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Lemonade / Hard


OK, here it is folks, the undeniably infectious saccharin-laced future-proof jam that is "Lemonade" by Sophie. Love it or hate it, I guarantee you won't be able to get these sickeningly sweet hooks outta your head after just one listen! "Lemonade" will surely be looked at in years to come as a sonic symbol of post-modern, digital culture as we search for that ADHD-proof 'hit' riddled with novelty and stimulation. I think Pitchfork put it best with '"Lemonade" is a bouquet of ephemera, and we shouldn't be surprised that Sophie hid a firecracker in the bundle.’ At around four minutes long, this radio-friendly piece of crazed production is the crucial point in which bass music hit the masses, and watch it start a fire all over the internet and radio over the next month or so. On the flip "Hard" is even more frenzied, deploying rattling percussion, glistening motifs and machine-gun drum programming while a quick-fire female vocal talks about difficulties getting by for the modern club girl. With a massive future-rave breakdown towards the end, it’s another synthesized moment of legal-high goodness wrapped up in a succinct, concise, well executed package. Massive.

60k+ and counting Soundcloud plays over the first 24 hours
Currently charting #2 on Billboard’s ‘Emerging Artists’ chart
'You'll not hear anything else like this today' Zane Lowe BBC R1 show premiere (covered by Huw Stephens) (@ 47m15s)
‘SOPHIE's Lemonade is the most bonkers track we've heard all year’ Guardian
‘song of the day’ Diplo on Twitter
‘one of the best things I’ve heard all year’ Stereogum
‘"Lemonade" is a bouquet of ephemera, and we shouldn't be surprised that Sophie hid a firecracker in the bundle.’ Pitchfork
‘impossibly infectious’ Gorilla vs Bear


Matt says: Available once again. The first four Sophie EPs have become cult artefacts of leftfield-dance-pop. Last chance saloon if you missed 'em the first & second time!


A. Lemonade
B. Hard


LOVE / Just Like We Never Said Goodbye

    After 'Lemonade's' bouquet of ephemera concealing a secret firecracker within, the musical marmite of Sophie returns to our shop. It's hard to think of an artist that splits opinion so much, which is perhaps why I like her (- Matt). So far I've managed to convince about half our customers that this is 'the shit', but none of our staff. Anyway, I'll let you make up your own minds. Abstract, post-millennial electronics on the A-side, "LOVE" just buzzing and squealing through a cannon of VST-pluggins you probably can't even own yet while Sophie spits a plethora of one-letter snips onto this radioactive hue. One of those head-turning soundbeds to immediately change direction in a set, or even as the first tune to play when taking charge of the controls. As usual, we get one experimental piece and then, shall we say, one warped-chipmunk-in-wonderland take on pop music, set in the 23rd century. And that's what "Just Like We Never Said Goodbye Is". A post-break up tune for 15 year old aliens when we traverse to the next inhabitable galaxy. Honestly, this could reduce a cyborg to tears. Heartfelt, niave, childish lyrics about love, lust and yearning set to the most euphoric fidgety, futureproof and all encompassing of instrumentation - and there's not even any drums! So powerful, for me personally, it works; so, so very well. After playing this TWICE during a recent DJ set (I never play tunes twice) and multiple listens at home it still sends synthetic, MCAT-flavoured goosebumps down my arms and fires me with an intangible energy from deep inside the pit of my stomach. It's hard to place, but its there if you feel it, and who cares if the youth like it as much as you. There's not much else I can say about it - just have a listen and please do mail in your opinions (or don't - Ed).


    Matt says: Available once again. The first four Sophie EPs have become cult artifacts of leftfield-dance-pop. Last chance saloon if you missed 'em the first time!


    A. L.O.V.E
    B. Just Like We Never Said Goodbye


    Bipp / Elle


      Surprise release on Numbers from Sophie. Going on one of those trancey, mainroom, bass-heavy R&B refixes is "Bipp" on the A-side. A saccharin sweet vocal melody coupled with massive bass stabs, squealing sine tones and huge synth washes. It's the sound of a thousand or so kids on drugs going absolutely nuts in the sunshine with people old enough to know better (Matt!?) joining in the fun at the same time. On the flip we get bassy, druggy chaos for the more die-hard heads on “Elle”. Using a grime influenced sound palette and a half-tempo groove, the track rattles through the frequencies with a surprisingly melodic, emotive undercurrent. Recommended.


      Matt says: Available once again. The first four Sophie EPs have become cult artefacts of leftfield-dance-pop. Last chance saloon if you missed 'em the first time!


      A. Bipp
      B. Elle


      Sweat (Sophie Remix)


        1. Sweat (feat LIZ)
        2. Don't Wanna Dance With U Remix (feat Albertina)


        Bipp (Autechre Mx)

          Autechre remix SOPHIE'S "BIPP" !!!

          In 2015, when the idea of potential remixes of “Bipp” were first floated, the unequivocal response from Sophie was ‘No remixes unless it’s Autechre.’

          An Autechre live show recording from a Numbers show in 2005 had first inspired Sophie to source the equipment used to craft new music including “Bipp”, “Lemonade” & more. The “Bipp” Autechre mix a little over three minute burst of stripped back and loose, tribal-pop brilliance. Sounding like Autechre paying tribute to some serious late 80’s influences, the duo's interpretation channels an imagined transition point between industrial, electro and UK street soul, that pitched down vocal reconfigured into a wanna-be Latin Freestyle Natasha King, jiving over a deep slice of TR-606 funk technology that jars the jerks the body into some unusual and pleasant contortions. Erotic, anthemic and highly appealing across genre types, it’s got MASSIVE scrawled across its sleeve in imaginary type. Check! 


          Matt says: Rochdale's electronic mavericks grab the stems from Sophie's epochal "Bipp" track; transforming it into a loud n wobbly™ beast that'll swerve into many a DJs record boxes. Epic!


          1. Bipp (Autechre Remix)

          Sophie Hunger


            Berlin-based, Swiss singer, multi-instrumentalist and film composer Sophie Hunger will release her seventh studio album - her first in two years - ‘Halluzinationen’ on August 28, 2020 via Caroline International. The album - recorded at Abbey Road Studios in live continuous takes - is produced by MPG UK Producer Of The Year, Speedy Wunderground’s Dan Carey (Kate Tempest, Fontaines DC), also at the helm for 2018’s ‘Molecules’ which featured 6Music play-listed single ‘I Opened A Bar’.

            ‘Halluzinationen’ arrives bearing an emphatic German title, as Hunger - still resident in Berlin’s Kreuzberg neighbourhood - picks at the creative dependency between loneliness and the imagination. Electing this time around to decamp from Carey’s Speedy Wunderground studio in South London to the august surrounds of Abbey Road’s Studio 2, ‘Halluzinationen’ is suffused with the nervous energy of its continuous live recording technique, with the album captured in sequence just six times over the course of two days. It’s an approach Hunger succinctly identifies as ‘Full risk’.

            Sophie Hunger’s six solo albums to date have accrued over a quarter of a million sales, drawing her comparisons to contemporaries including Sharon Van Etten and PJ Harvey, with fans as wide-ranging as Lauren Laverne (who says of Sophie ‘I love this woman’), Steven Wilson (who tapped Hunger to guest on his UK Top 3 album ‘To The Bone’) and unlikely enough, footballing legend Eric Cantona (a long-standing fan of Sophie’s who guested to intone in French on ‘Supermoon’). Sophie made her debut at Glastonbury in 2010 as the first Swiss artist to ever play the festival (since selling out 1,000 capacity venues with ease on the continent), and 2016 saw Hunger also make her - very successful - first outing in film scoring, with her soundtrack for the Oscar & Golden Globe-nominated Ma Vie de Courgette earning her a Cesar nomination to boot.

            TRACK LISTING

            1. Liquid Air
            2. Finde Mich
            3. Halluzinationen
            4. Bad Medication
            5. Alpha Venom
            6. Rote Beeten Aus Arsen
            7. Everything Is Good
            8. Maria Magdalena
            9. Security Check
            10. Stranger


            Oil Of Every Pearl's Un-Insides

              A truly divisive artist, Sophie's ascension to pop stardom has taken a focused mindset and unwavering execution. Six years on from "Nothing More To Say" and following production work with Madonna, Charlie XCX and Vince Staples, Glasgow-raised, LA-based Sophie Xeon is back with nine tracks that skirt between majestic, auto-tuned mega-ballads, monstrous glitch-pop crushers and the usual hyped up, chipmunk chatter that's graced previous work.

              Taking the PC Music rocket ship (one she practically built and engineered herself...) even further than previously intended, the hyper-reality of both her personal imagine, impressive body of work and dazzling catalogue of music videos feeds back into itself perfectly, reinforcing the star-like qualities of this leftfield anti-pop princess.

              She recently debuted a live show at London's Heaven nightclub, which set the press and LGBTQ+ worlds alright through its ingenious creativity, provocative nature and of course, amazingly boundary-pushing music.

              Opening with the Disney-friendly, auto-tuned blue sky ballad "It's Okay To Cry" before flying into the BDSM-draped aggro-electro punisher "Ponyboy" (please do check the video for this one folks - ed), and followed by the poignant "Faceshopping", it's an arresting opening triptych which sets the tone for the rest of the album - endorphin-rushing, neon-hued adventure pop for the queer and open minded! A masterpiece make no mistake. 

              STAFF COMMENTS

              Matt says: One of the most important things to happen to pop music in the last decade in my humble opinion.

              TRACK LISTING

              It’s Okay To Cry
              Is It Cold In The Water?
              Not Okay
              Whole New World/Pretend World

              Sophie Lloyd Feat. Dames Brown

              Calling Out

                Setting out to make some “happy music”, Sophie Lloyd produced ‘Calling Out’ in a dreary January as an antidote to the pervading doom and gloom of the news, summoning the power of the most joy-filled sound of all, gospel. This no-holds-barred anthem radiates all the live atmosphere of gospel worship in mid flow, with full instrumentation, keyboard breaks and understated kick drum pulling it all together. Bringing in the uplifting voices of soul trio Dames Brown to re-record some old gospel samples was the icing on the cake, adding the last element of authenticity. A new member of the Classic family, Sophie Lloyd’s impeccable knowledge of disco, soul and house shines through in this sparkling record, available on 7” for the very first time.

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