was first pressed in 2001. Despite the swagger in their name, South couldn't have been less laddish or pugilistic. All three were quietly spoken, thoughtful, serious minded. They originally saw themselves as an electronic act, before morphing into a crusty-haired grunge band. They got a regular spot at the St Moritz Club on the legendary Wardour Street in 1998 and evolved again - less thrashing, more acoustic, tingling guitars, and sublime harmonies. Within weeks of starting at the St Moritz they had signed a publishing deal with Warner Chappell, before James Lavelle signed them to Mo'Wax.

            For all that South eschewed the North, they would have been perfectly at home in Manchester. You can hear the influences of the great Manchester bands on From Here On In - the tender Gallagheresque ballad Keep Close; the gorgeous Paint the Silence nodding to the Stone Roses. Yet at the same time they brought so much extra to the party - dance beats in thumping rock rock songs; acoustic ballads that blaze ferociously. The reviews were sensational, particularly in America. "The tempos were stately. the lyrics suitably doleful and warmhearted," said the New York Times. The Chicago Tribune eulogised about "the dreamy atmospheric mix of pensive acoustic songcraft and electronic soundscaping."

            Meanwhile Billboard said: "Every now and then a band comes along that prides itself on not fully ascribing to any one musical philosophy. Welcome to the world of north London's South." From Here On In was the perfect post-modern album - ballads to rave to, dance tracks to mourn to, pop rock, electro-rock, folk-rock, instrumental rock, prog rock, and even occasionally rock rock. In many ways the album was decades ahead of itself. Perhaps its time has come now.

            TRACK LISTING

            1.Broken Head (I)
            2.Paint The Silence
            3.Keep Close
            4.I Know What You're Like
            5.All In For Nothing (Reprise)
            6.Here On In
            7.Run On Time
            8.Broken Head (II)
            9.Sight Of Me
            10.By The Time You Catch Your Heart
            11.Live Between The Lines (Back Again)
            12.Recovered Now
            13.Southern Climbs
            14.By The Time You Catch Your Heart (Reprise)
            15.All In For Nothing
            16.Broken Head (III)

            Various Artists

            Gumba Fire: Bubblegum Soul & Synth Boogie In 1980s South Africa

              Compilers Miles Cleret (Soundway) and DJ Okapi (Afrosynth Records) present a selection of 18 rare, handpicked 1980s cuts that highlight the period that nestles in between the ‘70s (where American-influenced jazz, funk and soul bumped shoulders with local Mbaqanga) and the ‘90s when Kwaito and eventually house-music ruled the dancefloors of urban South Africa.
              In 1980s black South Africa a local form of pop music evolved as the disco boom died down and slowly mutated. It was often ubiquitously described as Bubblegum - usually stripped-down and lo-fi with a predominance of synths, keyboards and drum-machines and overlaid with the kind of deeply soulful trademark vocals and harmonies that South African music is famous for. Alongside French-Caribbean Zouk this kind of music has slowly been making its way into the DJ sets of many of the most open minded selectors around the world. This compilation is in many ways a sister release to the hugely popular compilation of Nigerian boogie and disco that Soundway released in late 2016 : “Doing it In Lagos: Boogie, Pop & Disco in 1980s Nigeria”.
              The album takes its name from the band Ashiko’s track of the same name Gumba Fire that features on the compilation. The term is derived from gumba gumba, the term given to the booming speakers of the old spacegram radios that broadcast music into South Africa’s townships and villages. The phrase later evolved into Gumba Fire to refer to a hot party. Put this record on and feel the heat!

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Patrick says: As we seem to have reached the end of the great Afro disco excavation (I joke, I hear a new banger every two weeks), things jump forward from the disco era to the time of boogie and proto house with this mega collection of bubble gum bangers selected by Soundway and Afrosynth boss DJ Okapi. Everything on here is excellent, but Condry Ziqubu's "She's Impossible" is way in demand, and this is your only chance to get it without breaking the bank.

              TRACK LISTING

              LP 1:
              The Survivals - My Brother
              Stimela - Mind Games
              Hot Soul Singers - Hlala Nami
              Zoom - Wayawaya
              Ashiko - Gumba Fire (Madlakadlaka) 
              Monwa & Sun - Heartbeat

              LP 2:
              Ntombi Ndaba - Do You Trust Amajita?
              The Black Five - Selallane 
              Starlight - Picnicing
              Zasha - Hayi Ngodlame
              Joshiba - Gloria
              Sabela - Africa

              LP 3:
              Condry Ziqubu - She’s Impossible /
              General Peter Maringa - Listen To Me
              Zasha - Arrow Dub
              Ozila - Wola Wola

              The Survivals - My Brother
              Stimela - Mind Games
              Hot Soul Singers - Hlala Nami
              Zoom - Wayawaya
              Ashiko - Gumba Fire (Madlakadlaka) 
              Monwa & Sun - Heartbeat
              Ntombi Ndaba - Do You Trust Amajita? 
              The Black Five - Selallane
              Starlight - Picnicing 
              Zasha - Hayi Ngodlame
              Sabela - Africa
              Condry Ziqubu - She’s Impossible
              General Peter Maringa - Listen To Me 
              Zasha - Arrow Dub
              Ozila - Wola Wola

              South Side / Combo Kings

              I Feel A Groove Comin' On / Groovey

              Record Shack delivering some stone-cold classics from South Side we have the immense single “I Feel A Groove Comin’ On” which is packed with jammin’ grooves that can uplift any dreary day with powerful soul beats. On the B Side Combo King’s “Groovey” does exactly what it says on the tin, wild soaring notes of soul-jazzy goodness fill the air. This is a record you need to have for any event to get mood lifted and dancing the night away!

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. South Side - I Feel A Groove Comin' On
              B1. Combo King - Groovey

              Various Artists

              Pantsula! - The Rise Of Electronic Dance Music In South Africa, 1988-90

              Late 80s South African dance floor winners only! Selected by DJ Okapi and Antal, the compilation holds tracks by Jivaro, The Hard Workers, Ayobayo Band, S.Y.B. & many more. This is the sharp electronic music that fuelled the local Pantsula dances during the 80s and 90s . A must have for fans of Bubblegum and Kwaito music. The 12 tracks selected for "Pantsula!" come from a very unique, very different time and place. They represent the birth of electronic dance music in South Africa, through the songs of one particular independent label from the time: Music Team. The sound represents the culmination of the bubblegum era, when South Africa’s disco artists outgrew their American influences and forged an increasingly electronic and ‘local’ pop sound. Evolving over time since long before the 80s, the distinctly South African subculture of "Pantsula" is more closely associated with an attitude, a style and a signature dance, rather than any specific sound. In the late 1980s and early 90s, Pantsula was also the name given to a new type of dance music taking over the streets of South Africa, influenced by earlier bubblegum and the rise of Shangaan Disco, but with a far broader appeal and a harder, purely electronic sound.

              TRACK LISTING

              1 The Equals - New Lover
              2 Jazino - Ushelakanjani
              3 Jivaro - What Next (dub Mix)
              4 S.Y.B - Jika Magogo
              5 Scotch Band - Watsotasama
              6 Kakappa - Sisonke
              7 Spirro - Ma Hero (Dub Mix)
              8 The Hard Workers - Ayoba-yo
              9 Ayobayo Band - Sorry Bra
              10 Rush Feat. Linda Ziqubu - Sobohla Manyosi
              11 Chaka - Via Tembisa
              12 La Viva - Go Siami

              Old Fire

              Songs From The Haunted South

              The pet project of Texas based programmer John Mark Lapham, - of The Earlies and 4AD band The Late Cord fame - Old Fire joins a world-class roster that includes the likes of Steven Wilson, The Pineapple Thief, Anathema, Nordic Giants and The Anchoress. Taking nearly a decade to make, Songs From The Haunted South has been a labour of love for Lapham.

              Born from an album concept for a 4AD project with singer Micah P. Hinson (The Late Cord), the album was originally intended to feature different singers and musicians recording songs that were both covers and originals. After parting ways with Micah, Lapham remained determined to realize his vision for the album and sought voices he considered special or fitted the inspiration.

              The first piece of the puzzle fell in to place after meeting the former owner of 4AD, Ivo Watts Russell, who introduced Lapham to singer/songwriter, Tom Rapp - who recorded a string of haunting albums in the late 60s and 70s under the name Pearls Before Swine. The vocals Rapp provided formed the basis of the track Shadows. In the following years, guest vocals were recorded by Sara Lowes (The Earlies), DM Stith, Christopher Barnes (Gem Club), Rebekka Karijord, and Alex Maas (Black Angels).

              The project also features a myriad of exceptional musicians including Warren Defever (His Name Is Alive) - Guitar, Thor Harris (Swans) - Drums, Christian Madden - Rhodes piano & Organ and Semay Wu (Cello).

              The 13 track album contains a selection of songs that in one way or another are dedications to people, some dead and some still living. Musically, inspirations range from ambient artists such as Brian Eno and Stars of the Lid to Psychedelic Rock, traditional Country and early 4AD.

              Sitting alongside the original Old Fire compositions are a selection of intriguing cover versions. Lapham uniquely interprets songs by Psychic TV (The Orchids), Low (Laser Beam), Ian William Craig (A Sight Grip, A Gentle Hold), Jason Molina (It's Easier Now), Camberwell Now (Know How) and Shearwater (Helix).

              Songs From The Haunted South' was produced by John Mark Lapham, mixed by JM Lapham and Mark Kuykendall, and was mastered by Ian Hawgood.

              The powerful cover art was designed by UK's Grammy Award winning designer Vaughan Oliver, famed for his work with artists such as Mojave 3, Lush, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, The Breeders, This Mortal Coil, Pixies, Throwing Muses in addition to artists such as David Sylvian and Bush. The cover shot taken in 1958 features Lapham's father during bivouac camping basic training in the foothills of the Ozarks, at Fort Chaffee.

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Barry says:

              TRACK LISTING

              Old Fire 3
              Along Came A Sadness
              Know How
              It's Easier Now
              A Stranger In The Family
              A Slight Grip, A Gentle Hold
              Laser Beam
              The Orchids
              Deadhouse Dream

              '"White Shadows In The South Seas" is the title of a book written in 1919 by Frederick O’Brien as part of a trilogy he wrote based on his experiences living in the Pacific islands in the early part of the 20th century. His book was taken as the starting point for a film to be directed, initially, by Robert Flaherty (famous at the time for his groundbreaking documentary / fiction film Nanook Of The North) with W.S.Van Dyke as his support. The film, ultimately, apart from the title, had little to do with O’Brien’s book and Flaherty left the film after a few months leaving Van Dyke to finish it. I purchased O'Brien's book, along with many others, from Basement Books, a secondhand bookstore in Melbourne/Australia. Part of my 'Islomania' and ongoing fascination with all things Pacific. When I discovered there was a 1929 silent film based on the book I sought it out and started to present it as part of my 'Live Music/Silent films' repertoire. Tabu by Frederick Murnau, which coincidently also had Flaherty as co-director originally, was the first film I ever wrote / improvised a score for and presented as a live film/music performance. My repertoire extends to over 23 films now.

              My eclectic and diverse musical and artistic interests extend into 'Hawaiian', ‘Exotica’, ‘Ambient’ and 'Electronic' Music.

              "White Shadows In The South Seas" features some of the music presented in my live screenings of the 1929 silent film. '

              - Mike Cooper

              Mike Cooper plays – Electric and acoustic lap steel guitars / electronics / Zoom Sampletrack / Kaos Pad / Casio SK1 / Korg Drum Machine / Self Made Instruments.

              It also features field recordings made on Pulau Ubin by Mike Cooper during a month as Artist In Residence for The Artist Village / Singapore.

              All music written and played by Mike Cooper PRS/MCPS - except Po Mahina (trad. Arr. Cooper) and Hilo Hanakahi (trad. Arr. Cooper)

              Recorded and Mixed at the Steelworks in Rome 2012/2013.

              TRACK LISTING

              A1. Dr. Derelict
              A2. Beached
              A3. White Shadows
              A4. Po Mahina (Trad. Arr. Cooper)
              B1. Night Flower Tapu
              B2. Each Day At Dusk
              B3. What Cares Paradise
              C1. A White Shadow Passes
              C2. Lung Collapse
              C3. The Ordeal
              D1. Tiki Tampoo
              D2. Hilo Hanakahi (Trad. Arr. Cooper)
              D3. Tapu Lifted
              D4. Jalan Sam Heng

              Scott Fagan’s debut album, ‘South Atlantic Blues,’ is a genuine lost classic - a mystical, mythical and deeply soulful masterpiece.

              Recorded when Scott was just 21, virtually homeless and with pennies to his name, it was released in 1968 on Atco Records but remained obscure, confounded by a series of frustrating near-misses. From being mentored by Doc Pomus to being discovered by Jasper Johns, Scott’s incredible story and music unfolds on ‘South Atlantic Blues,’ remastered and reissued for the first time ever on CD and vinyl on Saint Cecilia Knows (the label that also released the acclaimed Mickey Newbury box set, ‘An American Trilogy) in association with Scott Fagan’s own lil’fish records.

              Steeped in delicate psych, soul and resonant acoustic guitars “that stroke and stone you to the core” (Shindig). It’s an epic song cycle about Fagan’s hard-scrabble life in the Virgin Islands, where he was raised and lived until 19 before returning to his birthplace of New York City. A teenage prodigy, mentored and managed by songwriters Doc Pomus and Mort Shuman, Scott recorded early material for Columbia and Bert Berns’ BANG label before signing with Atco. In 1969, artist Jasper Johns discovered ‘South Atlantic Blues’ in a cut-out bin, fell in love with the record, and used it as the inspiration for three artworks, known as ‘Scott Fagan Record.’

              The pieces are now housed in the permanent collections of MOMA, the Met and the Walker Art Center. Born on 52nd Street, Scott was the son of a sax player and singer who fraternized with jazz greats. That familial connection with music would come full circle when Fagan discovered he was the biological father of songwriter Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields. They did not meet until the premiere of a documentary about Doc Pomus in 2013. A conversation between the two is included in the liner notes of this CD release. The initial pressing of the vinyl comes as a limited edition, hand-numbered, 180g vinyl with a reproduction of Jasper Johns’ 1970 lithograph, ‘Scott Fagan Record,’ as cover art, and includes a digital download.

              The CD comes with extensive liner notes, rare photos, and a download of five bonus tracks—the original 1965 demo for Doc Pomus as well as a recently-discovered acetate, the only copy in existence of a previously-unknown Doc Pomus song, All For The Sake Of Love, that only Scott Fagan recorded. 

              TRACK LISTING

              1. In Your Head
              2. Nickels And Dimes
              3. Crying
              4. The Carnival Is Ended
              5. South Atlantic Blues
              6. Nothing But Love
              7. Tenement Hall
              8. In Your Hands
              9. Crystal Ball
              10. Madame-Moiselle.

              Bonus Tracks (download With CD Only) :
              1. They Think She’s Crying Cause She’s Happy
              2. When You’re Lonely And You’re Blue
              3. Bonua
              4. I’ve Been So Lonely For So Long
              5. All For The Sake Of Love

              Various Artists

              Lead Kindly Light: Pre-War Music And Photographs From The American South

                What happens when a 78 collector marries a collector of antique photographs? Lead Kindly Light. Recordings of Rural Southern Music: Old Time, String Band Music from Appalachia, extremely rare Country Blues and African American gospel singing from 1924-1939.

                159 Photographs from the Collection of Sarah Bryan reproduced in full color. 46 Audio Recordings from the 78RPM Record Collection of Peter Honig. 176-page hardcover book with 2 CDs. 8.5 inches x 6.5 inches. A portrait of the rural American South between the dawn of the twentieth century and World War II, Lead Kindly Light brings together two CDs of traditional music from early phonograph records and a fine hardcover book of never-before-published vernacular photography.

                North Carolina collectors Peter Honig and Sarah Bryan have spent years combing backroads, from deep in the Appalachian mountains to the cotton and tobacco lowlands, in search of the evocative music and images of the pre-War South. The music of Lead Kindly Light presents outstanding lesser-known recordings by early stars of recorded country music, as well as rarely- and never-reissued treasures by obscure country, blues, and gospel artists. The photographs, mainly images of the rural and small-town South, are richly textured depictions of family life, work, and fun, and the often accidental beauty of the vernacular snapshot.

                TRACK LISTING

                DISC 1
                1. Buster Carter And Preston Young – “I’ll Roll In My Sweet Baby’s Arms”
                2. Georgia Yellow Hammers – “Mary Don’t You Weep”
                3. Narmour & Smith – “Jake Leg Rag”
                4. Prince Moore – “Church Bells”
                5. Roane County Ramblers – “Callahan Rag”
                6. Banjo Joe – “Engineer Joe”
                7. Ernest Phipps And His Holiness Quartet – “I Want To Go Where Jesus Is”
                8. Amos Baker – “I Wish I Were A Mole In The Ground”
                9. Lewis Brothers – “When Summer Comes Again”
                10. Dykes’ Magic City Trio – “Frankie”
                11. Leake County Revelers – “Johnson Gal”
                12. Gid Tanner, Clayton McMichen, Riley Puckett, Lowe Stokes, Fate Norris – “Possum Hunt On Stump House Mountain, Part 1”
                13. Gid Tanner, Clayton McMichen, Riley Puckett, Lowe Stokes, Fate Norris – “Possum Hunt On Stump House Mountain, Part 2”
                14. Mississippi Bracey– “Stered Gal”
                15. Jilson Setters – “Little Boy Working On The Road”
                16. Loveless Twins Quartet – “Lead Kindly Light”
                17. Al Hopkins And His Buckle Busters – “Roll On The Ground”
                18. J. E. Mainer’s Mountaineers – “Concord Rag”
                19. Uncle Eck Dunford And Ernest Stoneman – “Barney McCoy”
                20. Blue Ridge Highballers – “Round Town Girls”
                21. Carter Family – “Motherless Children”
                22. Rev. W. M. Mosley And His Congregation – “Labor For The Lord”
                23. Home Folk Fiddlers – “Arkansas Hoedown”

                Disc 2
                1. Allen Brothers – “Skipping And Flying”
                2. Fiddlin’ Sam Long Of The Ozarks – “Sandy Land”
                3. Rev. J. C. Burnett – “True Friendship”
                4. Narmour And Smith – “Tequila Hop Blues”
                5. Orville Reed – “The Telephone Girl”
                6. Burnett And Ruttledge – “Blackberry Blossoms”
                7. Kid Williams And Bill Morgan – “When He Died He Got A Home In Hell”
                8. Buster Carter And Preston Young – “It’s Hard To Love And Can’t Be Loved”
                9. Carter Family – “Kitty Waltz”
                10. Birmingham Entertainers – “Johnny Bring The Jug ‘Round The Hill”
                11. Blue Ridge Corn Shuckers – “Old Time Corn Shuckin’, Part 1”
                12. Blue Ridge Corn Shuckers – “Old Time Corn Shuckin’, Part 2”
                13. Mainer’s Mountaineers – “Train Carry My Girl Back Home”
                14. Miller’s Merrymakers – “Old Time Breakdown”
                15. Riley Puckett – “Railroad Bill”
                16. Leake County Revelers – “Been To The East, Been To The West”
                17. Charlie Bowman And His Brothers – “Gonna Raise The Ruckus Tonight” 18. Charlie Parker And Mack Woolbright – “Man Who Wrote The Home Sweet Home Never Was A Married Man”
                19. Dykes’ Magic City Trio – “Cotton Eyed Joe”
                20. Joe Smith – “Kidnapping Is A Terrible Crime”
                21. Rev. W. M. Mosley – “The Comforter Has Come”
                22. Roane County Ramblers – “Johnson City Rag”
                23. Jilson Setters – “Way Up On Clinch Mountain”

                Various Artists

                South Side Story Vol. 23


                  For the lowriders, the souleros, or just anyone with a still-working CD player in their hooptie and a penchant for driving with even a slight gangster lean. Numero pays tribute to the aftermarket sounds of “sweet” soul music still emanating from the West coast, or East Side, depending on your perspective. Inspired by, and paying tribute to the countless cruising compilations, legitimate and (mostly) otherwise, that provide the soundtrack for lowrider and soulero culture, South Side Story is the latest in the Numbero line of takes its aesthetics from the timeless East Side Story series, and its music from Chicago soul groups (mostly, of course, from our mythic South Side). Included here are songs that are completely unreleased, others that are never before issued other than in minuscule pressings on 45, and a few chrome-coated classics, already seen on scads of flash-in-the-pan boots. The Numero Group’s crack team of researchers cut loose on the city of Chicago to assemble the perfect lowriding companion, and the results are unparalleled. From high school rivals The Si-Berians and The Intentions, who both feature their sole recordings here, to unheard material from the original Calvin Harris, to the elite Latino ensemble known as The Mystics, to the missing link in “sweet-as-sugar” Renaldo Domino’s lonely post-Twinight recording, this dazzling collection slices out a delectable cross-section of the city’s sweetest sounds. 13 perfect “souldies” as they are occasionally called, allowing you to throw away any of your many volumes of Gangster Soul Harmony, Lost Soul Oldies, East Side Story, Hood Dreams, Shady Side of Town (or any of the thousands of other similar iterations)

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. The Si-Berians - This Is The Ending Of Our Love
                  2. The Mystics - That’s The Kind Of Love
                  3. Renaldo Domino - I’ll Get You Back
                  4. The Notations - I’m Still Here
                  5. Harlem Meat Company - I’m Not Gonna Be Anybody’s Fool
                  6. Calvin Harris - It Ain’t Fair
                  7. The Notations - I Don’t Wanna Be Late
                  8. Brand New Faces - I Don’t Wanna Cry
                  9. The New Day - Wait A Minute
                  10. The Final Solution - Gotta Get Through To You (CD Only Bonus Track)
                  11. Young Souls - Puppet On A String
                  12. Donnell Pitmann - You Hurt Me
                  13. The Intentions - Blowing With The Wind

                  White Lung

                  Songs Of The South

                  The angry female fronted Vancouver punks release new seven inch single 'Songs of the South' - comprised of 'Blow It South' and 'Down With You'.

                  After being credited as having one of the best live shows of SXSW earlier this year and their 2012 full length 'Sorry' receiving critical acclaim from the likes of Pitchfork, Stereogum, Noisey, Spin and Rolling Stone White Lung look set to become a successful crossover band – following in the steps of Fucked Up & The Men

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Blow It South
                  2. Down With You

                  John recently supported Paul Heaton and Richard Hawley and opens Alan McGee’s new 359 club night in Liverpool on 6th September. He will support The Enemy and Reverend & The Makers at the Doncaster Dome on 6th November, as well as playing shows with Alabama 3.• North South Divide is supported by a full press, radio and online marketing campaign.

                  This debut album will be preceded by the release of ‘North South Divide’ – the single – as both a download and limited 7” single in late September.

                  Clearly indebted to early Dylan, John’s influences also include Donovan, Paul Weller, Marc Bolan, Johnny Cash and Jake Bugg.

                  “An amazing talent for such a young kid!” Alan McGee

                  “Who is this kid doing Dylan better than Dylan?” Courtney Love

                  “John is a real talent, I'd happily take him on tour with me in the future. The real deal." Richard Hawley

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. 55 Blues
                  2. North-South Divide
                  3. Long Long Way
                  4. The Ballad Of A Blue Poet
                  5. It Never Rains
                  6. Rivers Of Blood
                  7. The Ballad Of Mr Henderson
                  8. Colour Of The Sun
                  9. Slipping Away
                  10. Short Sharp Shock
                  11. White Rose
                  12. The Strand

                  The product is a limited edition, deluxe package, designed by GiveUp Art. With only 500 editions printed and compromising 14 high quality photo-prints and a 12 track CD (9 of which are exclusive) – all of which will be beautifully enclosed in a special, custom made package. "North / South / East / West" is a collaborative art and music project between photographer Shaun Bloodworth, designer Stuart Hammersley (Give Up Art) and; focusing on the music of four different regions of the world - North and South UK and East and West coast USA. The project aims to showcase their pick of a handful of labels, artists and club nights from each

                  TRACK LISTING

                  1. Daedelus – A Bloodworth
                  2. Huson Mohawke – FUSE
                  3. Geeneus – Ultrafunkula
                  4. Flying Lotus – Comet Course (Matthew David Alternative Mix)
                  5. Headhunter – Collecting Butterflies
                  6. Falty DL – Some Day My Queen Will Come
                  7. Flying Lotus – Rickshaw
                  8. Skream – Slumfunk
                  9. Mike Slott – Giants Meet
                  10. Kotchy – You Know You
                  11. Rustie – Bad Science
                  12. Taz Buckfaster – Au Revoir

                  Compiled by Mark Ainley and Mark Ernestus (Basic Channel etc) "Shangaan Electro" delivers a selection of the breakneck Shangaan dance output of the Nozinja studio in Soweto, recorded between 2006 and 2009. Shangaan music is fast - we're talking 180bpm+ here - coming across like high life-meets-soca-meets-baile-funk-happy hardcore! When you hear those marimba beats, that live guitar and those toms, you know it’s Shangaan. The sound grew out of the Shangaan disco movement, a music that dominated in the 1980s with artists like Penny Penny and Peter Teanet and has slowly got faster and faster until we have Shangaan electro. There’s something distinctive in this Shangaan perspective: they are one of the more rural and traditional groups in the wealthiest African nation, yet ‘tradition’ to them can also be living, electronic and nuanced. If you enjoy the global beats of Africa Hitech or Poirier, or the simplicity and speed of baile funk from Brazil's favelas, then this is sure to be of interest.

                  TRACK LISTING

                  01. BBC - Ngunyuta Dance (The Shake-Your-Behind Dance)
                  02. Tshetsha Boys - Nwa Pfundla (Pfundla's Daughter)
                  03. Mancingelani - Vana Vasesi (My Sister's Children)
                  04. Zinja Hlungwani - Ntombi Ya Mugaza (Shangaan Woman)
                  05. BBC - Ngozi (Danger)
                  06. Zinja Hlungwani - Nwa Gezani (Gezani's Daughter)
                  07. Tiyiselani Vomaseve - Vanghoma
                  08. Nka Mwewe - Khulumani (Let's Talk)
                  09. Tiyiselani Vomaseve - Na Xaniseka (I'm Suffering)
                  10. Zinja Hlungwani - Nwa Gezani My Love (Gezani's Daughter, My Love)
                  11. Tshetsha Boys - Uya Kwihi Ka Rose (Rose, Where Are You Going?)
                  12. Zinja Hlungwani - Thula (So Quiet)

                  JD Crowe And The New South

                  My Home Ain't In The Hall Of Fame

                    JD Crowe And The New South's latest album is from one of the most influential and pioneering bands in the history of bluegrass. This is a vibrant and eclectic selection of songs, with the band's trailblazing style well in evidence.

                    90 Degrees South

                    Plans For Travel

                      A collection of nine tracks, inspired by classic journeys and the ground breaking pioneers of land, sea and sky. For fans of Tortoise, Labradford etc.

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