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Regressive Left

On The Wrong Side Of History

    In dark, troubling times, maybe the most instantly gratifying solace one can seek is a wittily barbed diagnosis of the situation. “The fox has his den. The bee has his hive. The stoat … his stoat-hole,” Stewart Lee once remarked: “But only man chooses to make his nest in an investment opportunity.” Caustic retorts like this are what fuel the debut EP by dance-punk outfit Regressive Left, ‘On The Wrong Side of History’. For pervading through their dynamic and glitching music is a duty to report unflinchingly society’s ills. They are a staunchly political group, but far from your average po-faced by-numbers punk band. There is a gristly social commentary at the band’s core, but the songs themselves are characterised by a need to have fun, to find some kind of solace and escapism from the inevitable rapture.

    Recorded over an intense 5-day spell with in-demand producer Ross Orton (Arctic Monkeys, MIA, Amyl and The Sniffers) in Sheffield, Regressive Left’s debut EP ‘On The Wrong Side of History’ was immortalised over a handful of 11am-1am sessions in his studio. In many ways it is a time capsule of the maelstrom of ideas that got the group to this point in the first place – the infuriating, bleak political climate, and the urge to find escapism from it – consigned to vinyl in one herculean effort. Taking influence from the booming post-punk, funk and disco scenes of New York, Regressive Left’s sound is stark and danceable. Angular guitar scratches meet dirty synth basslines, whilst Simon Tyrie’s Edwyn Collins croon is chased around by effervescent drums. The banal horror of life in Tory Britain expressed with sharp and dry wit, and then set to truly barnstorming and infectious dance music

    Due out July 15th on Bad Vibrations Records, the new EP arrives following a trio of acclaimed singles (‘Eternal Returns’, ‘Take the Hit’, ‘Cream Militia’), tours with the likes of Bodega and Folly Group, festival appearances at End of the Road, Latitude, Great Escape and Wide Awake, and a sold out headline at The Windmill.


    1) The Wrong Side Of History
    2) World On Fire
    3) Bad Faith (ft. Mandy, Indiana)
    4) No More Fun

    Blanco White

    On The Other Side

      “On The Other Side” is the long-awaited debut album from Blanco White, London based artist Josh Edwards’ project.

      With three EPs released so far, ‘The Wind Rose’ (2016), ‘Colder Heavens’ (2016) which was produced by Ian Grimble (Bear’s Den, Matt Corby, Daughter) and 2018’s ‘Nocturne’ EP, Blanco White has achieved significant success, enabling him to tour the globe for months on end and gaining huge streaming numbers.

      “In his lyrics he melds romance and striking imagery of the elements, singing gorgeous narratives.” - The Independent.

      “A dexterous, poignant, and softly addictive return, one that underlines the real strengths to his musicality.” - Clash.


      On The Other Side
      I Belong To You
      All That Matters
      Desert Days
      So Certain
      Kauai O’o
      Chasing Dials
      Mano A Mano

      A certified UK boogie bomb, originally released in 1982, and coming hot on the heels of the Be With Records Pink Rhythm reissue campaign. Original copies are incredibly hard to come by so grab a copy of this officially licensed, fully remastered, reissue before the 500 copies (for the world) find their forever homes.

      Side On were a one-off UK soul dream team, consisting of Peter Maas (Freeez/Pink Rhythm bassist), Everton McCalla (Freeez/Light Of The World/Potion) and the legendary Rick Clarke (Potion). 

      Originally released on Beggars Banquet, it's a huge, feel good, Brit Funk classic and a massive record with everybody's favourite boogie aficionado, Dam-Funk.



      David says: Hoowee it's getting hot in here, did someone put the heating on? No? Then it must be the fire that is Side On's 'Magic'playing in the shop. The ace, Beggars, Brit Funk classic, lovingly restored just for you, you lucky LUCKY people.


      1. Magic
      2. A Magic Version 

      South Side / Combo Kings

      I Feel A Groove Comin' On / Groovey

      Record Shack delivering some stone-cold classics from South Side we have the immense single “I Feel A Groove Comin’ On” which is packed with jammin’ grooves that can uplift any dreary day with powerful soul beats. On the B Side Combo King’s “Groovey” does exactly what it says on the tin, wild soaring notes of soul-jazzy goodness fill the air. This is a record you need to have for any event to get mood lifted and dancing the night away!


      A1. South Side - I Feel A Groove Comin' On
      B1. Combo King - Groovey

      A lot of folks will tell you that Robert Johnson was the King of the Delta Blues. But don‘t say it in front of Reverend Peyton. The guitar-wielding leader of The Reverend Peyton‘s Big Damn Band has no problem praising Johnson and his incredible body of work. “But there‘s only one King of the Delta Blues, and his name was Charley Patton,” Peyton said. “I‘ll go toe-totoe with anyone who says different”. ‘Peyton On Patton’ is a powerful tribute to The Rev’s hero.

      The 13-track album features songs written and recorded by Patton during his brief recording career, which came to an end upon his premature death in 1934.

      During his lifetime and for nearly a quarter of a century afterward, Charley Patton was regarded almost universally as the preeminent Delta bluesman. He spent his formative years at Dockery Plantation near Ruleville, Mississippi, where he influenced future blues and gospel stars including the aforementioned Robert Johnson, as well as Son House, Willie Brown, Pops Staples, John Lee Hooker and Howlin‘ Wolf. His flamboyant performance style was widely emulated and his songs frequently covered. During a fiveyear period, Patton recorded nearly 60 songs for Paramount Records.

      The release includes three radically different versions of ‘Some Of These Days I‘ll Be Gone’ featuring varying instrumentation and recorded in different keys and arrangements.

      Although Patton sometimes recorded with other musicians, Rev. Peyton regards his hero‘s solo recordings as his best. For that reason, ‘Peyton On Patton’ is a largely solo affair with Reverend Peyton‘s growling vocals and searing guitar work placed front and centre. But while the rest of the Big Damn Band are used sparingly, they make a number of crucial contributions to the record. Washboard Breezy - wife of Reverend Peyton - contributes washboard percussion, Aaron ‘Cuz’ Persinger, whose thundering drums are a mainstay of the band‘s live shows, here plays in a starkly different manner, drumming with just his hands on a century-old tobacco barrel.


      1. Jesus Is A Dying Bed Maker
      2. Some Of These Days I'll Be Gone
      3. Mississippi Boweavil Blues
      4. Elder Greene Blues
      5. Tom Rushen Blues
      6. Some Happy Days
      7. Some Of These Days I'll Be Gone (Banjo Version)
      8. Green River Blues
      9. Prayer Of Death Pt. 1
      10. A Spoonful Blues
      11. You're Gonna Need Someone (When You Come To Die)
      12. Shake It And Break It
      13. Some Of These Days I'll Be Gone (Slide Guitar Version)


      On Your Side

        God this is absolutely...lovely. Acoustic guitars, a sweet soft, dreamy voice, but, sorry to be muso, it's the production that gets you. There's swirls, echoes, space and light atmospherics, Moogs and Mellotrons, disturbance and dubbiness. It all washes around the glowing gorgeous songs of Even Johansen. The sleeve is lush and enhances the magical effect. The High Llamas' Sean O'Hagan does the strings. I know little else about this supremely talented Scandinavian. If you like Jeff Buckley, Air, Radiohead or Elbow you're in for a treat. It could be your surprise album of the year!

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