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Jacknife Lee

Made It Weird / Sisa Wabaya Inc. Open Mike Eagle & Muthoni Drummer Queen

    These are the first two songs released from “The Jacknife Lee”, the new album from Jacknife Lee. "I wanted to work with people i’d been a fan of so I found out their email addresses and sent beats. Open Mike Eagle was the first person i contacted and he came to the studio and we did “Made It Weird””.
    The track is built around sample of Francis Lai’s “Young Freedom”.

    "I loved “Kenyan Message” by Muthoni Drummer Queen and dm’d her on instagram. I sent her three beats and she chose this one. “Sisa Wabaya” is about being a wild badass. Muthoni tours all the time so she recorded her vocal in Switzerland with some friends”. 

    Jacknife Lee

    Hit The Bell / Firewalls Inc. Sneaks And Haviah Mighty & Petite Noir

      This is the second 7” released from the album “The Jacknife Lee” by “Jacknife Lee”. I absolutely loved the first two Sneaks albums, I just couldn’t get enough of them and I sent a fan letter to Eva saying if she ever wanted a studio or anything i would love to help out, and so we began working together. She sends ideas and I send her ideas. “Hit The Bell” was one of those. Eva came up with the chorus and then it needed some verses. Haviah Mighty released one of my favorite records last year so I asked her to try something.

      Petite Noir’s “Blame Fire” and “Beach” blew me away. We met up in London last summer and came up with “Firewalls” one night. This is one of my favorites on the album.

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