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Shabazz Palaces

The Don Of Diamond Dreams

    Shabazz Palaces’ Black Up, the group’s Sub Pop debut, was recently hailed as one of the best albums of the decade by outlets like Pitchfork, Gorilla Vs Bear, and Variety. Pitchfork summed it up thusly: “Black Up is drowned in murky instrumentals and bombastic, introspective rhymes. The sounds flirt with jazz but also root themselves in a firm understanding of silence, or the sparse magic of simplicity. The songs teem with unexpected climaxes...From great mystery exploded an album of impossible vision.” That “impossible vision” has continued to confound and engage Shabazz Palaces fans over the course of four acclaimed albums and two EPs. Each release feels like an evolution, letting the music speak for itself, while slowly revealing more about its creator. With The Don of Diamond Dreams, the group’s fifth album, that spirit remains, this time embracing modernism in hip-hop and rap.

    Featuring 10 tracks in 43 minutes, the album features the highlights “Fast Learner (ft. Purple Tape Nate),” “Chocolate Souffle,” “Bad Bitch Walking (ft. Stas THEE Boss), and “Thanking The Girls.” It also features contributions from singer/keyboardist Darrius Willrich, Seattle’s OCnotes (who collaborated with Shabazz leader Ishmael Butler on the Knife Knights project), Los Angeles musician Carlos Overall, and bassist Evan Flory-Barnes. The Don of Diamond Dreams was recorded throughout 2019 and produced by Shabazz Palaces at Protect and Exalt: A Black Space in Seattle, mixed and engineered by Erik Blood at Studio 4 Labs in Venice, California, and mastered by Scott Sedillo at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Los Angeles.


    Portal North: Panthera
    Ad Ventures
    Fast Learner Ft. Purple Tape Nate
    Chocolate Souffle
    Portal South: Micah
    Bad Bitch Walking Ft. Stas THEE Boss
    Money Yoga Ft. Darrius
    Thanking The Girls
    Reg Walks By The Looking Glass Ft. Carlos Overall

    Shabazz Palaces

    Quazarz: Born On A Gangster Star

      Twinned with "Quazarz Vs The Jealous Machines", this companion album from Shabaz Palaces also shines and growns under the crushing weight of the future. Imbued with the energy and ideas from all the creative embers floating in the atmosphere like fireflies, Shabazz Palaces recorded this entire album over the course of two weeks with Blood in Seattle. New gear and new equipment disintegrated comfort zones into dust and a new path appeared in the rubble - aurally evident thoughout this painfully visionary album. "Born on a Gangster Star"  continues the intrepid and unfathomable quest through cosmic-rap, a genre that SP is practically inventing. The beats wobble and ricocheting as if unaffected by gravity, while Palaces' vocals are hushed, ushered and delivered with a biting effeciently which has had me previously drawing comparisons to Dean Blunt / Hype Williams and Earl Sweatshirt. Appearing here, in body or in spirit, are Julian Casablancas, Thundercat, Darrius Willrich, Gamble and Huff, Loud Eyes Lou, Thaddillac, Ahmir, Jon Kirby, Sunny Levine, and Blood. This, my friends, is the sound of the near future. 


      Since C.A.Y.A.
      When Cats Claw
      Shine A Light (feat. Thaddillac)
      Dèesse Du Sang
      Eel Dreams (feat. Loud Eyes Lou)
      Parallax (feat. The Palaceer Lazaro)
      Fine Ass Hairdresser
      The Neurochem Mixalogue
      That's How City Life Goes
      Moon Whip Quäz (feat. Darrius)
      Federalist Papers

      “Sanity, a visage of my wealth
      Lost but always found before the idols that I’ve knelt
      Strategy, the only way to cry
      Keep it do or die and always think in terms of I
      Reverie, some legend futures past
      Revelry, instead for it renders hella fast
      Capitol, a sound that’s on the rise
      It’s slaking unrealized until essence has been razed
      Sepulcher, a stage enlived by ghosts
      Floating off with bags of the blood encrusted dough.”

      - “They Come In Gold” (from “The Phasing Shift” suite)

      Herein bumps and soars 'Lese Majesty', the new sonic action of Shabazz Palaces. Honed and primal, chromed and primo. A unique and glorified offering into our ever-uniforming musical soundscape. 'Lese Majesty' is a beatific war cry, born of a spell, acknowledging that sophistication and the instinctual are not at odds; Indeed an undoing of the lie of their disparate natures.

      'Lese Majesty' is not a launching pad for the group’s fan base increasing propaganda. It is a series of astral suites, recorded happenings, shared. A dare to dive deep into Shabazz Palaces sounds, vibrations unfettered. A dope-hex thrown from the compartments that have artificially contained us all and hindered our sublime collusion.

      These reveries were sent to Palaceer Lazaro and Fly Guy ‘Dai in the year of gun beat battles in excess; In a succession of days, whilst walking in dreams and in varied transcendental states….(every minute of every day is filled with observation and composition. In action). Songs are committed and gathered by robots at Protect and Exalt Labs, a Black Space in Seattle, Washington.


      Dawn In Luxor
      Forerunner Foray
      They Come In Gold
      Solemn Swears
      Harem Aria
      Noetic Noiromantics
      The Ballad Of Lt. Maj. Winnings
      Down 155th In The MCM Snorkel
      Divine Of Form
      Colluding Oligarchs
      Suspicion Of A Shape
      Mindglitch Keytar TM Theme
      Motion Sickness
      New Black Wave
      Sonic Mythmap For The Trip Back

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