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Sisters welcome Boston's deadliest modern wave duo Dead Husband to the disjointed family across the murky waters of the Northern Atlantic for a host of dancefloor focused workouts.

A mixture of syncopated drum work and reverb drenched arpeggiators define Dead Husbands debut on the label across a capricious collection of music.

Doug Lee gives "Facial Recognitio"n the usual An-i treatment drawing out a monologue of emotion through the sub bass and sweet undulating use of distortion which constantly helps the track and the low end move forward, whilst electro aficionado Privacy offers up his take on the track with a rolling 4x4 composition true to his unique modus operandi, slowed down powerful.

And a remix debut for Papers, 5 years after down tooling from their white label series, they round off the record bridging the Atlantic gap with their distinctly steezey techno sound for a remix of "Pedestal". We've been waiting for this one for a while and it doesn't disappoint! Miss at your peril! 


Matt says: Dark, crystalline and powerful nocturnal music here from Dead Husband who soundtrack this menacing and bleak section of Winter brilliantly.

Hamburg’s Kluentah lay down 6 cut to the bone DIY club tracks. One half of Duo Fallbiel, debuting here on Sisters. On this release Kluentah brings his own brand of EBM infused techno and electro with tough & relentless drums, haunting synths and asphyxiated vocals, suitable for the current end-of-times mood, or the newly estranged brand of nightclub gremlins taking over the White Hotel; or your black-eyelined older goth sister who still likes to kick it in tha clurrb.


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RT @dinkededition: Not once, but twice... double #dinkededition tomorrow. Keep those eyes p-👀-led!!, a couple of real bangers.
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1/2 A new week means new banners and new music from @agnesobel @Grimezsz and King Krule.
Mon 24th - 12:36
Open and ready for a new week of music. Record boxes and box sets aren’t just for Xmas.
Mon 24th - 10:34
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