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Skunk Anansie

This Means War / What You Do For Love

    Skunk Anansie return with a limited edition 7” picture disc featuring both of their recent single releases. Following a massive 25th anniversary tour, the two new songs played are now released as studio recordings. Both tracks feature the back to basics Skunk Anansie heavy rock sound with Skin’s trademark powerhouse vocals.


    7" Info: Picture disc.

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    Thu 9th - 11:58
    Morning. This way for a little virtual dig through the Synthpop/Electropop section. Closed physically, OPEN online.…
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    Thanks for ordering and sharing Warren. Seems like you’re keeping @onusound in business too 😀…
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    Honoured to be name checked by the great @johngrantmusic as one of his favourite record stores around the world alo…
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